My TV Rating System

From time to time on this blog I will rate a movie or TV show and rather than stealing the copyrighted thumbs up thumbs down system or using four or five stars which are meaningless, I’ve come up with my own rating system that I will define as follows.

  • Worthless: This is so bad I don’t even recommend you read my entire review because it’s a waste of time unless you’re just curious how badly show could be. Example: The Paul Reiser Show (2011) which should’ve been great but was totally unwatchable and was canceled after just two episodes.
  • Skip it: This isn’t worth watching and if you’re curious as to my reasons why, go ahead and read the review and I’ll tell you. Example: Ironside (2013) remake which was canceled after just four episodes. I really wanted to like this show and it just didn’t work. Had nothing going for it.
  • Could Be Watchable: This is sort of a guarded or qualified endorsement with reservations. The show isn’t so spectacular that I’m begging you to rush out and watch it. I may end up not even watching it myself but it probably means I’m going to watch a few more episodes and then make up my mind. Example: Longmire (2012-2014) As it turned out it was watchable but only up to a point. The story of a modern-day wild West Sheriff would not have been something I watched regularly if it had not been on in the summer when nothing else was on. My biggest complaint was that it didn’t give Katie Sakharoff enough to do. Was canceled after three seasons and although I watched it regularly, they won’t miss it. Some people have really liked it.
  • I’m Watching: This means the show is good enough that I’m going to watch it on a regular basis and suggest you at least try it. Depends on if your taste is the same as mine. Example: Revenge (2011-present) This story of a young woman who is seeking revenge because high society Hamptonites framed her father for a terrorist attack and she is seeking revenge. This is sort of a guilty pleasure kind of show that I really enjoyed and never miss but it’s not what you would call “great television”. I would recommend it but it’s not “must-see”.
  • Recommended Watchable: this is pretty much equivalent to “I’m watching it”. But I’m not really watching it. It’s a show that I liked after a few viewings and that I can recommend you check it out. However because of my crowded watching schedule I may not actually be watching it. But had I not had too many shows to watch, it would definitely be one I would watch. The first recipient of this category is NBC’s medical drama “New Amsterdam” (2018).
  • I Really like It: This is a show that I like and I am highly recommending it. Example:Parenthood (2010-2015) Sadly this excellent family drama is beginning his last season. It’s had some really memorable moments and is some of the best dramatic TV I’ve seen in a long time.
  • Must-See: This means it’s so hilariously funny or so action-packed or so dramatic that I can’t recommend it high enough. Your taste may vary from mine and you may not like it but I think it’s absolutely extraordinary and very highly recommend it. Examples: Big Bang Theory (2007-present) Undoubtedly the funniest show currently on TV. Other Example: House of Cards (2013-present) This Netflix original series starring Kevin Spacey as a corrupt politician is just too juicy to miss.

So in a nutshell that is my own special keyword based rating system.

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