Emily and Partners exit; ABC sinks sub, exorcises 666. Brand, Biased, Therapy (web and necessary) renewed; Chase, Grammar out of work; Les Mis goes IMAX

It’s been way too long again since I did and entertainment update but I’ve been busy with a variety of other things including designing this year’s Christmas card.


We will kickoff with entertainment spoiler… This year’s Chris Young design Christmas card was inspired by a Home Depot decorating tip in a 2011 TV commercial. People who have seen the previews of it said it is very ballsy.


In the links below read…

Jennifer Esposito talks about her suspension from cast of Blue Bloods

Spoilers from Michael Ausiello dated November 20

Spoilers from Michael Ausiello dated November 28

Interview with Ron Perlman about a recent episode of Sons of Anarchy

Interview with the producers of Arrow about upcoming plot lines

Interview with Kaley Cuoco about Penny saying “I Love You” to Leonard

Interview with stars of Once upon a Time about fall finale

Interview with producers of American Horror Story about recent plot twists

Surprising reveal of who played old man on recent 2 1/2 Men episode


Not in the links below


Entourage’s Constance Zimmer will have a recurring role on Grey’s Anatomy. I thought she was hot.

CBS has canceled its new sitcom Partners. Reruns of other CBS sitcoms are taking it slot on Monday night

Lisa Kudrow’s “Web Therapy” has been renewed by Showtime for a third season. If you like dry improvised humor is for you.

Annabella Sciorra will play a shrink on upcoming episodes of Blue Bloods

Greg Germann from Ally McBeal will play a deputy director on NCIS.

ABC has canceled Last Resort and 666 Park Ave. Shows will not go past their original 13 episode order. Final episodes have been rewritten to make them into finales.

True Blood shape shifter Janina Gavankar will play a vice cop who is part of Oliver Queen’s passed on CW’s Arrow

Jamie Foxx will host the December 8 installment of SNL

Martin Short will host Christmas installment of SNL with musical guest Paul McCartney

Starz has decided not to have a season three of Kelsey Grammer’s Chicago mayor drama “Boss”. They may however do a movie to wrap up plot lines.

Freddie Highmore would play teenage Norman Bates in A&E Psycho prequel.Vera Farmiga will play the not yet dead mother.

Discovery Channel has canceled two of its longest-running series “Dirty Jobs” and “American Chopper”.

Chevy Chase is leaving Community effective immediately. Will not appear in the last two or three episodes remaining to be shot.

Downton Abbey has been renewed for season 4

Larry Hagman died at age 81

Syfy Channel has renewed Haven for season 4

Merlin season 5 will be its last. BBC will wrap it up around Christmas. Syfy Channel start season 5 January 4. Spinoff series are possibility.

Angus T Jones a.k.a. Private Jake Harper calls 2 1/2 Men “filth” encourages viewers not to watch. Later apologizes.

Upcoming NCIS episode will have case solved entirely by Ziva and Abby

Production problems have delayed BBC’s version of Sherlock season 3 until late 2013. PBS airing may slip to 2014.

Neve Campbell will play Derek’s sister in an upcoming Grey’s Anatomy

David Anders recently played Dr. Frankenstein on Once upon a Time will play a bad guy in upcoming Arrow

Audrey McDonald a.k.a. Naomi will return for series finale of Private Practice

FX announced Justified returns January 8. Anger Management and Archer January 17

Fox pushes season premiere of “Touch” from February 1 to February 8

Lisa Edelstein will appear in multiple episodes of season 2 of Showtime’s House of Lies

CW has canceled Emily Owens MD. Will complete 13 episodes.

ABC is extending Malibu Country and Last Man Standing to five additional episodes

CBS is older they straight to series adaptation of Stephen King’s 2009 novel “Under the Dome”

This installments winner of the Chris Young “Sure Sign of the Coming Apocalypse” award goes to Vinny from Jersey Shore is getting his own MTV talkshow

Liza Minnelli will guest star in season 2 of Smash

American Horror Story renewed for season 3

The Kennedys miniseries on Reelz channel is getting a sequel covering the Kennedy family from 1968 to present

Crixus is Death Stroke! Actor Manu Bennett of Spartacus fame has been cast as Slade Wilson on CW’s Arrow. That character eventually becomes Death Stroke… the masked character whom we’ve already seen but was played by different actor.

USA’s Necessary Roughness has been renewed for a third season

FX has ordered more episodes of Brand X and Totally Biased.

Fox 2000 studio and Ridley Scott are creating a new film “The Forever War” based on the sci-fi classic by Joe Haldeman

Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart will return for “X-Men: Days of Future past coming to theaters

There will be an IMAX version of the new Les Miserables musical which premieres December 25 in theaters. Unfortunately IMAX may only be in the UK.

A movie based on the Jeremiah Harm comics is in the works

Walt Disney has increased its shareholder dividends 25% which is $0.75 per share. Apparently the Force is strong with them

NBC is canceling newsmagazine Rock Center with Brian Williams at the end of the year.

Local TV in Chicago reports “Chicago Fire” TV show plane crash as real.

The original Batmobile from the 60s era TV series will go on the auction block January 19 in Scottsdale Arizona.

Dorothy’s dress from the Wizard of Oz recently sold for $480,000 at auction.

Game of Thrones has cast Will Champion drummer for the band Coldplay as a drummer.

Pittsburgh Steeler Hines Ward played a zombie in a recent episode of Walking Dead in early November.

Bob Brunner writer/producer of Happy Days who wrote the famous Fonzie Jumps the Shark episode has died at age 78.

Former Mouseketeer Bonita Lynn Fields Elder who appeared on the show in the 1950s has died at age 68

Cee Lo Green is set to guest star on Anger Management

Carrie Underwood will play Maria von Trapp in a live production of The Sound of Music to air on NBC

Kenneth Branagh has been knighted.

The first nine minutes of the new Star Trek movie will be previewed in IMAX 3-D theaters starting December 14




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