Lois Lane is Supergirl’s mother; twins leave Quantico; Lady Doctor announced; Picasso is new Genius; Living Dead Dies; Potts is Meemaw and more

We start off this installment of entertainment news with a couple of film recommendations. Every good thing you heard about the new Wonder Woman movie is true. It’s a really fun ride. I especially liked that some of the action sequences shift into slow motion. There are so many fight scenes and action sequences that happen so fast these days that you can’t really tell what’s going on. I always presume it was to save special-effects budgets so you don’t notice how fake it really is. But by shifting to slow-motion you get to see lots of detail and I went to a lot of effort to make some of the stunts especially spectacular.


I also saw that in Spider-Man Homecoming. Also a great ride. Michael Keaton makes a great bad guy. The Tony Stark created Spider-Man costume has some nice cool features. There is a huge plot twist that nobody saw coming about three force of the way through the movie. That added some extra fun to the whole experience.


Highly recommend both movies. It’s probably too late to see them in 3D but if by some chance you can then I recommend both in 3D.


I’m finally getting caught up on leftover episodes from the previous TV season and starting to dive into some binge watching of some more recent premieres. I’m three episodes into the Hulu series “The Handmaid’s Tale”. Very much well worth it. Although I may have some extended comments about the series after I finish it off. Probably a blog post all on its own. Also I’m one episode into “American Gods” on Starz network. It was developed for television by Brian Fuller who most recently brought us the TV series Hannibal. It’s based on a fantasy novel by acclaimed author Neil Gaiman. Lots of sex, violence, and bizarre imagery. Definitely worth checking out. I’ve not read the book but I’ve heard it follows the story pretty closely. A definite must see if you’re a fan of Ian McShane. I can’t wait to get through the remaining seven episodes. I’m pleased to report both Gods and Handmaid’s have been renewed for second seasons.



In the links below read…


Article about a possible revival of JJ Abrams spy/sci-fi show “Alias”

Spoilers from Michael Ausiello dated June 16

Postmortem interview of EP’s of American Gods about season finale and upcoming next season

Postmortem interview of EP’s of The Leftovers about series finale

Spoilers from Inside Line dated June 29

TV Line guide to over 100 casting changes in existing TV series.

Spoilers from Michael Ausiello dated July 12


Not in the links below but also of interest…

This most current season of Fargo may be the last according to executive producer.

Damon Gupton is leaving Criminal Minds after one season.

BBC America announced there will be a season 5 of Luther with Idris Elba. It will be for episodes. And we are very happy

Yasmine Al Massri who plays twin FBI agents on Quantico will not be returning for season 3. Also the show is getting a new show runner

Jason O’Mara who recently played SHIELD director “The Patriot” is joining the cast of Amazon series “The Man in the High Castle”.

NBC delayed an episode of “The Carmichael Show” in which the plot included a shooting at a mall. This was in the wake of the Virginia baseball diamond shooting of a congressman. The star of the show Jared Carmichael was not supportive of the decision to pull the episode.

NBC Universal is opening a new cable channel called the Olympic channel

RIP British actor Sam Beazley who played Prof. Edvard in the Harry Potter movies. He was 101

RIP director John Avildsen director of Rocky and The Karate Kid at age 81

RIP actor Stephen Furst known for Animal House and St. Elsewhere age 63 due to complications of diabetes

New TV series Star Trek: Discovery will premiere September 24 at 8:30 PM on CBS and future episodes streaming only on CBS All Access

Corner reveals Carrie Fisher had cocaine, heroin, and ecstasy in her system upon death

CBS has renewed its entire daytime lineup to at least 2018 with Young and the restless renewed at least until 2020

Former Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat is developing a new Dracula TV series

The topic of season 2 of National Geographic’s series “Genius” will be Pablo Picasso

The science channel will broadcast a live special on August 21 covering the total solar eclipse what will cross the US on that day

After the original directors of the new Han Solo movie leftover creative differences, Ron Howard has been confirmed to take over the project. We are very excited.

HBO’s John Oliver has been sued by a coal mine owner after the comedian ridiculed there CEO as a type of “geriatric Dr. Evil”

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom will hit theaters June 22, 2018

Alec Baldwin has confirmed he will return to SNL to play Donald Trump next season

The final season of Halt and Catch Fire will premiere August 19

Better Call Saul has been renewed for season 4 by AMC

Netflix announced canceled series “Sense8” will return for a two hour movie to wrap up plot lines

Warner Bros. is developing a live-action film based on the animated series The Jetsons

NBC has announced World of Dance has been renewed for season 2. I was pretty impressed with season 1.

Grace Park and Daniel Dae Kim are leaving Hawaii 50. Reports are they are upset they are making less than their non-Asian counterparts on the show.

NBC has canceled The Carmichael Show

Comic Con International has signed with the city of San Diego to continue the convention through 2021

The pilot for Sons Of Anarchy spinoff show Mayans MC is being recast and reshot.

RIP Joan Lee wife of Marvel comics creator Stan Lee age 93

Supergirl has recast Erica Durance to play Kara’s kryptonian mother Aluraa Zor-El replacing Laura Benanti who cannot continue due to scheduling conflicts. Durance previously played Lois Lane in Smallville.

RIP Nelsana Ellis who played Lafayette Reynolds on HBO’s True Blood. He was 39. Complications of heart failure

Dancing with the Stars pros Peta Murgatroyd and Maksima Chmertovskity got married recently. They have a son together.

Curb Your Enthusiasm will return to HBO October 1

Steve Whitmire who has given voice to Kermit the Frog ever since the death of Jim Henson has been replaced by Matt Vogel. Much controversy about the reasons but no solid information available.

Netflix announced Stranger Things season 2 will premiere October 27

Starz announced season 3 of Outlander will premiere September 10 and we can hardly wait

Lucy Liu a.k.a. Joan Watson on Elementary will direct the season 2 premiere of Luke Cage for Netflix

TNT has renewed new series Claws for season 2 just halfway through the first season.

Game show Beat Shazam has been renewed for season 2 by Fox

Production was shut down for five days on The Walking Dead after stuntman died after a 20 foot fall. He hit concrete headfirst. Season 8 will return October 22.

Fear The Walking Dead will return from its midseason break September 10

David Strathairn has been cast in a recurring role in the new season of The Expanse

The 13th Doctor Who will be a woman played by British actress Jodi Whitaker. She is known for her work in Broadchurch among other things.

RIP George A. Romero director of “Night of the Living Dead” age 77. Or is he really dead? 🙂

RIP Martin Landau from Mission Impossible and Space 1999 age 89

Annie Potts is joining in the Big Bang Theory spinoff series “Young Sheldon” as Sheldon’s grandmother a.k.a. Meemaw

@midnight with Chris Hardwick is calling it quits after 600 episodes. Will end August 4

Despite mediocre ratings from Candy Crush TV show there now working on a Words with Friends game show

Warner Bros. is planning yet another remake of Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

Lena Dunham is joining the cast of American Horror Story season 7

It’s official Ryan Seacrest will host American Idol when it returns on its new network ABC in the spring of 2018. He will continue on Kelly & Ryan morning talk show.

CW vampire series The Originals will end after season 5

Jimmy Smits will have a major recurring role in How to Get Away with Murder next season

David Cronenberg novel “Consumed” will be a TV series on AMC produced by Fear The Walking Dead showrunner Dave Erickson and Lucifer executive producer Sheri Ellwood.

Season 7 of American Horror Story will be titled “Cult” premiere September 5

RIP Former Doctor Who companion Deborah Watling who played Victoria Waterford opposite Patrick Troughton age 69

Kevin Spacey will play Gore Vidal in a Netflix biopic

Netflix has renewed Iron Fist for season 2. Also The Punisher getting his own series on Netflix with Jon Bernthal returning as Frank Castle which he portrayed in season 2 of Daredevil

RIP Actor John Heard who played the father in the Home Alone movies. Age 72

Calista Flockhart will appear in the season 3 premiere of Supergirl

Ben Affleck has confirmed he will continue doing Batman in DC films despite rumors he’s quitting

Former Clark Kent from Smallville Tom Welling is joining the cast of Lucifer season 3

Syfy Channel has renewed Wynonna Earp for season 3

Wentworth Miller, Arthur Darville and Neil McDonough will continue to apply recurring roles in Legends of Tomorrow

Samuel L Jackson will play Nick Fury in an upcoming Capt. Marvel film. Will have both eyes! Set in the 1990s.

Former Lost star Elizabeth Mitchell will have a recurring role in upcoming season The Expanse on Syfy Channel



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