Entertainment news for October 2021

Since we last spoke, I’ve seen the new 2001 version “Dune” and it is a magnificent adaptation of the classic sci-fi novel by Frank Herbert. I’ve reread half of the book and re-watched the David Lynch version from the 80s and although the David Lynch version has been part trashed by critics and fans alike, I didn’t think it was that bad. The new version however is far superior.

We are continuing to watch Apple TV+ series “Foundation” supposedly adapted from the classic novels by Isaac Asimov. Except for the opening episode, it doesn’t resemble his work at all. I’ve tried to judge it on its own merits and disregard the fact that it’s supposed to be based on Asimov’s work. The quality has fluctuated up and down over several episodes. It is a new low however last week when a robot character killed a human being in violation Asimov’s famous Laws of Robotics. I really thought it was disrespectful to the original work. There are just two more episodes left this season and it has been renewed for season 2.

What if you had an alien invasion movie that didn’t feature any invading aliens? Apple TV+ new series “Invasion” follows 4 or 5 characters in widely different parts of the world in the opening days of an alien invasion. But it wasn’t until about the fourth episode that people realized that the strange events and disasters that were occurring around the world were the result of an alien invasion. The series is extremely well written and well acted although the pacing is painfully slow. Overall I really like it but if you are working for a typical alien invasion show, this is not it. I’ve got really mixed feelings about it but it is extremely well done. I just wish it would move a tiny bit faster.

We are also watching season 2 “The Morning Show” on Apple TV+. My first impressions over the first few episodes was that it was not up to the standards of the first season which I thought was extremely compelling, thought-provoking, and well done. However midseason we’ve had the surprised death of a major character and the response to that event has been phenomenal performances by the entire cast.

One more item… We especially want you to check out the first link in our linked articles at the bottom of this blog. It is a short YouTube video in which Jamie Costa does a screen test in which she portrays the late great Robin Williams. The scene depicts his “Mork and Mindy” costar Pam Dawber informing him of the death of John Belushi. The performance is heartbreaking yet immensely compelling. The subtlety of facial expressions and mannerisms is probably the greatest impersonation of a star that I have ever seen in my life. Get yourself braced and have tissues handy but don’t miss this amazing performance. I really do hope they turn it into a feature film biopic.

Now on with our regular news features.

Renewals, Coming Soon, and Casting News

  • Mark Harmon has officially left NCIS is a series regular. Last week’s episode was his final.
  • Netflix announced season 3 of “Lost in Space” its final season will premier December 1.
  • Apple TV+ has announced “Foundation” has been renewed for season 2. We’ve seen three episodes now and it continues to stray far from the original Isaac Asimov source material but it continues to be watchable.
  • The Walking Dead will return for its midseason premier February 20.
  • CBS announced NCIS: Hawaii and FBI: International have been picked up for a full season beyond her original 13 episodes. They didn’t reveal exactly how long a full season would be. But is the first new TV series of the season to be ordered for an extended run.
  • Netflix has announced “You” has been renewed for season 4.
  • Starz has renewed “Blindspotting” for season 2.
  • Amazon has announced “Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan” has been renewed for season 4
  • The Hollywood Foreign Press Association announced that the 2022 Golden Globe awards will be January 9 however it will not be televised because of criticism over lack of diversity in nominations. This is also the same date as the Critics Choice Awards which will be televised on CW network. The move is controversial because celebrities will have to choose which awards ceremony to attend, the more “prestigious” Golden Globes not televised or the Critics Choice which is televised.
  • HBO Max has announced “Doom Patrol” and “Titans” have each been renewed for season 4.
  • “Pennyworth” chronicling of the exploits of Batman’s butler Alfred Pennyworth in his early days has been renewed for season 3 and is moving from Epix to HBO Max. The first two seasons were also be available on HBO Max early next year.
  • FX has canceled “Y: The Last Man” and will not give it a second season.
  • CBS has given a full season order to new series “Ghosts”
  • Apple TV+ has renewed “Mythic Quest” for additional season 3 and 4.
  • HBO has renewed “Succession” for season 4.
  • Adele will have a concert special on CBS November 14 featuring songs from her new album “30” and will include an Oprah interview.
  • Disney has pushed back the opening of many Marvel movies. See the link below for details.
  • Starz has announced “Heels” has been renewed for season 2
  • TBS has renewed “Miracle Workers” for season 4.
  • TNT have announced “Snowpiercer” will return January 24.
  • Fox “Fantasy Island” for season there will be a special holiday episode in December.
  • Dolly Parton will guest star in the final season of Grace and Frankie reuniting the three stars of “9 to 5”.
  • The anticipated prequel series to CW sci-fi series “The 100” is not going forward after 2 years of development.

Politics and Showbiz

  • DC comics has revealed that Superman’s catchphrase will no longer be “Truth, Justice, and the American Way” a phrase that had been used ever since the radio version back in World War II and was continued in the TV version in the 50s and 60s. It will now be “Truth, Justice, and a Better Tomorrow”.

Miscellaneous News

  • IATSE and AMPTP have negotiated a new three-year deal avoiding an industrywide TV/film strike.
  • Tony Bennett has just set a Guinness World Record for being the oldest person ever to release an album of new material. His new album “Love for Sale” in collaboration with Lady Gaga was released on October 1 when he was 95 years, 60 days old. I’ve heard the album. It’s really good. All the songs are by Cole Porter.
  • A Russian film crew recently launched aboard a Soyuz capsule to the ISS to shoot a feature film in space.
  • The latest Superman is coming out as bisexual in the upcoming November 9 DC comics. Jon Kent son of Clark Kent and Lois Lane is the latest Superman and he will come out in this comic.
  • AMC theaters has announced an “open caption” program for deaf and hearing impaired patrons to be available in over 100 markets in the US
  • “America’s Got Talent: Extreme Edition” production has temporarily shut down after a stuntman was seriously injured during a rehearsal.
  • Iconic ESPN basketball announcer Dick Vitale has announced he has lymphoma.
  • Kanye West has officially changed his legal name to “Ye”. Just one word.
  • Disney+ will start releasing new versions of Marvel films in IMAX aspect ratio.
  • ESPN Classic channel will shut down January 1, 2022 after nearly 3 decades.
  • Dwayne Johnson announced he will no longer use real firearms in any of his productions.
  • Paramount+ has renewed children’s animated series “Star Trek: Prodigy” for season 2.
  • “Star Wars: Rogue Squadron” production will not begin in 2022 as director Patty Jenkins has other films that are interfering with the schedule. They say the film has not been canceled however.
  • Brian Williams announced he is leaving NBC news after 28 years.

In Memoriam

  • Dean Stockwell star of “Quantum Leap”. Also appeared in the 1984 of Dune. Age 85
  • Halyna Hutchins cinematographer age 42. Accidentally shot by a prop weapon fired by Alec Baldwin
  • Peter Scolari Emmy-winning actor from “Bosom Buddies”, and “Newhart”. Age 66. Cancer.
  • Mort Sahl groundbreaking comedian. Age 94
  • David H. DePatie who cocreated the “Pink Panther” cartoon. Age 91
  • Betty Lynn who played Thelma Lou, Barney Fife’s girlfriend on The Andy Griffith Show. Age 95
  • Chris Ayres voice actor known for the character Frieza on “Dragon Ball”. Age 56.
  • James Michael Tyler who played Gunther on “Friends” age 59 prostate cancer.
  • Bob Baker TV writer for Wallace & Grommet as well as several Doctor Who series and who created The Doctor’s robot dog K-9. Age 82
  • Terrence Wilson a.k.a. “Astro” from the UK Reggae band UB40. Age 64

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