Emily and Partners exit; ABC sinks sub, exorcises 666. Brand, Biased, Therapy (web and necessary) renewed; Chase, Grammar out of work; Les Mis goes IMAX

It’s been way too long again since I did and entertainment update but I’ve been busy with a variety of other things including designing this year’s Christmas card.


We will kickoff with entertainment spoiler… This year’s Chris Young design Christmas card was inspired by a Home Depot decorating tip in a 2011 TV commercial. People who have seen the previews of it said it is very ballsy.


In the links below read…

Jennifer Esposito talks about her suspension from cast of Blue Bloods

Spoilers from Michael Ausiello dated November 20

Spoilers from Michael Ausiello dated November 28

Interview with Ron Perlman about a recent episode of Sons of Anarchy

Interview with the producers of Arrow about upcoming plot lines

Interview with Kaley Cuoco about Penny saying “I Love You” to Leonard

Interview with stars of Once upon a Time about fall finale

Interview with producers of American Horror Story about recent plot twists

Surprising reveal of who played old man on recent 2 1/2 Men episode


Not in the links below


Entourage’s Constance Zimmer will have a recurring role on Grey’s Anatomy. I thought she was hot.

CBS has canceled its new sitcom Partners. Reruns of other CBS sitcoms are taking it slot on Monday night

Lisa Kudrow’s “Web Therapy” has been renewed by Showtime for a third season. If you like dry improvised humor is for you.

Annabella Sciorra will play a shrink on upcoming episodes of Blue Bloods

Greg Germann from Ally McBeal will play a deputy director on NCIS.

ABC has canceled Last Resort and 666 Park Ave. Shows will not go past their original 13 episode order. Final episodes have been rewritten to make them into finales.

True Blood shape shifter Janina Gavankar will play a vice cop who is part of Oliver Queen’s passed on CW’s Arrow

Jamie Foxx will host the December 8 installment of SNL

Martin Short will host Christmas installment of SNL with musical guest Paul McCartney

Starz has decided not to have a season three of Kelsey Grammer’s Chicago mayor drama “Boss”. They may however do a movie to wrap up plot lines.

Freddie Highmore would play teenage Norman Bates in A&E Psycho prequel.Vera Farmiga will play the not yet dead mother.

Discovery Channel has canceled two of its longest-running series “Dirty Jobs” and “American Chopper”.

Chevy Chase is leaving Community effective immediately. Will not appear in the last two or three episodes remaining to be shot.

Downton Abbey has been renewed for season 4

Larry Hagman died at age 81

Syfy Channel has renewed Haven for season 4

Merlin season 5 will be its last. BBC will wrap it up around Christmas. Syfy Channel start season 5 January 4. Spinoff series are possibility.

Angus T Jones a.k.a. Private Jake Harper calls 2 1/2 Men “filth” encourages viewers not to watch. Later apologizes.

Upcoming NCIS episode will have case solved entirely by Ziva and Abby

Production problems have delayed BBC’s version of Sherlock season 3 until late 2013. PBS airing may slip to 2014.

Neve Campbell will play Derek’s sister in an upcoming Grey’s Anatomy

David Anders recently played Dr. Frankenstein on Once upon a Time will play a bad guy in upcoming Arrow

Audrey McDonald a.k.a. Naomi will return for series finale of Private Practice

FX announced Justified returns January 8. Anger Management and Archer January 17

Fox pushes season premiere of “Touch” from February 1 to February 8

Lisa Edelstein will appear in multiple episodes of season 2 of Showtime’s House of Lies

CW has canceled Emily Owens MD. Will complete 13 episodes.

ABC is extending Malibu Country and Last Man Standing to five additional episodes

CBS is older they straight to series adaptation of Stephen King’s 2009 novel “Under the Dome”

This installments winner of the Chris Young “Sure Sign of the Coming Apocalypse” award goes to Vinny from Jersey Shore is getting his own MTV talkshow

Liza Minnelli will guest star in season 2 of Smash

American Horror Story renewed for season 3

The Kennedys miniseries on Reelz channel is getting a sequel covering the Kennedy family from 1968 to present

Crixus is Death Stroke! Actor Manu Bennett of Spartacus fame has been cast as Slade Wilson on CW’s Arrow. That character eventually becomes Death Stroke… the masked character whom we’ve already seen but was played by different actor.

USA’s Necessary Roughness has been renewed for a third season

FX has ordered more episodes of Brand X and Totally Biased.

Fox 2000 studio and Ridley Scott are creating a new film “The Forever War” based on the sci-fi classic by Joe Haldeman

Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart will return for “X-Men: Days of Future past coming to theaters

There will be an IMAX version of the new Les Miserables musical which premieres December 25 in theaters. Unfortunately IMAX may only be in the UK.

A movie based on the Jeremiah Harm comics is in the works

Walt Disney has increased its shareholder dividends 25% which is $0.75 per share. Apparently the Force is strong with them

NBC is canceling newsmagazine Rock Center with Brian Williams at the end of the year.

Local TV in Chicago reports “Chicago Fire” TV show plane crash as real.

The original Batmobile from the 60s era TV series will go on the auction block January 19 in Scottsdale Arizona.

Dorothy’s dress from the Wizard of Oz recently sold for $480,000 at auction.

Game of Thrones has cast Will Champion drummer for the band Coldplay as a drummer.

Pittsburgh Steeler Hines Ward played a zombie in a recent episode of Walking Dead in early November.

Bob Brunner writer/producer of Happy Days who wrote the famous Fonzie Jumps the Shark episode has died at age 78.

Former Mouseketeer Bonita Lynn Fields Elder who appeared on the show in the 1950s has died at age 68

Cee Lo Green is set to guest star on Anger Management

Carrie Underwood will play Maria von Trapp in a live production of The Sound of Music to air on NBC

Kenneth Branagh has been knighted.

The first nine minutes of the new Star Trek movie will be previewed in IMAX 3-D theaters starting December 14




Jennifer Esposito Opens Up About the ‘Ugliness’ of Her Blue Bloods Suspension

Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on NCIS, Grey’s, Army Wives, Glee, Revenge, Shameless and More!

Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Once, Boardwalk Empire, Castle, Community, True Blood and More!


Sons of Anarchy‘s Ron Perlman on Clay’s ‘Cathartic’ Breakdown and Potential Comeback


Preview: Arrow Takes on The Huntress, One Well-Dressed Bombshell and… the Grinch?


Kaley Cuoco Weighs In on Big Bang’s Big ‘Love’ Scene (‘I Cried’), Teases Next Romantic Twist


Once Upon a Time: Jennifer Morrison, Ginnifer Goodwin Preview ‘Life-Or-Death’ Fall Finale


‘American Horror Story’: Ryan Murphy on the Bloody Face reveal and a major clue about the aliens — EXCLUSIVE


‘Two and a Half Men’ mystery actor is…..


New Reorganized Bright House Channel Lineup Good but Not Great

Starting December 11, Bright House Networks here in Indiana is completely reorganizing their channel listings. You can read about the changes at their website http://brighthouse.com/newlineup. They provide a link like this where you can download a PDF of the new channel listings. I found it very confusing because they list the channels according to packages such as Basic, Standard, Digital, Premium etc. instead of listing them numerically or pointing out the new categories under which they are organized such as music, sports, news, entertainment, family etc.

I decided to make an edited version of this chart for myself to try to make sense of it. In some cases my version isn’t a whole lot better because their new reorganized system isn’t as organized as I think it ought to be. Click here to download my edited version.

Here is my commentary on what is in this chart.

The “Category” column is a way that Bright House categorizes its channels depending on which packages you have purchased. In some instances channels were listed in more than one category. I only listed one category and I was inconsistent in which of the two I chose. That really isn’t the point of this table. The analog column is a little bit of a misnomer because not all of the single-digit and two digit channels really are available on analog (i.e. without a converter box of some sort). I didn’t bother to keep track of those. It seems like the one and two digit channels are pretty much irrelevant. I wouldn’t be surprised if all the analog channels disappeared sometime soon. There are also some digital channels available if you have a digital tuner but no cable box but I’ve not noted any of those. We will have to wait and see which ones are available once the changeover takes place.

Here are some of the inconsistencies I wasn’t able to work out. For some reason channels 15 and 22 don’t seem to have a 100 series equivalent listed. It also says that HD Showcase on Demand is available on both 797 which was its existing number and 1130. Similarly HD Movies on Demand are listed in both 798 and 1600. That sort of violates the rule that all of the HD channels are 1000 and up. Public broadcasting WFYI is listed on 20, 1020, 349, and 1349. These may actually be two different sets of channels. That station has several sub channels such as WFYI 2 WFYI+ etc. some of which are listed separately. We will have to wait and see what really shows up.

I’m a little bit surprised that in this reorganization they haven’t done as much reorganizing as I might have done if I were sort everything out and starting from scratch. Here are their categories is best I can figure out.

The fact that the SD and HD channels are completely separated and that the numbering system is completely consistent between SD and HD is the very best part of this whole reorganization especially in the premium channel movie section. In the old system we had HD and SD premium channels intermixed with one another. Some were in the 200 range while others were in the 700 range.

The first group seems to be broadcast channels (3-20,1003-1020) which seems to make pretty good sense.

Is what I would call kids and family (101-128,1101-1128) which is a reasonably good grouping.

Then we get a strange mix of standard or basic cable channels (131,174-1174). I would’ve organize these much better. It starts off with TBS, TNT, FX, AMC, USA, A&E which is a nice grouping. I was going to comment that AMC ought to be down in the 600s with the other movie channels but I just noticed is duplicated there. That’s confusing. These are followed by Tru TV, Spike, G4 which isn’t too bad.

Then we go into a bunch of “educational” channels such as Discovery, History, Destination America, Nat Geo, Animal Planet, Nat Geo Wild, Investigation Discovery, C&I, Biography, H2, Military, Military History, Science, Smithsonian. Okay so we could call that a group but then we jump to Syfy, Chiller, Comedy Central, BBC America, Cloo. It seems to me they should have been listed with the other basic cable entertainment channels such as TNT, Spike etc. without all of the educational channels in between.

We get three channels of reruns (175-177, 1175) TV land, WTHR Me-TV,WXIN Antenna TV which is a nice cluster.

Next we get the music category such as MTV, VH1 etc. which is pretty well organized (182-199, 1182-1997) except I don’t know why MC on demand is 199 SD but 1997 HD.

The next category I think the cable company would probably categorize as “lifestyle” (201-244, 1201-1229) since they have a channel called “Lifestyle on Demand” this includes HGTV, food network, Cooking, travel, fitness and health, style etc. The fact that they put the grossly misnamed “The Learning Channel” in this category rather than up there with discovery etc. is proof that Honey Boo-Boo is not just the symptom, it’s the disease. I’m a little surprised that Bravo is down here rather than up with TBS, TNT, A&E and other basic entertainment channels. Also BET could’ve been up there with the weather entertainment channels. Being black isn’t a lifestyle. I’m not really sure what some of the other channels in this area are all about. Some of them such as GSN maybe should’ve been up there with the rerun category.

Religious channels are grouped nicely (251, 255-1255) These are followed by shopping channels (266-284, 1266-1268) however it’s a shame there’s no option to disable these channels. At least with them all grouped together they are easier to avoid. For some reason 298 is Movies on Demand is its old channel number. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was a mistake in the original chart.

Next we get news and public affairs (301-361, 1301-1349) which includes your usual CNN, Fox News, MSNBC as well as business channels FOX Business, CNBC, Bloomberg. Also includes the weather channels, C-SPAN, government access, extra PBS channels and additional copies of the local rerun channels.

The most reorganized and best reorganized are the sports categories. It starts off with (401-409, 1401-1409) which is all of the ESPN right next to one another. Then we get local sports (410-413, 1411-1413) hometown sports, Fox sports Indiana, Big Ten. Then at 416-425, 1416-1425) we get all of the leaf networks such as NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL followed by NBC sports and CBSSports. Race fans will be glad to see (427-428, 1427-1430) which are Speed, Fuel, Velocity, Mav TV. Some of these sports channels are only available in the premium Sports Pass package such as NFL Red Zone and MLB Strike Zone and CBS Sports. The remaining sports Pass channels (435-487, 1435-1486) such as other regional Fox sports, outdoor, sportsmen, fishing etc. The extra Big Ten Network channels follow that along with Pac 12 which is part of Sports Pass. The big premium sports packages such as ESPN game plan, NBA league Pass, MLB extra innings, NHL Center ice are all in the range (500-554, 1500-1554).

Pretty much everything else is movies starting at 600. It kicks off with HMC, AMC, TCM, LMN, Sundance, IFC. Then a jumble of other movie Pass channels and standard cable movie channels such as Fox movie, and Reelz. Then we get premium “HD Pack” from 1619-1624 which is okay for things like HMC and MGM but really out of place for stuff like Smithsonian.

The rest of the movie sections are very well organized. Encore (637-647, 1637-1646), HBO (660-674, 1660-1668), Cinemax (680-688, 1680-1688), Showtime (702-711, 1702-1711), The Movie Channel (720-722, 1720 was 1722), Starz (730-735, 1731). As mentioned earlier the reorganization of this section was the most sorely needed part especially separating SD from HD and numbering them consistently. They did a great job. I still wish we could get more Starz HD channels especially Starz HD on-demand which is unavailable on Bright House.

Next we get various subscription on demand mostly adult (750-784, 1755 -1758) such as Playboy, Hustler, etc. Also included in this range are pay-per-view channels both entertainment and adult. There are some music channels in the range 792-796. The 800 series are all Spanish-language some of which are available elsewhere such as the PBS Spanish station and the HBO Spanish channels. There are more music channels in the 1795-1799 and 1951-1997 range. They are not described as HD even though they are over 1000 so there’s a little inconsistency.

ESPN 3-D is the only channel in the so-called 3-D Pass package at 1747.

Overall it’s a big improvement over what we had before but I really think they could’ve been a little more consistent in that 100s range in separating out the educational channels from the entertainment channels.

Bond Bigger in IMAX; More X Factor, Arrow, Beast, Emily, Vegas, Elementary & Homeland coming

Following up on my previous entertainment news that was incomplete here’s the rest of it


In the links below read about

Interview with Jennifer Carpenter about recent episode of Dexter and the rest of the season

Spoilers from Michael Ausiello from last Tuesday

Interview with Patrick Dempsey about his signing a two-year deal to stay with Grey’s Anatomy

Walking Dead show runner explains Maggie’s goodbye to Hershel was based on a true story

Once upon a Time show others speculate what new characters they might add. (No Jack Sparrow unless Johnny Depp agrees)

IMAX version of James Bond Skyfall will actually be 26% bigger than traditional theaters. No black bars top and bottom.

Superman creators heirs lose court battle to retain rights to the character



Not in the links below but also of interest

Jennifer Esposito has been written out of episodes of Blue Bloods. She asked for a reduced schedule because of celiac disease. They reduced her schedule to zero.

Dish network has settled its dispute with AMC. Fans of walking dead rejoice

Switched at Birth will return to ABC Family Channel on January 7. Pretty Little Liars returns January 8

Arrow has been picked up for a full season at CW network. Three additional scripts ordered for Beauty and the Beast and Emily Owens M.D.

X Factor has been renewed for season 3 by Fox networks

Showtime has renewed Homeland for season 3

George lives! Former Grays Anatomy actor TR Knight will guest star on The Good Wife

Annie Wersching a.k.a. 24’s FBI agent René Walker will have a recurring role in the next season of TNT’s Dallas

CBS has ordered full season pickups for Vegas and Elementary

Adam Baldwin has joined the cast of the new TNT pilot The Last Ship. He’s filling a role that was supposed to be played by Titus Welliver read about for a family emergency

Barry Sloan who plays Takeda’s disciple Aidan on Revenge has been promoted to series regular

American Idol will premiere January 16 and 17th on Fox

Touch which was posted return this fall returns February 1 after Fringe finishes in its final season January.

The Following starring Kevin Bacon as an FBI agent hunting down a serial killer will premiere on Fox January 21

Jane Fonda will headline a new ABC comedies series called “Now What?”

Fox has ordered two additional episodes of “the Mindy Project”. Never heard of it.

ABC’s Last Resort and 666 Park Ave. get orders for two scripts each

Warner Bros. has acquired the rights to make movies based on Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer

Jeffrey Katzenberg and Steven Spielberg have donated $1 million each to an Obama super PAC

There is going to be a “Paranormal Activity 5” because 1-4 left so many unanswered questions

William Hurt and Bruce Greenwood are among the actors signed up for a BBC science Channel drama about the Challenger shuttle disaster

President Obama will appear on MTV election special on Friday. On Jay Leno tonight.

The season premiere of The Walking Dead was the highest-rated nonsports show in the 18-49 demographic for its week

Fox network is developing a legal drama for Greg Kinnear

Herbert Lom who played Inspector Dreyfus in the Pink Panther movies has died at age 95

Seth McFarland will be the host of the Oscars

A Charlie Brown Movie is in development slated for 2015

Russell Crowe will play Noah in a biblical epic slated for 2014

LeVar Burton and Wil Wheaton will appear together in an upcoming episode of Big Bang Theory

A casting call for the next season of Game of Thrones is looking for actors with an amputated leg

The creator of “Friday Night Lights” has asked Gov. Romney to quit using a catchphrase “Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose” threatens to sue.

Ashton Kutcher has replaced Charlie Sheen in one other way. Becomes highest-paid TV actor at $24 million versus Sheen’s $20 million

Beyoncé has backed out of Clint Eastwood’s remake of “a Star Is Born”





Dexter’s Jennifer Carpenter on That Bath Scene, New Deb/Dex Intimacy! Plus: Early Finale Scoop


Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Glee, Psych, Fringe, Nikita, Dexter, Grey’s, Once, P’hood and More!


Exclusive Q&A: Patrick Dempsey On Re-Signing With Grey’s Anatomy, His Relationship With Ellen Pompeo and His Hopes for the Series Finale

‘The Walking Dead’: Showrunner Glen Mazzara gives the real life backstory to that moving scene between Maggie and Hershel — EXCLUSIVE


‘Once Upon’ showrunners reveal which famous characters they’d consider adding

IMAX Boasts 26% More James Bond ‘Skyfall’

Superman rights fight goes to DC Comics, judge rules


Beast Is a Bust; Revolution shows promise; Jersey, Animals, Cook canceled; Louis, Touch and Community postponed

I’m so far behind on entertainment news that this is only half of all the articles that I need to go through to get caught up. We’ll have the other half in a shorter installment in a few days.


We’re going to start this installment of entertainment news with a review of the new reincarnation of “Beauty and the Beast” on the CW network. There are actually two different beauty and the beast shows appearing this year. This one bills itself as a re-imagination or reboot of the classic Ron Perlman/Linda Hamilton show created by Ron Koslow and ran from 1987-1990. These comments are based on viewing the first episode only. However two episodes have aired at this point. This time around Catherine Chandler is played by Kristin Kreuk is attractive enough for the part and experienced in playing opposite a “superhero?” because she is most famous for her role of Lana Lang opposite Clark Kent in the CW network series Smallville. Her counterpart Vincent is played by Jay Ryan was most recently been seen in Fox networks Terra Nova. Except for these two character names absolutely nothing else resembles the previous late 80s romantic drama.


While I expected they would make some changes and perhaps update it somehow, I really didn’t expect them to gut what I thought was some of the best parts of the original. This time Catherine is a police detective rather than an assistant district attorney which is okay. It still gives her opportunity to interact with bad guys. Vincent rescues her from said bad guys at least twice in the first episode so that part is true to the original. But my number one problem with the change is that Vincent isn’t really a beast. At least not all of the time. The original Vincent’s theme song could’ve been Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way”. His back story was that he was literally born in that disfigured way, abandoned at St. Vincent’s Hospital (hence his name) and taken in by a man whom he would later call father. He lived in a community in abandoned tunnels beneath New York City with a fascinating cast of characters who were similarly outcasts of society. Much of the charm of the original game from this mini utopia society that they had created which was defended from the outside by Vincent and Catherine. This time Vincent hangs out in an abandoned factory and has a tech guy for a sidekick. The tech sidekick would’ve been a good modernization of the story if they had kept the underground community but as it is his living environment is a great disappointment.


I could have dealt with all the above with only minor disappointment but the major change that I think redefines the show in a bad way is that the beast isn’t really a beast. At least not full time. Vincent Keller (he has a last name now) signed up for the Marines after 9/11, was injected with some mysterious substance to make him a super soldier (along with others) and it turned him into an uncontrollable beast. But only part-time. This isn’t The Beast who was born this way. This is the Incredible Hulk or perhaps Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Most of the time he looks like a perfectly normal hunk of a soldier with nothing more than a nasty scar along one cheek. Only when his adrenaline is up in a case of danger does he transform into a real monster.


The whole essence of the fairytale and the Ron Koslow 1980s re-imagination was that the beauty love the beast DESPITE HIS APPEARANCE! At times in this episode Vincent has to try to convince her that he really is a beastly person. That’s not what this story should be about. His monstrousness should be self-evident.


To say that I’m disappointed is a gross understatement. I will probably give it several more episodes to try to win me over. It may have something worthwhile to offer. But if you were as excited as I was that they were bringing back a show that was well acted, well written, and had a compelling premise that the original 80s series had, you’re going to be disappointed as well. The credit still list Koslow as “creator” and he’s been given an executive producer title. I’m hoping he’s getting more than just a credit and a check in exchange for (allegedly) using his original idea. I’m hoping he really has some input down the road. Otherwise this whole thing is going to be a waste of time.


Meanwhile CW network’s Green Arrow Comic book hero series titled “Arrow” shows good promise and open to good ratings. And if your sci-fi freak NBC’s “Revolution” has potential although might not be for everyone. NBC’s sitcoms are a mixed bag. “Go On” starring Matthew Perry shows a little promise. Much of it is over the top but it has a lot of heart and tackles the subject of grief with sensitivity and humor. If you like Matthew Perry you might like it. NBC’s answer to “Modern Family” titled “The New Normal” business is good as the ABC series it rips off. The grandmothers rampant racism and homophobia is trying to be a modern day Archie Bunker type. If you’re the kind of person who laughs at things designed for their shock value of outrageousness (and in moderation I am) then you might check it out. I like it, I’m watching it, but I’m getting a feeling it’s going to get old after a while and the shock value wears off.


You’re probably wondering why I list the links to articles here and then put the links at the bottom of the page. That’s because I’m cutting and pasting the links from a program called Feed Demon which assembles RSS newsfeeds that I used to track all of these entertainment websites. But often their title of the article is different than what I want to call it. It would be too hard to link the URLs to my text using Microsoft Outlook. So I put my description of the article here and put the actual links at the bottom of the page. So see the links below to read…

Anna Torv interview about this season of Fringe

Evil Queen Lana Parrilla talks about this season of Once upon a Time

Revolution show runner discusses death of major character in other news

Stephen Ammel a.k.a. the new Oliver Queen in “Arrow” discusses upcoming plot lines.

Walton Goggins discusses his hilarious transgendered guest starring on Sons of Anarchy

Matt Mitovich’s inside line scoops for October 11

Mary McDonald talks about Major Crimes finale and looks forward to season 2 which has been recently announced

Producer Robert Kirkman discusses Walking Dead season premiere

Spoilers from Michael Ausiello from last Tuesday

Interview with Kelly Hu a.k.a. China White on CW networks Arrow

Interview with Josh Molina about plot lines in his character on Scandal

Fascinating article about the difficulties of measuring ratings in a DVR era

Interview with Nikita boss about season premiere and upcoming plot lines

Actor Robert Carlyle talks about creating Rumpelstiltskin on Once upon a Time

Map of North America in post-apocalyptic series Revolution

Article about Once upon a Time using R-rated language in scripts but not in dialogue


Not in the links below but of interest

Gray’s Anatomy show runner Shonda Rimes promises that Callie and Arizona will get over their differences over the leg amputation

Eric Dane recently deceased from Gray’s Anatomy has signed up for a new TNT postapocalypse drama “The Last Ship” about a US destroyer that survives the end of the world

Titus Welliver a.k.a. Lost’s man in black has also signed up for The Last Ship on TNT

First Canceled Show award goes to “Made in Jersey” which CBS has pulled after two episodes. I gave up after one episode.

Neve Campbell is joining Gray’s Anatomy as Derek’s sister

Deadwood’s Ian McShane is joining the cast of American Horror Story

NBC’s reboot of The Munsters titled “Mockingbird Lane” will air its pilot as a Halloween special October 26. If it does well it might get picked up as a series. Otherwise it’s in trouble.

NBC’s Revolution, Go On, and The New Normal have all received full season orders

Producers of The Walking Dead hint that they may make a prequel movie!

Hamish Linklater who played the brother on New Adventures of Old Christine has an upcoming role on The Good Wife

Psych season 7 returns February 27, 2013

USA Network has renewed “Suits” for season 3. I really like season one but it didn’t fit in my schedule season 2 and I had to drop it. May go back and watch some downloads if I get a chance.

David Keith a.k.a. “The Cape” is joining “Touch” as Kiefer Sutherland’s pal

NBC has canceled Dane Cook’s midseason replacement sitcom before even aired one episode

Marc Pellegrino a.k.a. Jacob from “Lost” reunites with Michael Emerson an upcoming episode of Person of Interest

Clark Gregg is back from the dead. He will reprise his role as agent Phil Colson in the upcoming SHIELD pilot for ABC

Syfy Channel has announced season 3 of Being Human will be January 14, 2013

HBO series Girls and Enlightened will return for their second seasons January 13

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler will cohost the 2013 Golden Globe Awards on NBC

American Idol alumni Jessica Sanchez has landed an official role on Fox’s Glee

Beyoncé will headline the 2013 Super Bowl halftime

Khloe Kardashian and Maria Lopez will cohost The X Factor

Opie lives! Ryan Hearst has joined the cast of “King & Maxwell” on TNT based on the books by David Balducci about secret agents turned private detectives.

Brown Coats Unite! Castle will investigate the death at a sci-fi convention November 5. Episode directed by Jonathan Frakes

Speaking of Brown coats… The Science Channel will air a special honoring the 10th anniversary of Firefly on November 11

Polly Walker a.k.a. Clarice Willow of Caprica and Atia Julii of Rome will appear in five episodes of warehouse 13.

Olympian Missy Franklin will appear in Pretty Little Liars upcoming episodes

X walking dead show runner Frank Darabont’s. Drama LA Noir has been picked up by TNT for six episodes

Dylan McDermott will come back to American Horror Story for one episode

George Takei will appear in an upcoming Hawaii 50

The X factor episode they got messed up by the baseball rain delay will re-air in its entirety on Tuesday

Second casualty! NBC cancels Animal Practice. I couldn’t even finish a whole episode. Will be replaced by Whitney.

Brendan Fraser will star in TNT’s upcoming pilot “Legends” based on the book by Robert Littell.

Lost star Henry Ian Cusick will guest star on upcoming episode of Body of Proof

ABC’s Private Practice will end after just 13 episodes this season.

Fox network is pushing Touch to midseason. Kitchen nightmares will be on starting October 26

Fox has ordered more episodes of sitcoms “The Mindy Project” and “Ben and Kate”. I’ve not watched either

NBC has postponed the season premiere of Community

Comedian Louis CK has requested that FX network delay season 4 of his series Louis until 2014.

Astronaut Buzz Aldrin will appear on this week’s Big Bang Theory

Producers of NBC’s Revolution and that they will explain why the blackout occurred sometime before the season finale.

Jay Leno is scheduled to appear CBS’s Craig Ferguson Late Show

TNT has canceled reality competition show “The Great Escape” after one season. I kind of liked it.

BBC America’s first show Copper has been renewed for a second season



And finally the obituaries.

Gary Collins was a veteran character actor who guest starred on many TV shows died at age 74




Anna Torv Talks About ‘Tricky, Complicated’ Fringe Reunions, ‘Amber Burn’ and the Big Finale


Lana Parrilla Talks Once Upon a Time Twist: ‘It’s a Victory’ for Regina, ‘Yet There’s a Layer of Guilt’


Revolution Boss Talks Maggie’s Death, Blackout Answers and Neville’s ‘Lady MacBeth’


Fall TV Preview: Stephen Amell Reveals Arrow’s Greatest Weakness: ‘He’s Going to Self-Destruct’


Sons of Anarchy: Walton Goggins Opens Up About His Surprise, Sex-Rated Cameo


Matt’s Inside Line: Scoop on Glee, Grey’s, Arrow, Person of Interest, Once Upon a Time and Scandal


Mary McDonnell Previews Major Crimes Finale, Shares Why Season 2 News Brought Such Relief


Walking Dead Post Mortem: Is [Spoiler]’s Death Inevitable? Romance For Andrea and Michonne?


Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Castle, NCIS, Glee, Grey’s, Gossip, P’hood, Community and More!


Arrow Vs. China White: Kelly Hu Teases the CW Hit’s First (and Brutal) Super Showdown


Scandal’s Joshua Malina Previews David’s ‘Down and Dirty’ Plot to Take Down Olivia


The New DVR Ratings Surge: Why Your Playback Habits Matter (and Why They Don’t)

Arrow Vs. China White: Kelly Hu Teases the CW Hit’s First (and Brutal) Super Showdown


Nikita Boss On That Major ‘Mikita’ Surprise! Plus Scoop On Alex, Sean, Owen, Ryan and Division


‘Once Upon’: How Robert Carlyle created Rumpelstiltskin


‘Revolution’: Check out a map of North America 15 years after the blackout — EXCLUSIVE


‘Once Upon a Time’ scripts full of cursing


More Perception, Less Office, Barrowman To Arrow, Osborne out, “Have Gun…” & “Blake’s 7” reboot, RIP Scott, Diller, Horshack, Windham, Stuart

I don’t think I’m going to be able to complete my Fall TV schedule so I found another one online that I posted to my new team blog. Here is the link…




Also check out the September finale and premier dates link below.


It seems we always start off with obituaries. Tony Scott directed Top Gun and a number of other famous action pics committed suicide last week at age 68. Friends and family say he was suffering from terminal cancer but those reports have been denied and/or refuted. He is the brother of director Ridley Scott. Also we mourn the loss of pioneering comedienne Phyllis Diller at age 95. Also veteran actor William Windham died recently. Although he is membered for many famous roles, I think one of my favorites was a little half-hour religious video that I often showing my Scripture classes at Saint Gabriel. It was titled “Jesus BC”. It depicts God the father, God the son, and God the Holy Spirit standing around in heaven deciding what to do about those crazy creations of theirs called human beings. Windham played God the father. They decide to send the son named “Chris” (Tim Matheson) down to earth to redeem humanity. Also Ron Palillo a.k.a. Arnold Horshack of Welcome Back Kotter died of a heart attack at age 63. Also famous film critic Judith Crist has died at age 90. And Mel Stuart director of the original Willy Wonka has died at 83. He directed 180 films.


In the links below read about…

September finale and premier dates

Michael Ausiello spoilers from August 14

Doctor Who special will chronicle birth of the series

Photos of CW networks knew Beauty and the Beast. This beast is a hunk. No goofy looking Ron Perlman here.

Michael Ausiello spoilers from yesterday

Interview with producers of Falling Skies about season finale

This weeks winner of the “Chris Young’s Sure Sign of the Apocalypse” award goes to Chris Young. See the link below.



Not in the link below other information of interest

BBC America has confirmed Doctor Who will return September 1

John Barrowman a.k.a. Torchwood’s Captain Jack Harkness will have a recurring role on CW’s new superhero series Arrow  (Green Arrow). He will play “well-dressed man” a secretive friend of the Queen family.

Will and Grace alum Sean Hayes will reunite with his former costar when he joins Debra Messing on the cast of Smash

Sharon Osbourne is definitely leaving America’s Got Talent. Blames NBC for not hiring her son Jack for Stars Earn Stripes because he has MS.

Daytime game show The Price Is Right is now hiring male models in addition to the female ones it’s traditionally used

Billy Dee Williams a.k.a. Lando Calrissian will guest star on NCIS in October. New episodes debut September 25

Kristin Chenoweth severed head injury while filming an episode of The Good Wife. She is leaving the show as a result. She was playing a political reporter.

Kate Hudson will join the cast of glee for season 4

Michael Phelps will host SNL season. Ryan Lochte will guest star on 90210

CSI Miami alum Emily Procter will guest star on a couple of episodes of White-Collar

Abby Elliott who is famous for her Zooey Deschanel impersonations is leaving SNL. Kristen Wig and Andy Samberg had previously announced departures

Actress Mayim Bialik was in a car accident but has showed up for work at Big Bang Theory.

A&E has canceled reality series Gene Simmons Family Jewels. Jimmy Fallon says it was because executives discovered it was still on the air 🙂

Revenge has recast Emily’s mentor Mr. Takeda replacing an actor with an unpronounceable Japanese name with another actor with an equally unpronounceable Japanese name 🙂

John Nobles a.k.a. Walter/Walternet has returned to the set of Fringe after being treated for a sleep disorder.

Ciaran Hinds a.k.a. Rome’s Julius Caesar and Political Animals president President Hammond is joining the cast of Game of Thrones

TNT has renewed Perception for a second season

Lindsay Wagner is returning for another guest shot on Warehouse 13. Also HG Wells is not dead. Is returning for a guest spot.

Ving Rhames will guest star on an upcoming Hawaii 50

Facts of life star Lisa Whelchel and baseball MVP Jeff Kent are among the cast members for season 25 of survivor premiering September 19

Budget cuts meant that Jay Leno has laid off 20 staff members and he took a pay cut to save others.

Jimmy Kimmel is moving his show to 11:35 PM directly opposite Leno and Letterman. Nightline will move after Kimmel

NBC has announced this will be the last season of The office. This season will premiere September 20

Michael J Fox is developing a TV series that he will star in in 2013. All four networks bid on it. NBC won.

Justin Bieber will appear in an upcoming episode of The Simpsons

Mitt Romney has promised to cut funding for PBS

Production on Iron Man 3 is being delayed because of an injury to Robert Downey Jr during a stunt

Avengers 2 will be released May 1, 2015 mark your calendars. Josh Whedon returns to write and direct.

Bob Costas will guest star on Matthew Perry’s new sitcom “Go On”

CBS has dropped its a lawsuit against ABC’s Glass House because it’s a ratings flop and no threat to CBS’s Big Brother

Kelly Ripa’s permanent cohost replacing Regis Philbin will be announced September 4. Rumors are it’s Michael Strahan

Hunger Games sold 3.8 million DVD/Blu-ray in its first weekend

2 Broke Girls  star Kat Dennings will return to her role as techno-geek in Thor 2

SyFy Channel is developing a remake of UK sci-fi series Blakes 7.

David Mamet is going to reboot classic Western series “Have Gun Will Travel” for CBS

Natalie Woods death certificate has been amended from “accidental drowning” to “drowning and other undetermined factors”

Minions Movie set for December 2014. This will be a 3-D animated movie based on the little creatures from Despicable Me

Universal Studios is going to remake Videodrome. Maybe I will understand it this time.

Vertigo has beaten Citizen Kane in a poll as best film of all time. Meanwhile tippy Hedren says Alfred Hitchcock sexually harassed her

The original Raiders of the Lost Ark will be rereleased in IMAX September 7.

Blu-ray version of Jaws is a restored version. They touched up the negative frame by frame sometimes spending four hours per frame.

Jimmy Fallon says he will not post the Oscars




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My First (and Hopefully Last) Posting of a Cat Video


Killing killed, Borgnine, Gore, Hensley, Davis died, Who news, Sloan leaves Gray’s, Modern Family settles Skies still Falling

Way overdue on entertainment news. Sorry about that but the Olympics and other things have kept me highly preoccupied.


In the links below we will start off with…

August calendar of summer finales and fall premieres and other important dates

ABC announces fall premiere dates (The previous installment of this newsletter for other networks)

Spoilers from Michael Ausiello from July 10

Spoilers from Michael Ausiello from July 31

Dancing with the Stars all-star cast revealed. Includes Helio Castronevis, gymnast Shawn Johnson

Preview trailer for the new season of Doctor Who

Actor Matt Smith previews new season of Doctor Who

Interview with Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat

Mariah Carey is replacing Jennifer Lopez on American Idol. I included the link so you can read about the salary numbers they were throwing around. WOW!

Grey’s Anatomy showrunner Shonda Rimes reveals she is a Doctor Who fan

Avatar 2 not until 2015 Cameron says in an interview.


Not in the links below but still of interest

Kristhoffer Polaha a.k.a. Henry Butler from Ringer will be a series regular on the new CBS legal drama Made in Jersey

Irish actress Sarah Bolger of The Tudors will play Sleeping Beauty in the next season of Once Upon a Time

Irish actor Colin O’Donoghue has been cast as Captain Hook for the next season of Once Upon a Time

Summer Glau a.k.a. River Tam a.k.a. Terminator will do three episodes of Alphas on SyFy Channel this season other guest stars include Sean Astin and Lauren Holly

Jamie Chung (The Hangover II) will play Mulan on this season of Once Upon a Time

Author Gore Vidal at 86. Wrote screenplay for Ben Hur among others

Ernest Borgnine died at age 95

Sherman Hensley a.k.a. George Jefferson has died at age 74

SNL writer Tom Davis and former partner of Al Franken (Franken and Davis) has died at the age of 59

New season of HBO’s Boardwalk Empire premieres Sunday, September 16

Eric Dane a.k.a. Dr. Mark Sloan is leaving Grey’s Anatomy

AMC has canceled “The Killing” after two seasons

After much drama the entire cast of Modern Family has re-signed for the next season after a number of holdouts

Louis starring comedian Louis CK has been renewed for a fourth season on FX

FX networks has ordered more episodes of Russell Brand’s comedy talk show Brand X (which is pretty good if you haven’t seen it)

Martin Sheen will join Charlie on Anger Management. Series has been renewed for 90 more episodes to be shot in quick succession

Mark Valey a.k.a. Christopher Chance will play a new love interest for Dana Delaney on Body of Proof

Showtime has renewed cancer drama The Big C for a final season of just four episodes

America Horror Story has been retitled “America Horror Story: Asylum”

Fox has renewed Master Chef for a fourth season

Sharon Osbourne has tweeted hints that she’s leaving America’s Got Talent after this season. Probably because her son has MS

ABC has preemptively canceled Fred Willard’s improv show after his arrest for lewd behavior

Vince Vaughn is developing a reboot of The Brady Bunch for CBS

CBS is canceled a dating show titled “3” after just “2” episodes. I guess it didn’t live up to its name.

Anderson Cooper’s daytime talk show is changing its name from “Anderson” to “Anderson Live” and will change format and include rotating cohosts

A new series premieres this month on BBC America titled Copper about New York police during the American Civil War.

BBC America will also coproduced a new series titled The Musketeers to premiere in 2014

Former Doctor Who star Christopher Eccleston will play the villain Malekith The Accursed in Thor 2

Universal Studios is working on a remake of Endless Love

CBS is suing ABC claiming that “The Glass House” is a ripoff of its reality show Big Brother

No host or producer has been hired for the Oscars. Jimmy Fallon and Lorne Michaels turned it down

M Knight Shyamalan will write and produce a pilot for SyFy Channel titled “Proof” about a billionaire who offers a reward to anyone who can prove life after death

Tom Cruise is the highest-paid actor at $75 million per pic

AMC announced The Walking Dead season will premiere October 14

Tom Arnold roasted his wife Rosanne Barr in the Comedy Central roast which will air August 12

British actor Peter O’Toole says he’s retiring from acting. I didn’t know he was still alive.

The third part of the Hunger Games trilogy will be split into two movies in 2014/2015

Peter Jackson announced that there will now be three hobbit movies not 2 as originally planned

TNT has renewed Falling Skies for season 3!

Alex Trebek has recovered from a heart attack is back on set at Jeopardy

BBC America series “The Hour” will return in November for a second season. Sort of like HBO’s The Newsroom only set in the early 1960s. Excellent show.





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Doctor Who Season 7 Preview: Dinosaurs on a Spaceship! Weeping Angels! Fiver Song!

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‘Doctor Who’ exec producer Steven Moffat talks Time Lord film rumors: ‘That was all some weird fantasy’

Mariah Carey joins ‘American Idol’

‘Doctor Who’: ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ creator Shonda Rhimes talks about her ‘psychotic’ love for the Time Lord

Where are those promised ‘Avatar’ sequels?

The Technology behind 3-D Films

This recent article from CNET.com describes how a technology company called “3ality” provides various tools to filmmakers who want to shoot in 3-D rather than convert after the fact. There camera rigs were used in two of the latest 3-D films “Prometheus” and “Spiderman”. Check it out


Mayberry mourns Matlock, Efron sleeps, Game of Thrones beheads Bush, O’Connell and Rossi cast as Munsters

For me the top entertainment news this go round is the return of Aaron Sorkin as a showrunner of a major television series. The new HBO series “The Newsroom” is so amazing I’m going to devote an entire blog entry to my thoughts on it.


In personal movie news I went to see “Prometheus” a couple of weeks ago in IMAX 3-D. Highly recommend this sci-fi prequel to the classic “Alien” series. Very good stuff.


In case you haven’t heard it here are the latest obits. Andy Griffith has died at age 86. Turner Classic Movies will show four of his films July 18 -19. TV Land will air favorite episodes of Andy Griffith show July 4, 7 & 8. Also Nora Efron, screenwriter of such classics as “When Harry Met Sally” and “Sleepless in Seattle” has died at age 71 of leukemia. She kept her condition secret until the last minute. Also actress Ann Rutherford who played Scarlett O’Hare’s sister in Gone with the Wind has died at the age of 94.


And since I promised this blog was only going to contain significant entertainment news and not the usual drivel, I’m not going to report the divorce of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.


Sorry for the long delay between entries. I’ve been very busy with Saint Gabriel Festival etc.


In the links below to read…

Interview with Burn Notice creator about season 6 plot lines

Ask Ausiello spoilers for June 12

Interview with producers of USA series Suits about this new season

Game of Thrones beheads George W. Bush

Premiere dates for new NBC series range from early August until October

Premiere dates for new Fox series range from September 12 -October 28

Premiere dates for new CW series entirely in October

Interview with Falling Skies showrunner about the new season

Postmortem interview with Killing star Joel Kinnaman about playing detective Holder and upcoming Robocop movie

USA has ordered a new series Graceland from the creator of White-Collar about FBI, DEA, and Customs agents

Ask Ausiello spoilers for June 19

Ask Ausiello spoilers for July 3

NFL delays afternoon kickoffs from 4:15 PM to 4:25 PM affecting prime time TV even more

CBS spoofs ABC with fake news release or “Dancing on the Stars”


Not in the links below but also of interest…

Yvonne Strahovski a.k.a. Sarah Walker from “Chuck” will join a multi-episode arc on the upcoming season of Dexter

Kate Walsh will make this her last season on Private Practice

Bellamy Young plays the first lady in ABC series Scandal will be upgraded to a series regular next year

Jerry O’Connell and Portia de Rossi have been added to the cast of the Munsters reboot as Herman and Lily

This season of Showtime’s Weeds will be its last. Probably should’ve retired it three seasons ago.

Publicity photo for The Walking Dead reveals Merle (Darrell’s presumed dead one armed brother) is alive and well

Jeannie Tripplehorn from HBO’s “Big Love” is joining the cast of Criminal Minds

Meghan Ory a.k.a. Little Red Riding Hood has been promoted to series regular on Once upon a Time

Former Terminator Robert Patrick will play Alcide’s father in a flashback sequence on True Blood

Adam Baldwin will play a recurring character on TNT’s Leverage. Season premiere July 15

I’m ashamed to admit I really like HBO’s series Girls which announced it will return for its second season in January

Arsenio Hall will return to late-night TV in a syndicated Monday – Friday talkshow

Ray Romano will join Parenthood for a multi-episode arc

Brian Dietzen who plays Ducky’s assistant Dr. Palmer is promoted to NCIS regular. By the way Ducky survives.

The final season of Fringe will take place in the year 2036

Comedy Central will roast Roseanne Barr August 12

ABC has renewed Rookie Blue for a fourth season

Kristin Chenoweth is joining The Good Wife to play a reporter covering the Florek campaign

Nathan Lane is joining The Good Wife playing a bean counter trying to help the law firm regain financial footing

Fox and CNN misreported the Supreme Court decision on healthcare. Initially said it was struck down when in fact it wasn’t.

Rizzoli and Isles has been picked up for a fourth season next year

TNT has already renewed Dallas for season 2

A&E has renewed Longmire for season 2

TBS has renewed Men at Work (I’ve never seen it)

HBO has ordered new seasons of The Network and True Blood!! We are very happy 🙂

HBO has ordered new season of Eastbound and Down. (Yawn)

The original Avenger Emma Peel a.k.a. Diana Rigg will guest star on Doctor Who along with her real-life daughter Rachel Sterling

Christine Lahti has been cast to play Steve McGarrett’s suddenly not did mother on Hawaii 50

Former Nikita bad guy Xander Berkeley will have a recurring role on SyFy Channel’s Being Human

Emillie de Ravin a.k.a. Belle has been promoted to series regular on Once upon a Time season 2

Jennifer Hudson will have a multi-episode arc on next season of Smash.

CBS has renewed previously canceled Unforgettable for 13 episodes in summer 2013

TBS has purchased the rights to reruns of “2 Broke Girls”

Maura Tierney will join the cast of The Good Wife

Savannah Guthrie has replaced Ann Curry who recently replaced Meredith Vieira on the Today show

The Supreme Court has ruled CBS does not have to pay fines for Super Bowl wardrobe malfunction

Erin Andrews is leaving ESPN possibly going to Fox Sports

“Lost” alumni Elizabeth Mitchell is joining the cast of new NBC apocalypse series Revolution

CNN host Anderson Cooper came out of the closet this week and announced he’s gay

A&E has ordered a series titled Bates Motel that is a prequel to Psycho

FX networks secure the rights to reruns of Mike and Molly

“Monsters University” a prequel to Monsters Inc. will premiere June 21, 2013

A contestant on “America’s Got Talent” who claimed to be an injured war veteran was a hoax




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Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Castle, Bones, Glee, Psych, Weeds, Dallas, Leverage, Dexter and More

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