Mayberry mourns Matlock, Efron sleeps, Game of Thrones beheads Bush, O’Connell and Rossi cast as Munsters

For me the top entertainment news this go round is the return of Aaron Sorkin as a showrunner of a major television series. The new HBO series “The Newsroom” is so amazing I’m going to devote an entire blog entry to my thoughts on it.


In personal movie news I went to see “Prometheus” a couple of weeks ago in IMAX 3-D. Highly recommend this sci-fi prequel to the classic “Alien” series. Very good stuff.


In case you haven’t heard it here are the latest obits. Andy Griffith has died at age 86. Turner Classic Movies will show four of his films July 18 -19. TV Land will air favorite episodes of Andy Griffith show July 4, 7 & 8. Also Nora Efron, screenwriter of such classics as “When Harry Met Sally” and “Sleepless in Seattle” has died at age 71 of leukemia. She kept her condition secret until the last minute. Also actress Ann Rutherford who played Scarlett O’Hare’s sister in Gone with the Wind has died at the age of 94.


And since I promised this blog was only going to contain significant entertainment news and not the usual drivel, I’m not going to report the divorce of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.


Sorry for the long delay between entries. I’ve been very busy with Saint Gabriel Festival etc.


In the links below to read…

Interview with Burn Notice creator about season 6 plot lines

Ask Ausiello spoilers for June 12

Interview with producers of USA series Suits about this new season

Game of Thrones beheads George W. Bush

Premiere dates for new NBC series range from early August until October

Premiere dates for new Fox series range from September 12 -October 28

Premiere dates for new CW series entirely in October

Interview with Falling Skies showrunner about the new season

Postmortem interview with Killing star Joel Kinnaman about playing detective Holder and upcoming Robocop movie

USA has ordered a new series Graceland from the creator of White-Collar about FBI, DEA, and Customs agents

Ask Ausiello spoilers for June 19

Ask Ausiello spoilers for July 3

NFL delays afternoon kickoffs from 4:15 PM to 4:25 PM affecting prime time TV even more

CBS spoofs ABC with fake news release or “Dancing on the Stars”


Not in the links below but also of interest…

Yvonne Strahovski a.k.a. Sarah Walker from “Chuck” will join a multi-episode arc on the upcoming season of Dexter

Kate Walsh will make this her last season on Private Practice

Bellamy Young plays the first lady in ABC series Scandal will be upgraded to a series regular next year

Jerry O’Connell and Portia de Rossi have been added to the cast of the Munsters reboot as Herman and Lily

This season of Showtime’s Weeds will be its last. Probably should’ve retired it three seasons ago.

Publicity photo for The Walking Dead reveals Merle (Darrell’s presumed dead one armed brother) is alive and well

Jeannie Tripplehorn from HBO’s “Big Love” is joining the cast of Criminal Minds

Meghan Ory a.k.a. Little Red Riding Hood has been promoted to series regular on Once upon a Time

Former Terminator Robert Patrick will play Alcide’s father in a flashback sequence on True Blood

Adam Baldwin will play a recurring character on TNT’s Leverage. Season premiere July 15

I’m ashamed to admit I really like HBO’s series Girls which announced it will return for its second season in January

Arsenio Hall will return to late-night TV in a syndicated Monday – Friday talkshow

Ray Romano will join Parenthood for a multi-episode arc

Brian Dietzen who plays Ducky’s assistant Dr. Palmer is promoted to NCIS regular. By the way Ducky survives.

The final season of Fringe will take place in the year 2036

Comedy Central will roast Roseanne Barr August 12

ABC has renewed Rookie Blue for a fourth season

Kristin Chenoweth is joining The Good Wife to play a reporter covering the Florek campaign

Nathan Lane is joining The Good Wife playing a bean counter trying to help the law firm regain financial footing

Fox and CNN misreported the Supreme Court decision on healthcare. Initially said it was struck down when in fact it wasn’t.

Rizzoli and Isles has been picked up for a fourth season next year

TNT has already renewed Dallas for season 2

A&E has renewed Longmire for season 2

TBS has renewed Men at Work (I’ve never seen it)

HBO has ordered new seasons of The Network and True Blood!! We are very happy 🙂

HBO has ordered new season of Eastbound and Down. (Yawn)

The original Avenger Emma Peel a.k.a. Diana Rigg will guest star on Doctor Who along with her real-life daughter Rachel Sterling

Christine Lahti has been cast to play Steve McGarrett’s suddenly not did mother on Hawaii 50

Former Nikita bad guy Xander Berkeley will have a recurring role on SyFy Channel’s Being Human

Emillie de Ravin a.k.a. Belle has been promoted to series regular on Once upon a Time season 2

Jennifer Hudson will have a multi-episode arc on next season of Smash.

CBS has renewed previously canceled Unforgettable for 13 episodes in summer 2013

TBS has purchased the rights to reruns of “2 Broke Girls”

Maura Tierney will join the cast of The Good Wife

Savannah Guthrie has replaced Ann Curry who recently replaced Meredith Vieira on the Today show

The Supreme Court has ruled CBS does not have to pay fines for Super Bowl wardrobe malfunction

Erin Andrews is leaving ESPN possibly going to Fox Sports

“Lost” alumni Elizabeth Mitchell is joining the cast of new NBC apocalypse series Revolution

CNN host Anderson Cooper came out of the closet this week and announced he’s gay

A&E has ordered a series titled Bates Motel that is a prequel to Psycho

FX networks secure the rights to reruns of Mike and Molly

“Monsters University” a prequel to Monsters Inc. will premiere June 21, 2013

A contestant on “America’s Got Talent” who claimed to be an injured war veteran was a hoax




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