Monkey Dies. Touch Moves. Spock Speaks

As you’ve no doubt heard, former Monkeys singer Davy Jones passed away this week. Here is more on the latest in entertainment news. In the links below read about

One of my favorite features from TV writer Michael Ausiello. His May Sweeps scorecard in which he tells you who will die, get married, get pregnant, get not pregnant, get fired etc. during the May sweeps television season. Keep checking this link periodically because he updates it as more information becomes available.

Interview with producers of White Collar about season-ending cliffhanger.

Lauren Graham talks about her character in Parenthood and her relationship with Mark (Jason Ritter)

A group of spoilers from February 28 by Michael Ausiello

Another article about White Collar season finale

The cast of this seasons Dancing with the Stars is announced


Not in the links below but also of interest.

James Spader will not be returning to The Office next year. Claims it was always intended to be a one-year gig.

Although I don’t generally report on pilots, Lucy Liu is going to play “Watson” in the pilot episode of “Sherlock”. Modern-day retelling of Sherlock Holmes is a pilot for CBS and will be set in New York City

Kiefer Sutherland’s new series Touch will premiere Thursday, March 22 at 9 PM where it will follow American Idol results.

Bones which was to return on Thursdays will move to Monday night at 8 PM starting April 2.

House will return to nine o’clock on April 2 and will include a rich respective episode May 21 at 8 PM prior to its series finale.

The Finder will have a spring finale on March 8 but will return at a date TBA

Alcatraz will continue with new episodes throughout March with two episodes on March 5 and a two-hour season finale March 26

Alan Ball will step down as show runner for True Blood after season five. If there is a season six he will stay on as advisor but not day-to-day show runner.

Hayley Rinehart from last year’s American Idol will guest star and perform on updating episode of 90210

FX network announced Charlie Sheen’s new sitcom Anger Management premiere June 28

Scott Bakula will guest star in upcoming episode of Desperate Housewives as Bree’s lawyer

CW network announced One Tree Hill will have its final episode April 4. Ringer is all new through April 17. Supernatural and Nikita conclude their season May 18

Leonard Nimoy will sort of guest star on Big Bang Theory March 29. In voice only he speaks to Sheldon in the dream sequence.

MTV has ordered season three of Teen Mom

ABC has ordered more episodes of Shark Tank

In this week’s installment of “Chris Young’s sure sign of the coming apocalypse” Bristol Palin (daughter of half Gov. Sarah Palin) is getting her own reality series on lifetime network

Anderson Cooper’s daytime talk show is been renewed for a second season and will move to a new studio

Lions Gate Films is producing a film of Robert Ludlum’s “The Osterman Weekend”. My mom’s favorite spy novel mainly because her maiden name was Osterman

SNL alumni Molly Shannon will join HBO’s “Enlightened”

CBS sportscaster James Brown will also be joining CBS news division doing general interest stories. He will continue to do NFL on CBS as well

Conservative Internet publisher Andrew Breitbart and cofounder of The Huffington Post died of a heart attack early this morning

NBC will air a Canadian produced medical drama “Saving Hope” starring Erica Durrance (Lois Lane from Smallville) and Michael Shanks (formerly of Stargate Atlantis) 12 episodes of been ordered

Sony pictures has licensed the rights to make a film of Valiant Comics character Bloodshed

Despite previous reports that American Horror Story would regroup with a completely new cast/setting, Jessica Lange will be returning next season

David Letterman has endorsed Rick Santorum for president. Not because he likes his politics. In fact he abhors them. He just wants someone good to crack jokes about.

There will be a new fourth installment in the Ice Age animated film franchise title” Ice Age: Continental Drift”


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