NBC gets more Grimm and Smash, Missing a hit, JC not a savior for Disney, Izzard becomes Grandpa, HBO out of Luck

For some personal observations… If you’re not watching the new ABC series “missing” starring Ashley Judd you’re missing something really cool. Advise you to check it out. If you’re a fan of AMCs Mad Men it premieres after a 17 month hiatus this Sunday. Also watch out for HBO premiere of season 2 Game of Thrones April 1. Went to see John Carter this week. I couldn’t tell who was paying homage to whom. Had lots of Star Wars and Avatar references and similarities but then you have to realize that Edgar Rice Burroughs wrote the story decades before either of those franchises. Perhaps director Andrew Stanton was just trying to point that out to us.


Here is some slightly out-of-date entertainment news. In the links below read about…

CBS announced renewal of 18 shows. Two out of three CSIs still uncertain.

Interview with actor Jason Isaacs about NBC drama Awake

TNT announces return dates for several different series in June

Shonda Rimes discusses the music of Grey’s Anatomy and other topics

Interview with Nikita star Maggie Q

Interview with Megan Hilty about upcoming episodes of Smash. Also NBC has announced renewal for season 2

Interview with Walking Dead EP/creator Robert Kirkman about the season finale and season 3

This week’s spoilers from Michael Ausiello. Note the item about Castle

Doctor who gets new companion

Episode titles of season 2 of Game of Thrones revealed. Begins April 1

Another set of spoilers from Michael Ausiello

Interview with Misha Collins about the return of Castiel to the series Supernatural


Not found in the links below but also of interest…

60s era drama Mad Men returns to AMC this Sunday with a two-hour premiere

Soap Star Susan Lucci has landed a role in a new primetime soap titled Devious Maids

Martha Stewart will guest star in an upcoming episode of 2 Broke Girls

2 1/2 men star Jon Cryer is now submitting himself as lead actor in a comedy for Emmys rather than supporting actor

Jenna Elfman has been cast as the first lady in upcoming comedy 1600 Penn

Showtime announces “Weeds” and “Episodes” to return July 1

HBO suspended and then canceled production additional episodes of its horseracing series Luck because three horses have been injured and had to be euthanized

Hugh Laurie will direct one of the final episodes of his show House

NBC has renewed Grimm for season 2!

Kiefer Sutherland reveals “24” feature film has been delayed until at least 2013

OWN cancels Rosie O’Donnell show after five months

This week’s winner of Chris Young’s “Sure Sign of the Coming Apocalypse” award goes to MTV for announcing Jersey Shore has been renewed for season 6

Season finale of AMC’s The Walking Dead at a record high rating for the series.

Olivia Wilde a.k.a. “13” will return briefly in the series finale of House

Eddie Izzard has been cast as grandpa in the reboot of the Munsters titled “Mockingbird Lane”.

Eddie Izzard, Elijah Wood, and Donald Sutherland will play Long John Silver, Ben Gunn and Flint respectively in SyFy Channel’s version of Treasure Island May 5

Battle Star Galactica: Blood and Chrome a prequel to the BSG series is not being picked up as a series by SyFy Channel. Two-hour pilot will air but that’s all.

From Rome to Barsoom to Wash DC… Cieran Hines who previously played Julius Caesar and Tardos Mors in John Carter has been cast in upcoming series Political Animals as Sigourney Weaver’s ex-husband

30 rock will have a live episode April 26

Smash has been renewed for season 2. It’s actually pretty good. Described as “Glee for grown-ups” which is very apt

Stephen Hawking will have a cameo on upcoming episode of Big Bang Theory

Family Guy creator Seth McFarlane is working on an animated reboot of The Flintstones for Fox. He still writing the pilot but it’s already been ordered to series. Date uncertain.

Starz has already renewed “Magic City” for a second season even though the first season has not yet premiered

Josh Brolin will host an upcoming episode of SNL. I just saw him in a trailer of Men in Black 3 which looks awesome.

Disney says disappointing box office for it John Carter will result in $200 million loss

Kathy Bates will play the ghost of Charlie Harper in an upcoming episode of 2 1/2 men

Mitt Romney is scheduled to appear on David Letterman this coming Tuesday

The Pacific Princess… The 40-year-old cruiseship used in the old TV series “The Love Boat” is now being sold for scrap.

IndyCar has announced that DreamWorks animation is making and IndyCar theemed animated film about a snail that enters the Indy 500

Queen Latifah will star in a remake of Steel Magnolias for the big screen

Maria Bello is joining the cast of Kiefer Sutherland new show Touch for a multi-episode arc








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Megan Hilty Teases Smash’s Mother of a Twist, More Ivy/Karen Drama and Marilyn’s First Ouster

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Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Grey’s Anatomy, Bones, Parks and Rec, Revenge, Walking Dead and More!

Misha Collins Previews His Supernatural Return and the ‘Wildly Different’ Castiel to Come


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