Reflecting on Fringe and Parenthood; Mother will get Met; More Shameless, Killing, ‘fornication And Lies

I want to kick off this installment of entertainment news with comments on series finale of Fringe and season finale of Parenthood both of which I enjoyed immensely. If you’ve not seen these episodes then skip a couple of paragraphs. By the way I was on a Doctor Who discussion form the other day and someone said “When you say the word ‘Spoilers!’ when talking about a TV show don’t you hear the word in your brain in the voice of River Song?”. So if I was capable of doing a River Song impersonation… Spoilers included below.


I really don’t have a lot to say about Fringe except that I thought the whole final season was really great. I like the fact that it had more of a continuing story rather than just the typical “weird fringe event of the week”. It was a little bit disappointing that they spent the entire season trying to figure out a method for getting rid of the Observers and in the end a lot of what they did they really didn’t use. They just sort of piggybacked on the wormhole generator that the Observers use themselves. I thought there was a tremendous acting jobs between the bad guy head Observer (I forget his name) as he sort of did his Inspector Javier hunt for the fringe team and how he was after them because they were imperfect emotional beings yet he was struggling with his own emerging emotions. I thought the humanized Observer September was a really interesting character both as an observer and as a human. And even though the child observer didn’t have any lines and just had to sit there in his makeup and look ominous in creepy I really think he did a pretty good job. I don’t know who that kid was but I will be watching for him in other movies and shows. I think the happily ever after ending for Olivia and family was a bit of a surprise to me. I was a little bit too sweet but given how much they had all suffered I understand why they did it. And I really liked what happened to Walter in the end. With all of his struggles over the unintended evils he unleashed on the world, his opportunity to redeem himself by saving the world was really appropriate. I will miss the show. I really liked it. But it’s not up on the level of say Battle Star Galactica where it’s the type of thing I want to go back and watch rerun episodes on Science Channel or marathons of episodes should they occur. It was just a fun show that I’ll miss.


Although we only got 13 episodes of Parenthood this season I thought they were pretty amazing and it wasn’t just the cancer storyline. I was definitely rooting for Jason Ritter over Ray Romano’s own a little bit disappointed there. In the final episode I was really pissed that after she gave up on Jason Ritter and picked Ray that he would up and leave for Minnesota. I forgave them however when in the end she went with him. I thought the whole adoption storyline was pretty cool. Although the final scene of all of the Braverman’s invading the judges chamber was a little bit cliché for the show as a typical Braverman thing to do I still liked it. I’m glad that Amber got hooked up again with her PTSD soldier guy and that apparently he’s getting his act together. I think the story arc that moved me the most throughout the year was Max and his struggle with Asperger syndrome as he gets into middle school age. His victory scene when they finally got the vending machine was very cool. In the season finale of all of the many tearjerker moments the only ones that really got me were related to Max. When Max said to the adopted boy “Now that you’re officially in the family you can touch my lizards” I thought that was the coolest thing she had ever done. For a moment I thought maybe it was a little bit out of character for him but I think it really illustrates how far he’s come in his attempt to learn what empathy really means. But the Max related seen that really choked me up most was when Ray Romano gives the girl the camera for Max. “This is for your nephew that doesn’t like to look at people. You look down in the top of the camera to see out. He can take people’s picture without having to look at them.” After that I would have run off to Minnesota with him myself 🙂 I guess I just thought it was amazingly clever, thoughtful, and I can’t think of what other adjectives. I suppose I empathize with Max because of his “disability” and the fact that someone wanted to find a way for him to do something fun despite his problems really got to me. I’ve not yet heard of Parenthood has been renewed. The way the episode went it could’ve been an appropriate series finale. All I’ve heard so far is that NBC executives are pleased that the ratings were way up this season. It’s definitely one of the best shows on television.


Moving on to entertainment news… This is the time of season when new pilots are being ordered and people are being cast in those pilots. I’m probably not going to cover a lot of that information because in the past I’ve gotten very excited about various pilots and who was going to be in them only to discover that the series never got ordered (for example Wonder Woman, Mockingbird Lane just to name a few.) For example NBC is currently casting a Dracula series pilot. CBS has announced a new comedy series starring Robin Williams. I’m ignoring the news because I’m afraid I’m going to be disappointed.


In the links below read about

Calendar of premiere dates and finale dates for midseason shows in February. Must see. Includes link to series renewal scorecard.

BBC America is making a film about the people who created Dr. Who back in 1963. David Bradley a.k.a. Prof. Filch from Harry Potter will play William Hartnell.

Spoilers from Michael Ausiello dated January 29

Interview with Spartacus Star Liam McIntyre

Interview with Valorie Curry a star of new Fox series “The Following” (I like this new series)

Spoilers from Michael Ausiello dated February 5


Not in the links below but also of interest…

CBS announced it is renewing How I Met Your Mother for its final season 2013/2014 in which we will finally find out who the mother is.

Annie Wersching, who played 24 FBI agent Renee Walker to guest star on revolution

Despite ABC’s cancellation of several soaps CBS renews The Bold and the Beautiful and Young and the Restless also renewed The Talk, the Price Is Right, Let’s Make a Deal

Cinemax renews Banshee for season 2

Showtime renews House of Lies, Californication, and Shameless for another season each

HBO TV series Entourage is moving to the big screen. There’s going to be an Entourage movie.

Christopher Waltz (Django Unchained, Inglorious Bastards) will host SNL February 16

Katie Couric’s syndicated talkshow has been renewed for season 2

The modern day Jekyll/Hide NBC series “Do No Harm” did no good. Got lowest rated midseason premiere of any scripted TV show ever!

Former bionic man Lee Majors will have a multi-episode arc on Dallas

CBS has renewed NCIS for its 11th season

ABC is announced Castle will have 24 episodes this season rather than the previously announced 23

From the “I don’t remember if I ordered this last time or not” department… HBO has renewed Girls for season 3

Dr. Phil has been renewed for three more years

Former half governor Sarah Palin has been fired by Fox news

In the February 11 episode of Bones, she is shot

Al Pacino will play murderous record producer Phil Spector in an upcoming HBO movie

Al Pacino will play coach Joe Paterno in a film directed by Brian de Palma

British network ITV has green lit a reboot of Thunderbirds Are Go to air in 2015. It will be a mixture of live-action and CGI

Ricki Lake syndicated talkshow has been canceled after one season

James Cameron has won a lawsuit claiming he stole the idea for Avatar.

Aimee Garcia, Dexter’s nanny, has been updated to series regular for next season

Marvel Studios will make a movie “Guardians of the Galaxy” based on their comic.

Disney announced that in addition to making Star Wars VII, VIII and IX the first of which to be directed by JJ Abrams, they have also hired Larry Kasdan and Simon Kimberg to write two additional Star Wars related films not part of the original series.

Commentator Dick Morris who predicted a Romney landslide has been fired from Fox news

DreamWorks Animation announced “Mr. Peabody and Sherman” has been pushed to March 2014 from its original plan to release November 2013

Additionally DreamWorks Animation has pulled “Me and My Shadow” from its release schedule and now list it back in “in development”. Also reported layoffs are occurring.

Bravo has renewed Top Chef for season 11

Feel the need for speed? Top Gun coming to IMAX 3-D for one week run.

AMC has announced that “The Killing” will return for a third season despite previous cancellation

The Batmobile from the 60s TV series recently sold at auction for $4.6 million

ABC has pulled “Don’t trust the B…” From its schedule.

Rumors are that Raj is finally going to get a girlfriend on Big Bang Theory




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