How I Messed up My Own Entertainment Blog

Well people I messed up. It may be the end of my occasional entertainment news emails and blogs. I was using something called an RSS reader named “Feed Demon” to collect the articles from a variety of websites that I then scroll through every couple of weeks and pick out the articles of interest and post them in the email. The “Feed Demon” program was linked to a service called “Google Reader” which was discontinued on July 1. I knew it was coming and I read lots of articles about alternatives to Google Reader. Among the articles it said that even though Feed Demon was no longer going to be supported by the people who created it, it would still continue to work as a newsreader despite the death of Google Reader. I turned off the synchronization between Feed Demon and Google Reader and it looked like the program was going to continue to function.

I got tied up with working on some of my electronics projects and I spent five days writing a blog about the Paul McCartney concert (available here in case you missed it). I haven’t gotten back to entertainment news until today. When I called up Feed Demon for the first time in over a month it only downloaded two days worth of articles. Apparently the synchronization with Google Reader was more important than I thought. That means it’s been a month worth of stuff going on that I didn’t know about. For example the first link below is a set of spoilers from yesterday’s blog by Michael Ausiello and the first question from a fan was “Is there any word on who is going to replace Ziva on NCIS?” Crap! I didn’t know that she was leaving!


I think that if I continued to run Feed Demon on a daily basis it should download the articles and save them for me until I can read them. I really like the interface on this program I guess just because I’ve gotten used to it so I’m going to stick with it for now and try to remember to run it at least once a day so that when I do get around to collecting the information it should be pre-downloaded for me. If not I will have to start experimenting with one of about a dozen other Google reader replacements.


So for now here is what I know. In the links below you can read


Michael Ausiello spoilers dated July 30




Not in the links below but also of interest…

Cote de Pablo a.k.a. Ziva is leaving NCIS. The network through a ton of money at her but she won’t come back.

In the upcoming season of Arrow we’re going to meet The Flash when have his origin story. Rumors are possible spinoff.

Lisa Edelstein formally Dr. Cutter of House is joining the cast of Castle

Anna Torv of Fringe has been cast in a pilot for an HBO series

Even though this is the last season of Dexter, the show runner has been retained by Showtime and rumors are there may be a spinoff

President Obama will appear on the Tonight Show on August 6

ABC’s Celebrity Wife Swap has been renewed for a third season (yawn)

And there you have it. Two days worth of entertainment news instead of six weeks worth like you would’ve had if I hadn’t screwed up.


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