Viewers lose in CBS vs. TWC/BH; Original Oz goes IMAX 3-D; Seacrest takes quiz; X Factor changes; New Who; No more Magic; 132 lbs. scrotum gets reality show

I’m going to try to put out entertainment news on a almost weekly basis and try to aim for Wednesdays if I have the time. That’s because my favorite spoiler articles from Michael Ausiello always come out on Tuesday.


You recall in the past I have produced a fall TV schedule because I couldn’t find a good one online the combined all of the various networks together. I finally found one so I’m linking to it instead of creating my own. You can find a link on my entertainment blog here

Fall TV schedule


You can see what TV series have been renewed or canceled by clicking these links.

Prime time Renewal Scorecard

Cable Renewal Scorecard: What’s Coming Back? What’s Been Cancelled?


The biggest news and entertainment is the fight between CBS and Time Warner/Bright House cable. They are negotiating over the retransmission rights of a half-dozen or so local CBS owned affiliates. However the dispute turned nasty when TWC/BH also dropped Showtime and other pay cable channels and by CBS with the talks broke down. And not just in the affected markets but nationwide (including here on Cossell Drive). While I can still see WISH TV channel 8 including its CBS program, I can no longer get CBS on demand, Showtime, The Movie Channel or Smithsonian Network on my Bright House cable. I can always catch Dexter or Ray Donovan on demand once the dispute is settled (or from other sources nudge nudge wink wink say no more) but I had several movies queued up that I was hoping to watch that will now not get recorded. Hopefully they will still be showing once the dispute has settled. One unique counterattack, CBS is blocking online streaming of it shows through to people who have Internet with TWC/BH. So if you happen to have bright house Internet and don’t even have cable, you cannot watch CBS shows online. This is the nastiest fight I’ve seen in a long time. One analyst says CBS loses $400,000 per day because of the blackout. Some predict this will extend all the way to the opening of football season and I don’t mean preseason. I certainly hope it’s resolved before that.


Now onto our regular news…



In the links below you can read

Matt’s Inside Line from August 1 (news and spoilers)

X factor announces new judges, new format, smaller prize

Josh Whedon answers questions about Agents of SHIELD

Spoilers from Michael Ausiello dated August 6

Postmortem season 3 interview with Falling Skies producer

Postmortem season 3 interview with Falling Skies cast



Not in the links below but still of interest

The Doctor Who 50th anniversary special episode will air simultaneously around the world Saturday, November 23 7 PM in the UK 2 PM in the US East Coast

Peter Capaldi has been cast as the 12th Dr. in Doctor Who. He will take over from Matt Smith after the Christmas special

British actor James Murray who used to be in the original Primeval TV series will join the cast of next year’s Defiance

Defiance will have its 13 episode second season in June 2014

Rashida Jones and Rob Lowe are both leaving Parks And Recreation next season

SyFy Channel has picked up Continuum for season 3.

BBC America premieres a new drama series Broadchurch tonight.

Fox is working on a American adaptation of Broadchurch for the 2014-15 season

Mary Lynn Rajskub has signed on to reprise her role as Jack Bauer’s girl Friday Chloe in the upcoming “24: Live Another Day” 12 episode miniseries for spring 2014

Keith Urban is definitely returning as American Idol judge. Jennifer Lopez may return after a year off.

Ellen DeGeneres will host the Oscars this year

Dylan Bruce played one of the clones husbands Paul on Orphan Black will guest star on Arrow

Kathy Bates star in the upcoming season of American Horror Story as a very bad one. I can’t wait!

The new show runner of Revenge promises less conspiracy theory and simpler plot lines

Dancing with the Stars will no longer have a results show. They haven’t really said how they’re going to handle that.

Yvonne Strahovski will reprise her role as Hannah on next week’s episode of Dexter. Deborah doesn’t take it too well.

Starz channel announced Magic City will not return next season.

Leslie Hope a.k.a. Jack Bauer’s late wife will guest star on an upcoming NCIS in an important role

Tahmoh Peikett who played Lieut. Hilo and Battle Star Galactica will have a recurring role in this seasons Supernatural

Bones producers promise Bones and Booth will get married this season at a time you least expect it.

Sam Underwood who is currently starring in the seasons Dexter will move to “The Following” as a regular next season.

Dexter executive producer says fans will either love or hate the series finale intensely

Major mystery resolved. Although Cote de Pablo is leaving NCIS they are not killing off her character Ziva

This week’s winner of “Chris Young’s Sure Sign of the Coming Apocalypse” award goes to TLC network which is producing a reality show about a man with a 132 lbs. scrotum.

The opening scene of this seasons Sons of Anarchy has started a controversy over violence in TV shows. Apparently those who seem screeners of it say it’s pretty intense.

Anna Camp a.k.a. Sarah Newlen on True Blood says her weirdest scene yet is last Sunday’s fight with Tamblyn Tomita. It sent her to the ER with minor injuries. Took three days to film.

Ryan Seacrest has been announced as the host of NBC’s “Million Second Quiz”

Republican national committee once NBC and CNN to cancel documentaries about Hillary Clinton

Michael Ansara at age 91. A veteran character actor who played many roles but is most noted as Kang the Klingon from the original Star Trek series. He was the first ever Klingon on TV.

More Bourne coming. Universal Studios is working on a sequel for the latest Bourne Legacy film with Jeremy Renner

CBS has green lit a new sci-fi series for next summer and ordered 13 episodes without shooting a pilot. “Extant”. A similar process was used for “Under the Dome”. In the show a female astronaut returns to earth after a year in space and tries to reconnect to her family. She experiences “something that will change human history”. Show will be produced by Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment.

Veteran NBC news man John Palmer passed away this week after a brief illness.

The original Technicolor 1936 Wizard of Oz is being digitally remastered in IMAX 3-D! We could not be happier!!!! Will premiere in Hollywood’s historic Chinese theater on September 15 where it originally debuted 75 years ago. It will be the biggest IMAX theater in the world. Wide release on IMAX screens is September 20. DVD release of 75th anniversary collector’s edition will be October 1.

Downton Abbey returns to PBS January 5.

Sylvester Stallone tweeted about Expendables 3 “Bruce Willis out… Harrison Ford in. Great News”. Nobody knows what he had against Willis. Others in include Jackie Chan, Wesley Snipes, Nicholas Cage, Millia Jovoich.

Judy Woodruff and Gwen Ifill deny that there appearing on PBS news hour is the first ever female coanchor team. They remind us that Amy Poehler and Tina Fey did it first 🙂

James Cameron announced there will now be three new Avatar movies not two. First will open in December 2016. Then about one a year.

Dustin Hoffman is message to has been successfully treated for cancer.




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