Bullet Joins Arrow; Tennant Talks Who 50th; RIP Leonard and Young; Ariel cast… No word on Times New Roman

Time for another what I hope will be weekly entertainment news. If I can keep the schedule up you should be seeing one of these each Wednesday or Thursday depending on what else is going on in my life.


I went to see Elysium yesterday in IMAX. It was a fairly good sci-fi action movie with a somewhat predictable plot. The special effects were also. The fight scenes however (and many other scenes) suffered way too much from handheld camera. I know that directors who use shaky handhelds during fight scenes are trying to give you the impression that you’re in the middle of the fight. But for me it just looks like they are wiggling the camera around so you can’t really see what’s going on or how think the fight is. This film was directed by the same guy who did District 9 and it had a lot of the same look and feel of that film which I liked a lot. Matt Damon was as you might expect in an action movie. Jodie Foster was however very creepy playing the villain. We don’t see her play villains very often but she was awesome in this one. If you’ve got nothing better to do on a Saturday night I would recommend it. Otherwise it’s a must-see for cable.


We mourn the passing of Elmore Leonard who died at age 87. His crime novels with the basis of TV series Justified and Karen Cisco as well as many many other films including Get Shorty.


Time Warner Cable/BrightHouse and CBS/Showtime are still at odds with one another after over two weeks. Dave Letterman has been delivering scathing criticism of TWC/BH and his nightly monologue as well as making fun of strange cable shows such as Amish Mafia and the man with the 132 lb. scrotum. I still remain pissed over the whole thing.


A couple of shows I can recommend you check out. BBC America has started a new crime drama called Broadchurch starring David Tennant of Dr. Who fame. The Americanized version of the same series is in the works for Fox network. This is your chance to check out the original. Only two or three episodes have aired so far. You should be able to catch up on demand. Also if you get Sundance Channel check out “The Writers Room” which each week interviews the writers of your favorite TV shows. Next week’s episode interviews the writers of Game of Thrones. You might be able to catch previous episodes on demand or reruns. Worth checking out. Finally if you can’t get enough of quirky introverted female detectives check out FX networks “The Bridge” about a murder that occurred on the bridge between Juarez Mexico and the US. A strange woman detective on the US side teams up with a Mexican detective to solve a serial murder. Sort of a sunny version of “The Killing”. No Seattle rain 🙂 Also AMC network has started the second season of Hell on Wheels about the building of the transcontinental railroad. It looks like this season is going to be every bit as good as the first.



In the links below read…


David Tennant talks about appearing in Doctor Who 50th anniversary special.

Postmortem interview with show runners of True Blood about season finale in upcoming season 7 including return of someone you thought might not return.

Michael Ausiello spoilers for August 20

The cast of next season of Survivor revealed. Will include returning players paired with members of their own family

Interview with Sandra Oh about leaving Grey’s anatomy at the end of the season

Video interview with Clark Gregg about Agent Colson’s revival on SHIELD


Not in the links below but also of interest…


Lee Thompson Young a.k.a. Detective Barry Frost on Rizzoli & Isles was found dead of suicide. Tuesday night’s episode was dedicated to him. Production has shut down for a few days on the next season.

Gia Allemand who was a former contestant in The Bachelor committed suicide. She was 29.

Eva La Rue a.k.a. CSI Miami’s Natalla Boa Vista will be guest starring on upcoming episodes of Criminal Minds

Covert Affairs and White Collar return October 17

TNT has renewed Rizzoli & Isles, Major Crimes, and Perception for new seasons

Bullet joins Arrow… If you are mourning the loss of fascinating character “Bullet” from The Killing you can get more of actress Bex Taylor-Klaus when she guest stars on next season’s Arrow playing comic book character “Sin”

Lindsay Lohan will guest star on HBO’s Eastbound & Down.

Lisa Robin Kelly who starred in “That 70s Show” died in a rehab facility while seeking treatment for alcohol abuse

Dexter’s dad James Remar will guest star on multiple episodes of Gray’s anatomy

JoAnne Garcia Swisher a.k.a. Dr. Nina Green on Royal Pains will play Ariel in upcoming season of Once upon a Time (no casting news on Times New Roman) (sorry I couldn’t resist)

Tina Fey has sold a sitcom to Fox that will go straight to series without a pilot. It’s that place in a woman’s college who admits its first mail student. Tina Fey however will not appear in the series.

Republican National Committee again has changed his mind and decided it will not allow NBC or CNN to host any Republican primary debates because the networks are planning documentaries and miniseries on Hillary Clinton

NBC is reconsidering producing the miniseries about Clinton. Fox TV Studios has withdrawn from talks to produce the miniseries for NBC.

CBS is planning a drama about a female Secretary of State that isn’t particularly about Hillary Clinton

Elmore Leonard has died at age 87. TV series Justified and Karen Cisco as well as many films such as Get Shorty were based on his crime novels

‘NSync is reportedly reuniting for Sunday nights Video Music Awards

Marg Helgenberger will return to CSI to celebrate its 300th episode

Judd Nelson is joining the cast of Nikita for its final season

From the “Oh God I Feel Really Old” file… Melanie Griffith will play Danno’s mom on Hawaii 50

TBS has renewed Sullivan & Son and Men at Work. I’ve never seen either of them.

Duck Dynasty season premiere set a record as the most-watched nonfiction cable TV episode ever

Bebe Neuwirth will guest star on upcoming episodes of Blue Bloods as an inspector general who oversees the police department. Possible previous relationship between her and the Commissioner will heat things up.

Thor: The Dark World will be released in IMAX 3-D

Sony TV will produce a TV series “El Mariachi” based on the Robert Rodriguez film

NBC has renewed Hollywood Game Night for a second season of 10 episodes. I really really like this show.


David Tennant talks filming ‘Doctor Who’ 50th anniversary show: ‘It was everything I hoped’

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‘SHIELD’ video: Clark Gregg on Agent Coulson’s revival


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