More Bad; More Empire; More Bridge; Plug Pulled on Lochte; Army Wives discharged; Copper gone; Opera buys Opera; Wikileaks leaks Wikileaks; Aereo in Indy; King dead; King substitutes

Been busy working on broken computers for friends so this week’s installment is a little late


Went to see the original Wizard of Oz in IMAX 3-D last night. Will probably do a separate blog post on that but the short version is it was wonderful.


Critics are panning the Emmy broadcast for being too depressing with all those extended obituaries. I didn’t know that but I just thought Neil Patrick Harris wasn’t really very funny. His mid-show song and dance number wasn’t funny at all and that’s why people like the song and dance numbers is because they usually have lots of really clever lyrics. This one didn’t.


Speaking of obituaries let us offer a rest in peace to Ray Dolby of Dolby labs who developed numerous patented technologies to make film and TV sound better. Before the digital age, movie sound was encoded optically along the edge of the film and sounded pretty bad by today’s standards. Things did get better when they started putting magnetic recording tape along the edge of the film and recording and playback the sound to movies that way. However the quality of sound you get from magnetic audiotape depends heavily on the speed at which the tape moves past the recording and pickup head. Film moves relatively slow through a projector and so does the magnetic strip with the audio. You get a lot of hiss and noise inherent in the tape. You can electronically filter out those high frequencies but that also filters out part of the sound you want to hear. Filtering it makes it sound mushy instead of crisp. Dolby came up with the bright idea that we should record those high frequencies of the actual soundtrack at a much louder volume than normal. Then when you lower the volume of those high frequencies, the signal that you want comes out even but they hiss and noise gets the volume turned way down. Dolby noise reduction revolutionized audio playback on both films and audiocassettes. A variety of other digital innovations in surround sound also bear the name of Dolby labs. Don’t ask me how they work because I don’t know. I just know that the first time I ever heard six channel Dolby surround sound at the Eastwood Theater on the original Star Wars I was blown away just by the sound of the Fox fanfare before anything else came on the screen. Thank you Ray Dolby.


And continuing to speak of dead people… You probably note that the subject of each weeks blog post is not determined by which story is the biggest but is determined by how cleverly I can summarize the stories in a catchy way. One of my pithy little headlines of which at the time I was quite proud for being so clever in retrospect was in poor taste even for a tasteless guy like me. In reporting the death of British TV journalist David Frost who had an historic multipart interview with Richard Nixon I summarized it as “Frost joins Nixon” meaning that he was dead as well. However I’m pretty sure Nixon is rotting in hell not so much for his crimes but for being such a hypocrite whereas we all hope Sir David is in a much better place.


One minor news item that I think is sort of big. Aereo TV Internet streaming service is expanding to new cities including Indianapolis. If you’re not familiar with it, here’s how it works. Cable companies have to pay local TV stations in order to carry their signal that you can receive it free over an antenna. The Aereo service build the facility with thousands of tiny antennas and assigns one to each customer. It then records the HD digital signals coming in over the air and will stream them to you over the Internet. You basically just rent their antenna and they do not have to pay TV station cable fees. For those who are cutting cable and relying on services like Hulu and Netflix this is a way to get your local TV streaming. I’m not sure what the cost is but it’s cheaper than basic cable and doesn’t require any installation. See the links section for an article about copyright battles faced by the service.


In the links below read

Article about Aereo Internet streaming service and its legal battles

Matt’s Inside Line spoilers dated September 19

Interview with Cristin Millioti who plays the mother on how I met your mother

Postmortem interview with Dexter executive producer about series finale (spoilers)

Interview with creator of Castle without first episode and what’s coming throughout the season

Interview with actress Ming-Na Wen about her role on Agents of SHIELD

Interview with producers of Revolution about upcoming season

Interview with Jessica Capshaw a.k.a. Arizona on Grey’s anatomy about what’s in store for her character this season

Interview with Amber Tamlyn about her role on 2 1/2 men

Matt’s Inside Line spoilers dated September 26

Interview with producers of Once upon a Time about upcoming season




Not in the links below but also of interest

AMC has announced the final two episodes of Breaking Bad have been expanded to 75 minutes each

E! Entertainment channel has canceled the Ryan Lochte reality series after one season

Stacy Keach, Dean Stockwell, and Barry Bostwick will guest star in an upcoming episode of Fox’s new show Enlisted

Stephen Macht will guest star on Suits. He is the real is father of series star Gabriel Macht

Susan Sarandon will guest star on Mike and Molly

NBC is creating a miniseries about the life of Johnny Carson. No word on who will play him that most people hoping it’s Kevin Spacey

We are sad to hear BBC America has canceled “Copper” after two seasons. Second season ended last week.

TNT is ordered a drama series titled Murder in the First produced by Stephen Bochco. Sort of like The Killing they will take 10 episodes to solve a murder

Fringe veteran John Noble will be a recurring character on Sleepy Hollow

New ABC sitcom Super Fun Night which will premiere October 2 actually start with episode two instead of the first one. No reason given why. Not a good sign.

Mouse left TNT has canceled King & Maxwell after one season

NCIS is planning a New Orleans-based spinoff series

Vanessa Redgrave is joining the ABC drama series The Black Box about a woman who is a neuroscientist who suffers from mental illness. It’s my perception we see that before. 🙂

FX network has renewed The Bridge for season 2 and we are very happy.

Lifetime Channel has canceled Army Wives

Fox has ordered straight to series drama titled Gotham. It will tell the story of Batman’s pal Commissioner Gordon

Agents of SHIELD had the highest rated debuting drama series in 4 years for any network

ABC has renewed Mistresses for season 2. I never watched it

CBS has ordered 13 episodes of a detective drama titled Battle Creek from the producers of Breaking Bad and House. Will air in the 2014-2015 season

HBO has renewed Boardwalk Empire for season 5

Robert De Niro will replace the late James Gandolfini in its upcoming limited series Criminal Justice. Series loosely based on BBC series of the same name.

Fox has renewed Bob’s Burgers for a 22 episode fifth season

Amy and Bernadette on Big Bang Theory have renegotiated their contracts for big raises. Series stars contract expires at the end of the season so look for them to get a big pay raise next year.

Larry King will guest host ESPN 2’s Oberman while Keith Olbermann gets a day off

Apple iTunes has refunded angry fans of Breaking Bad for only selling them half a season on a season pass

British network ITV has renewed Law and Order: UK for season 8

Oprah Winfrey Network has acquired the broadcast rights to Lee Daniels the Butler. No surprise there.

Disney is planning a film about the 1997 chess match between Gary Kasparov and a computer

Wikileaks has leaked the script of the film Fifth Estate which is about WikiLeaks. Calls the film irresponsible, counterproductive, and harmful.

Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence will star in a remake of East of Eden


Aereo Chief Says Don’t Compare His Service With Alki David’s FilmOnX

Matt’s Inside Line: Scoop on Bones, Castle, The Mentalist, Once, The Good Wife, Suits and More

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Amber Tamblyn on Two and a Half Men’s ‘Queer’ Addition and What She Would Look for in a Girl

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Hulu streams Who; HBO serves Leftovers; More Dead Walk; Terminator Reboots; Grammer Expendable; Holden Gets Dumber

Here’s your entertainment news for the week…

If you’ve been watching Million Second Quiz since you are a reader of this blog you could correctly answer the question that the name of Jurassic Park 4 was “Jurassic World” and that Tina Fey will host the opening week of SNL. If you win the contest you only an additional $10 per question. Had I written this week’s blog earlier you also would’ve known the question that Bob Newhart won his first Emmy as guest actor in a comedy series for his hilarious performance on Big Bang Theory. Much deserved by the way.

Probably the biggest news of the week is that AMC network is developing a new spinoff series for “the Walking Dead”scheduled to launch in 2015. It will be set in the same world as the current series. Creator Robert Kirkman will executive produce. He’s looking forward to creating new characters not linked directly to the storyline of his comic book series.


In the links below read about

List of creative arts Emmys already awarded. (Main broadcast Saturday night)

Streaming service Hulu has a deal with BBC four 144 shows including Doctor Who, Sherlock

Former Enterprise helmsman George Takei has a new YouTube series explaining technology that’s pretty good

Matt’s Inside Line spoilers for September 12

Saturday Night Live new cast members revealed includes AT&T (More Is Better) interviewer Beck Bennett

Postmortem interview with Covert Affairs producers about midseason finale and the second half of the season

Postmortem interview with Suits producers about midseason finale in the second half of the season

Details about new werewolf series titled “Bitten” to air on SyFy Channel in 2014

Daily Show’s Jon Stewart rips CNN for goofy coverage of Navy yard shooting. Must-see video.


Not in the links below but also of interest

CBS has renewed Big Brother for season 16

Fox new comedy “Enlisted” scheduled to premiere in November has been pushed to January

Christine Baranski will reprise her role as Leonard’s mother on an upcoming Big Bang Theory

Former Glee star Grant Gustin will play The Flash the upcoming season of Arrow. No word yet if he’ll sing

Karate Kid nemesis William Zabka will play himself again on an episode of How I Met Your Mother

Cecily Strong who plays “the girl you wish you had to start a conversation with at a party” on SNL has been promoted to weekend update coanchor along with Seth Meyers

James Tupper love Grays Anatomy is joining the ABC midseason drama Resurrection for a multi-episode arc

The Emmys “In Memoriam” feature will have extended attributes to James Gandolfini, Cory Monteith, Jean Stapleton, Gary David Goldberg, and Jonathan Winters

Ripped from the headlines The Good Wife are taking on the NSA. L&O: SVU will have an Anthony Weiner like character

Stockard Channing will return a few episodes on The Good Wife as Alicia’s mother

HBO has ordered to series a Post-Rapture drama titled The Leftovers created by Lost/OOAT creator Damon Lindelof

Our favorite Prison Break bad guy T-Bag a.k.a. Robert Knepper will guest star on NBC’s Blacklist

Jon Tenney who played Brenda’s husband Fritz on The Closer will guest star again on Major Crimes and will direct an episode.

Former soprano actress Emily Wickersham played AJ’s girlfriend will do three episodes of NCIS and may be Ziva’s replacement at some point.

James Firain who’s played baddies on True Blood and The White Queen among others will guest star on Sleepy Hollow

Creator of Sons of Anarchy and the Parents TV Council are having a fun time badmouthing one another over the opening episode of SOA

Rocker Iggy Pop will play the voice of The Caterpillar in Once upon a Time in Wonderland. Previous appearance was voiced by Roger Daltrey who was not available this time around.

Nathan Lane will return to The Good Wife reprising his role in a guest star for an episode or two

Rosie O’Donnell is joining ABC Family’s “The Fosters” in a recurring role

BBC America will have a TV movie called Burton and Taylor about Dick and Liz starring Dominic West and Helena Bonham Carter

Brad Garrett will join Robin Williams on “The Crazy Ones” for at least two episodes

The Final Season of Mad Men has been expanded to 14 episodes but will be split in half 2014/2015

Bill Clinton will appear on David Letterman for the ninth time

Weinstein Company has acquired the rights to the film called “The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby”. Maybe now we will find out where all the lonely people come from/belong.

ABC is developing an alternate history drama series set in current day America that lost the Revolutionary war to the British

Production on Castle has been delayed because of back problems of start Nathan Filion

Woody Allen will receive the Cecil B DeMille award at the Golden Globes on January 12, 2014

Discovery Channel will have a documentary about the salvage of the wrecked Costa Concordia this Friday

CBS scored a 15 year highest ratings for regular season NFL game with the Manning versus Manny game last week

Ex-Walking Dead star Laurie Holden has been cast with Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels in “Dumb and Dumber To” (that’s not a typo)

Transformers: Age of Extinction Will Open June 26, 2015 Starring Mark Wahlberg, Stanley Tucci, and Kelsey Grammer

Both NBC and CBS had to retract the name of the Navy Yard shooter after getting it wrong

Twilight hottie Christian Serratos will join The Walking Dead will play Rosita Espinoza from the comic series

Paramount is going to reboot the Terminator series with a new film to debut July 1, 2015

Lifetime network goes Sci-Fi. They order they pilot titled “The Lottery” set in a dystopian future where women can no longer have babies. Somehow they produce 100 fertilized embryos and a lottery decides who will be the surrogate mothers.

Aaron Eckhart will star in “I, Frankenstein” with Bill Nighy and Yvonne Strahovski in IMAX 3-D premiering January 24, 2014. Based on the graphic novel.

Showtime series Homeland is moving scenes to Morocco that were originally to be shot in Israel. Concerns about war in Syria (read poison gas) cited as reason.

Kelsey Grammer will join the cast of Expendables 3

RIP Richard Sarafian who directed the cult classic 1971 car chase film Vanishing Point as well and is several episodes of classic TV shows such as Batman, I spy, and 77 Sunset Strip

A four-hour miniseries Bonnie and Clyde will air simultaneously on Lifetime and History Channel December 8/9. Both networks owned by A&E

Actress Lily Collins has been named by McAfee antivirus as the most dangerous celebrity. If you Google her name you are more likely to get list of sites that will infect you with viruses than any other celebrity.


Emmys 2013: Bob Newhart Grabs His First Gold, Plus Wins for Carrie Preston, Scandal and Louie Stars; HBO’s Candelabra Leads Early Pack

Hulu inks deal with BBC for 144 shows, including ‘Doctor Who’

George Takei launches video series to explain technology

Matt’s Inside Line: Scoop on Hawaii Five-0, Once, Bones, Revolution, The Newsroom and More

SNL Confirms New Cast — With One Final Twist

Post Mortem: Covert Affairs Bosses Preview Annie’s ‘Darker’ Life, Surprising Allies and More

Post Mortem: Suits Boss on Harvey’s Emotional Declaration, Louis’ Surprise Discovery and More

Syfy Acquires Werewolf Drama Series ‘Bitten’ From eOne

‘Daily Show’s Jon Stewart Rips CNN For Navy Yard Shootings Coverage: Video


4th Oz planned; Elton to honor Liberace; Killing Dead Again; Style renamed; More Zombies, Dinosaurs, and Fantastic Beasts

If you were watching NBC’s new game show Million Second Quiz Monday night you knew the answers to one of their questions because you read this blog or subscribe to this email. One of the questions asked which sitcom star was about to get a weekly pop-culture talkshow on MSNBC. And because you read this blog you knew it was Alec Baldwin. If any of you make it to the finals of MSQ you owe me $10 for that one second. I really like MSQ as long as I record it and skip through all the BS interviews. I can watch one 3600 second episode in about 1500 seconds. So many people played the game online Monday night that the app crashed.


To keep you up-to-date on the fall premiere schedules here is a repeat of the link to TV Line’s calendar of premieres. Most notable this week sci-fi channel has season premiere of Haven on Friday. Series finale of Burn Notice tonight, Monday night we have the new Fox series Sleepy Hollow, Monday night football, and Dancing with the Stars. Tuesday night you have 4 Fox sitcoms (three of them new). Wednesday is season premiere of Survivor and Friday the 20th ABC has three season premieres Last Man Standing, The Neighbors, and Shark Tank.


Sci-fi fans should note that BBC America is soon rerunning the miniseries Torchwood: Miracle Day and rerunning its hit new series about clones Orphan Black coming soon. Both highly recommended.


In the links below read


Matt’s Inside Line spoilers dated September 5.

Michael Ausiello spoilers for September 10

Postmortem interview with producers of Sons of Anarchy over season premiere

Four-minute video previews the next season of The Walking Dead

BBC reveal Doctor Who 50th anniversary programming and poster



Not in the links below but also of interest

One of my favorite character actor bad guys Zeljko Ivanek will guest star in upcoming episodes of White Collar

Sex and the City veteran Cynthia Nixon is joining the cast of NBC’s Hannibal

CW network is the fourth network to consider a Wizard of Oz modernization/reboot series

Michael J Fox has chosen his parents for his new sitcom: Candace Bergen and Charles Grodin will guest star and likely recur

Bruno Mars will perform at the Super Bowl halftime

Missing Marcus Craissus? Actor Simon Merrells is joining the cast of CW’s Tomorrow People

Tina Fey will host the premiere of SNL. Miley Cyrus and Bruce Willis will host later in the year

Cher will serve as mentor to Blake Shelton’s contestants on the voice

NBC has acquired the rights to a CIA drama produced by/starring Katherine Heigl

Elton John will pay tribute to Liberace at the Emmy awards September 22. Not much of a stretch.

Private Practice alum Paul Adelstein will guest star on Scandal

USA Network’s Graceland has been renewed for season 2. I gave up after about four episodes.

America Were Story: Coven will*not only AHS regular Jessica Lange but will add Angela Bassett and Kathy Bates which should be wicked fun

Jack Bauer’s favorite FBI agent will guest star in CBS’s midseason spy series Intelligence premiering January 2014

Not enough zombies? Sundance Channel will premiere the French zombie series The Returned on Halloween and show the remaining episodes each Thursday

Fox has renewed So You Think You Can Dance for season 11

AMC has again canceled The Killing. It’s really really dead this time although we really really loved that bonus season 3.

AMC has announced a prequel to Breaking bad titles Better Call Saul! About lawyer Saul Goodman

Carson Daly is leaving his late late late show Last Call and moving to Today Show. No replacement named

NBC/Universal has announced Style network will be renamed Esquire network.

Amy Poehler will guest star on The Simpsons

CBS Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show returns December 10

This week’s winner of the “Sure Sign of the Apocalypse” award goes to British Academy of Film and Television Arts Los Angeles for giving a lifetime achievement award to Sacha Baron Cohen.

An extended cut of the new boy band One Direction film with 20 additional minutes will hit theaters. Twitter voting will decide which songs to add.

Apple iTunes is being sued by a fan of Breaking Bad to purchase date “season pass” for the series that deceptively only covered half the season.

Jurassic World a.k.a. Jurassic Park 4 will be released in 3-D on June 12, 2015

Downton Abbey previously reported will return to PBS January 5 but we now know will return to ITV in the UK on September 22. Fire up your bit torrent clients if you can’t wait.

Time Warner admits it lost customers during 32 they battle with CBS.

CBS chairman says it experienced no financial harm over fight with Time Warner.

Universal’s Dracula retitled Dracula Untold will be released October 2014

Bill O’Reilly’s “Killing Kennedy” docudrama will premiere November 10

Selma Blair is being written out of Anger Management to sort of reboot show in a different direction

Kennedy Center honors will honor Shirley MacLaine, Billy Joel,, Carlos Santana, Herbie Hancock, and the obligatory opera singer you never heard of Martina Arroyo December 29

X Factor in a series low rating within season 3 debut. However I thought some of the performances were awesome.

HBO’s “Mohammed Ali’s Greatest Fight” about his Supreme Court battle over conscientious objector status will premiere October 5 starring Christopher Plummer, Frank Langlla.

Brad Pitt says World War Z sequel is in talks. I can’t wait.

JK Rowling will write a Harry Potter inspired film titled Fantastic Beasts based on the Hogwarts textbook


Matt’s Inside Line: Scoop on Burn Notice, Arrow, Bones, Revolution, Grimm, H50, Once and More

Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Bones, SOA, NCIS: LA, Under the Dome, Vampire Diaries and More

Post Mortem: Sons of Anarchy Boss on [Spoiler] Fallout, Major Jax/Tara ‘Disconnect’ and More

Four-minute video previews upcoming season of Walking Dead

‘Doctor Who’: BBC Reveals 50th Anniversary Programming Lineup; Special Poster


Jax goes Gray; Frost joins Nixon; More Longmire, no more Glades; Idol and Dancing set cast

Between my internal clock being messed up due to Labor Day wherein I thought yesterday was Tuesday, and an unfortunate addiction to Candy Crush Saga, this week’s entertainment news is going to be a day or so late. One other excuse is that at last the Time Warner/CBS dispute is over with and I’ve got my Showtime back! I’ve been catching up on four weeks worth of back episodes of Dexter, Ray Donovan, Nurse Jackie, and Web Therapy.


First an obituary… RIP British broadcaster David Frost at age 74. While most famous for his interview with Richard Nixon, I always remember him for his satirical news program That Was the Week That Was which is sort of a precursor to Saturday Night Life’s “Weekend Update” and a little bit of Jon Stuart.


Other major news is that the judging cast for American Idol has been finalized. Keith Urban returns from last year and will be accompanied by Jennifer Lopez from two years ago and Harry Connick Jr. who I thought was one of the best celebrity mentors may have had. Randy Jackson will be back as mentor. Some people expressed surprise at this however he was scheduled to have that role last year and in a last-minute shuffle returned as judge. I’m just glad they got rid of Jimmy as mentor.



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Details on ABC networks complicated split season scheduling for several shows

Matt’s Inside Line Spoilers for August 29

Michael Ausiello spoilers for September 4

Interview with Burn Notice show runner Matt Nix about the final upcoming episodes of the series.


Not in the links below but also of interest

Lisa Kudrow will guest star in multiple episodes of Scandal. No word if she’s going to play a web therapist

Fringe alumni Jon Noble will return to The Good Wife but we’re not sure how. His character was killed off in that show.

Celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck will guest star on CSI

True Blood’s Anna Camp will guest star on How I Met Your Mother

Fox is developing a modern day version of Les Miserables about a successful lawyer with a checkered past the judge to stay one step ahead of a zealous US attorney

Fox’s developing a drama based on Jonathan Kellerman’s Alex Delaware mystery novels

SyFy Channel is adapting its Stephen King based Haven into a comic book

The Glades has been canceled by A&E despite strong ratings in its season finale

JJ Abrams and Jonathan Nolan are developing a sci-fi pilot called “Westworld” for HBO

Production on soap opera One Life to Live which moved from ABC to an online soap has been suspended pending a disagreement with its former host ABC.

HBO has confirmed that next season will be the final for True Blood. It’s been a great run but I think they were running out of ideas. 10 episodes will premiere summer 2014 and will be the final ones.

Lady Gaga will return to SNL as a musical guest and possibly host this season.

Although not 100% efficient, Newsroom star Jeff Daniels reports that it has been picked up for a third season. Season 2 has a couple of episodes left.

The cast of the next Dancing with the Stars includes Valerie Harper, blue-collar comedian Bill Engvall,, NFL star Keyshawn Johnson, Bill Nye the science guy, Jack Osbourne (son of Ozzie and Sharon), Snooki (I suppose this was inevitable), former King of Queens wife Leah Remini, and the usual mix of people I’ve never heard of before.

Game of Thrones has recast the role of Gregor Clegane — aka Westeros warrior The Mountain — for a third time. Icelandic actor Hafthor Julius Bjornsson will portray the character in season 4

Spartacus alum Naevia a.k.a. Cynthia Addai-Robinson will portray famous DC comics villain Amanda Waller in the upcoming season of Arrow.

Boyd Crowder a.k.a. Walton Goggins will guest star on upcoming episode of Community

Character actor William Atherton noted for his roles in the Die Hard movies has joined the cast of SyFy Channel’s Defiance for season 2.

Jason Priestley will guest star on the 300th episode of CSI

Longmire has been renewed for season 3 on A&E

Charlie Hunnman a.k.a. Sons of Anarchy’s Jax has been cast in the film version of Fifty Shades of Gray. Dakota Johnson (daughter of Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith) also cast in female lead.

The season premiere of Showtime’s Homeland season 3 has been leaked online a month early. Terrorists are suspected 🙂

The official title of Transformers 4 will be “Transformers Age of Extension”. We can only hope they’re talking about the franchise 🙂

Lionsgate films is licensing clothing based on the Hunger Games films.

Paramount will release a 2014 live-action film based on the Mattel toys “Max Steel”.

Fox films is working on a remake of the film Poltergeists

Betty White has been awarded a Guinness Book of World Records “Longest TV Career for Entertainer (Female) 74 years”. The category was created just for her.

Alec Baldwin will host at 10 PM Friday night current events and culture talkshow for MSNBC starting in October. Lawrence O’Donnell’s talk news show only runs four nights a week. Typically the Friday night timeslot is a prison documentary series.

The original British series “Strike Back” will air on Cinemax under the title “Strike Back: Origins”.

The sequel to Man of Steel will be shot in Detroit.

Bradley Cooper will supply the voice to Guardians of the Galaxy character Rocket Raccoon



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