4th Oz planned; Elton to honor Liberace; Killing Dead Again; Style renamed; More Zombies, Dinosaurs, and Fantastic Beasts

If you were watching NBC’s new game show Million Second Quiz Monday night you knew the answers to one of their questions because you read this blog or subscribe to this email. One of the questions asked which sitcom star was about to get a weekly pop-culture talkshow on MSNBC. And because you read this blog you knew it was Alec Baldwin. If any of you make it to the finals of MSQ you owe me $10 for that one second. I really like MSQ as long as I record it and skip through all the BS interviews. I can watch one 3600 second episode in about 1500 seconds. So many people played the game online Monday night that the app crashed.


To keep you up-to-date on the fall premiere schedules here is a repeat of the link to TV Line’s calendar of premieres. Most notable this week sci-fi channel has season premiere of Haven on Friday. Series finale of Burn Notice tonight, Monday night we have the new Fox series Sleepy Hollow, Monday night football, and Dancing with the Stars. Tuesday night you have 4 Fox sitcoms (three of them new). Wednesday is season premiere of Survivor and Friday the 20th ABC has three season premieres Last Man Standing, The Neighbors, and Shark Tank.


Sci-fi fans should note that BBC America is soon rerunning the miniseries Torchwood: Miracle Day and rerunning its hit new series about clones Orphan Black coming soon. Both highly recommended.


In the links below read


Matt’s Inside Line spoilers dated September 5.

Michael Ausiello spoilers for September 10

Postmortem interview with producers of Sons of Anarchy over season premiere

Four-minute video previews the next season of The Walking Dead

BBC reveal Doctor Who 50th anniversary programming and poster



Not in the links below but also of interest

One of my favorite character actor bad guys Zeljko Ivanek will guest star in upcoming episodes of White Collar

Sex and the City veteran Cynthia Nixon is joining the cast of NBC’s Hannibal

CW network is the fourth network to consider a Wizard of Oz modernization/reboot series

Michael J Fox has chosen his parents for his new sitcom: Candace Bergen and Charles Grodin will guest star and likely recur

Bruno Mars will perform at the Super Bowl halftime

Missing Marcus Craissus? Actor Simon Merrells is joining the cast of CW’s Tomorrow People

Tina Fey will host the premiere of SNL. Miley Cyrus and Bruce Willis will host later in the year

Cher will serve as mentor to Blake Shelton’s contestants on the voice

NBC has acquired the rights to a CIA drama produced by/starring Katherine Heigl

Elton John will pay tribute to Liberace at the Emmy awards September 22. Not much of a stretch.

Private Practice alum Paul Adelstein will guest star on Scandal

USA Network’s Graceland has been renewed for season 2. I gave up after about four episodes.

America Were Story: Coven will*not only AHS regular Jessica Lange but will add Angela Bassett and Kathy Bates which should be wicked fun

Jack Bauer’s favorite FBI agent will guest star in CBS’s midseason spy series Intelligence premiering January 2014

Not enough zombies? Sundance Channel will premiere the French zombie series The Returned on Halloween and show the remaining episodes each Thursday

Fox has renewed So You Think You Can Dance for season 11

AMC has again canceled The Killing. It’s really really dead this time although we really really loved that bonus season 3.

AMC has announced a prequel to Breaking bad titles Better Call Saul! About lawyer Saul Goodman

Carson Daly is leaving his late late late show Last Call and moving to Today Show. No replacement named

NBC/Universal has announced Style network will be renamed Esquire network.

Amy Poehler will guest star on The Simpsons

CBS Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show returns December 10

This week’s winner of the “Sure Sign of the Apocalypse” award goes to British Academy of Film and Television Arts Los Angeles for giving a lifetime achievement award to Sacha Baron Cohen.

An extended cut of the new boy band One Direction film with 20 additional minutes will hit theaters. Twitter voting will decide which songs to add.

Apple iTunes is being sued by a fan of Breaking Bad to purchase date “season pass” for the series that deceptively only covered half the season.

Jurassic World a.k.a. Jurassic Park 4 will be released in 3-D on June 12, 2015

Downton Abbey previously reported will return to PBS January 5 but we now know will return to ITV in the UK on September 22. Fire up your bit torrent clients if you can’t wait.

Time Warner admits it lost customers during 32 they battle with CBS.

CBS chairman says it experienced no financial harm over fight with Time Warner.

Universal’s Dracula retitled Dracula Untold will be released October 2014

Bill O’Reilly’s “Killing Kennedy” docudrama will premiere November 10

Selma Blair is being written out of Anger Management to sort of reboot show in a different direction

Kennedy Center honors will honor Shirley MacLaine, Billy Joel,, Carlos Santana, Herbie Hancock, and the obligatory opera singer you never heard of Martina Arroyo December 29

X Factor in a series low rating within season 3 debut. However I thought some of the performances were awesome.

HBO’s “Mohammed Ali’s Greatest Fight” about his Supreme Court battle over conscientious objector status will premiere October 5 starring Christopher Plummer, Frank Langlla.

Brad Pitt says World War Z sequel is in talks. I can’t wait.

JK Rowling will write a Harry Potter inspired film titled Fantastic Beasts based on the Hogwarts textbook


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