Doctor Who 3-D in theaters; more Suits, Dead, Strike, Homeland, Six; RIP Wallace, Needham, Davenport.

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I have to say I’m once again hooked on American Horror Story. It took me quite a while to get into the first season but I stuck with it and in the end it paid off. The second season had lots of memorable moments but overall I enjoyed it. This latest one grabbed me from the opening. Of course I’ve always been a big fan of Kathy Bates. And seeing Jessica Lange suck the life out of a guy to the sounds of Inna-Godda-Diva (or however it’s spelled) was just way too cool. AHS isn’t for everyone. It is definitely an acquired taste but overall I love it.


Next week looking forward to Enders Game. I read the original short story in Analog Science Fiction Magazine and the normalized version later as well as numerous sequels which were of lesser quality. Seeing it in IMAX 3-D is going to be totally awesome. And what’s not to like about Harrison Ford and Ben Kingsley?


However the biggest news is that the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special is going to be shown in theaters in 3-D with additional behind-the-scenes footage on November 25 which is 2 days after it will show on TV. It will be simulcast on Saturday in several major cities and then we’ll go nationwide to 300 theaters on Monday the 25th. Three Indianapolis theaters will show the event. The article is linked below. You can click on the links to find the theaters listed.


We are introducing a new recurring link this week. You’re already familiar with 2 recurring links from the site TV Line which are spoilers from Michael Aussiello and Matt’s Inside Line. The site now has a recurring feature called “Mixtape”. They link to music videos of songs which have appeared as background music in the past weeks TV shows. Especially liked Cyndi Lauper’s version of “At Last” during the Bones wedding. And while still not like about Stevie Nick’s “Edge of 17” which appeared in American Horror Story this week? While not every song is a winner and some of the shows I don’t even watch and neither do you, I’m going to include the link whenever available for those times when you just have to hear that cool song one more time.


Finally… I don’t usually post trailers on this blog but this one is worth sharing. Fox showed an extended trailer for its reboot of Carl Sagan’s Cosmos this time starring Neil Degrasse Tyson and written by Sagan’s widow Ann Druyan. The trailer was shown during the World Series but in case you missed it here is on YouTube.


In the links below read

Doctor Who 50th anniversary special to show in theaters in 3-D November 25

Mix Tape dated October 26

Interview with producers of Bones about the wedding

Spoilers from Michael Aussiello dated October 22

Inside Line spoilers dated October 24

Fox network reveals midseason schedule and start dates. Note Idol results show will only be 30 minutes.

Interview with Dylan McDermott about his role on Hostages and possible return to AHS

Cinemax has renewed Strike Back for a fourth and final season

Interview with Person of Interest Sarah Shahi

Spoilers from Michael Aussiello dated October 29

Interview with Elizabeth Mitchell about her role on Revolution


Not in the links below but also of interest

The Walking Dead has been renewed for season 5. Current Showrunner Scott Gimpel will return.

Showtime has renewed Homeland and Masters of Sex for an initial season each

ABC is considering resurrecting canceled series Body of Proof

Sherlock (British version) will premiere on PBS January 19

Whoopi Goldberg’s voice has been cast as the voice of the wife of the rabbit in Once upon a Time in Wonderland

NBC is considering rebooting Murder She Wrote this time to star Octavia Spencer

USA has renewed Suits for season 4

Fox’s new sitcom “Dads” has been picked up for a full season order bringing the total to 22

NBC says it hasn’t given up on Celebrity Apprentice even though it’s not on any current schedules

Gilles Marini and Mary Lynn Rajskub will guest star and possibly recur in upcoming episodes of 2 Broke Girls

RIP Marcia Wallace was a voice on The Simpsons and played Bob Newhart’s secretary on The Bob Newhart Show. She was 70.

RIP Hal Needham. The famous stuntman also directed the Smokey and the Bandit movies.

RIP Nigel Davenport. Veteran British actor whose film roles included A Man for All Seasons and Chariots of Fire

New Fox cyborg robot show Almost Human is adding John Larroquette to the cast as a robot scientist. That is a scientist who makes robots. Not a scientist who is a robot. At least I think so?

The Fox network American version of British detective series Broadchurch has been retitled Gracepoint. Both versions star David Tennant.

Morris Chestnut has joined the cast of the new TNT spy series Legends

Kerry Washington is expecting a baby. No word on how they will handle that issue for her character on Scandal

CBS is preparing a spinoff series for How I Met Your Mother since it is ending this season.

This week’s winner of the “Chris Young Sure Sign of the Coming Apocalypse Award” goes to CBS who’s going to air an I Love Lucy special with colorized footage.

Discovery channel and Science Channel will both air their first scripted film “Challenger Disaster” starring William Hurt as Dr. Richard Feynman who was the chairman of the committee investigating the Challenger shuttle explosion. 9 PM on November 16.



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