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I’m transitioning from my old computer to my new one. This will be the last entertainment update created on the old computer. I’ve got my Feed Demon program loaded on the new machine but I need to clean out all the old articles from the old one first.

Since our last installment I’ve seen Hobbit 2 and Hunger Games 2. Both were every bit as good as I hoped they would be. Both ended on pretty big cliffhangers somewhere counting down the days already to the final installments of both franchises.

We’ve also had the Dr. who Christmas special featuring the end of Matt Smith as the doctor. Not quite as emotional as David Tennant’s last episode or Billy Piper’s still a fine sendoff.

To get your TV watching up-to-date for the new winter season we start off with a couple of links to printable PDF TV schedules updated for the new January shows.

In the links below read…

Printable winner 2014 broadcast TV schedule from

Printable winner 2014 cable TV schedule from

Interview with producers of Revenge about recent episode

Spoilers from Michael Ausiello dated December 17

Spoilers from Matt’s Inside Line dated December 19

NBC has announced Hannibal will return for 13 episodes starting February 28. I loved the first season.

Interview with producers of Nikita about series finale

Interview with show runner of Homeland about season finale

Interview with Damon Lewis about homeland season finale

Not in links below but also of interest

NBC has green lit the miniseries titled  “A.D.”which takes up where the History Channel series “The Bible” left off right after the crucifixion.

Lifetime will make a TV movie about Ann Curry getting fired from the today show

Fox has renewed Master Chef Junior for season 2

HBO’s Game of Thrones was the most pirated TV show of the year for the second  year running. Beat out breaking bad and walking dead

Demi Lovato has confirmed she is leaving X factor

Rumors say Jay Leno is in talks with CNN for a talk show

Judy Davis will play the bad guy in the new 24 TV show season

Katie Couric’s talkshow is ending after two seasons

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals finally did something I agreed with. They are calling for the end to “Duck Dynasty”. I don’t care about the ducks… I just think it’s a stupid show. And a stupid controversy surrounding it.

Nick Nolte is joining the cast of Fox networks remake of Broadchurch which has been renamed Gracepoint encase I didn’t already report that.

James Cameron will make his Avatar sequels in New Zealand to take advantage of tax breaks

President Obama has been offered a cameo in the upcoming season of House of Cards. He didn’t say no but he didn’t say yes.

Frank Darabont is suing AMC networks saying he is not yet received a penny of money for the profits for The Walking Dead.

Usher and Shakira will be back as judges for The voice on February 24

JK Rowling is going to coproduce a Harry Potter prequel play on London’s West End

Paul Rudd will play Ant-Man in an upcoming movie

Printable Winter 2014 TV Schedule v1.00 (PDF)New as of 12.19.2013.

Printable Winter 2014 Cable TV Schedule v1.00 (PDF)New as of 12.19.2013.

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