More bucks for the bang; More Crimes, Ship, And Skies; Walken and Williams to sing live

Blame my addiction to online poker for the long delay in this episode of entertainment news.


A couple of new shows to talk about. HBO has a strange drama series from one of the creators of “Lost” titled “The Leftovers”. The premise is that 2% of the Earth’s population vanishes into thin air at the same time. It’s not the biblical Rapture because some of the people who disappeared were obviously not very nice people. The show picks up three years later as people are trying to deal with the personal and metaphysical consequences of such a strange event. Strange cults have popped up all over the place. One guy named Holy Wayne seems to be able to cheer people up there mourning with a hug. Another cult called the GR (Guilty Remnant) go around starting people, wearing white clothes, and chain-smoking cigarettes while taking a vow of silence. And then to top it all off, something strange is going on with the dogs. Underneath all this bizarre goings-on is some of the best dramatic writing and acting you will find anywhere. So if you can get by the really bizarre and ridiculous plot (or lack thereof) and just see it as a series of character studies, it’s worth checking out. Not for everyone mind you but I’m enjoying it as much as you can enjoy such a depressing story.


The other bizarre new show you might want to check out his FX’s “The Strain”. It’s a sort of vampire like story where you get bitten, die, come back to life bizarre alien creature growing inside of you that shoots a giant snake out of your mouth that bites other people who die etc. etc. The hero of the story is a doctor from the CDC is trying to track down the cause of this “infection”. Of course we got a creepy old guy from Romania or somewhere who knows all about these creatures in sort of a Van Helsing kind of way. And there’s a big secret Corporation is trying to exploit these creatures for its own wicked reasons. And their client some old guy who is dying of liver failure and wants to live forever. Not your typical modern-day vampire you fall in love with kind of story but more of an old-school stop the vampires before they take over the world.


Check both of the above out at your own peril you might like them. Or you might wish you had an hour of your life back laid wasted đŸ™‚


I do not have a new fall schedule link ready to go yet but if you want a preview of all of the new upcoming TV series note that most of my sources for entertainment news come from and they have written individual articles on each new upcoming show. Browse around their site you want more information. I’m not going to link all of those articles. They also have a series of articles that are video interviews of producers and casts of various shows at San Diego comic con. I’ve only linked the one about Walking Dead.



In the links below check out…

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Not in the links below but possibly also of interest…

Fox’s canceled its midseason show “Hieroglyph” without hearing a single episode.

ABC’s Once upon a Time has cast characters from the Disney film Frozen for next season

CBS has ordered a 13 episode series titled “Zoo” based on the novels by James Patterson

Jamie Bamber a.k.a. Apollo Adamo from Battle Star Galactica will guest star in multiple episodes of Rizzoli and Isles

Jennifer Love Hewitt is joining Criminal Minds as a series regular

BBC’s Sherlock will have a special plus a season 4 of three episodes

Walter Goggins will reprise his cross-dressing hooker role Venus on the final season of Sons of anarchy

Gotham has cast Carol Kane as the mother of the future Penguin

With season 4 of The Killing moving to Netflix Wii will get longer episodes (but only four of them) and no more expletives restrictions. Lots of F bombs coming our way.

Brandon Routh who played Superman in Superman Returns will appear in the upcoming season of Arrow as “The Atom”

Courtney Love will guest star for multiple episodes on Sons of Anarchy

Sean Hayes will join CBS sitcom The Millers as a series regular

Lucy Liu returns to the director’s chair for another episode of Elementary

Rosie O’Donnell is returning to The View

Glee final season will consist of 13 uninterrupted episodes

Cinemax has delayed the final season of Strike Back until 2015.

Cinemax has renewed The Knick before the first episode has even aired

Josh Charles got killed off of The Good Wife last season but will return to direct an episode

AMC has ordered a martial arts drama titled Badlands for six episodes

NBC has renewed America’s Got Talent, Last Comic Standing, and American Ninja Warrior for additional seasons. No word on The Apprentice which isn’t officially canceled but hasn’t been scheduled to return either.

Christopher Walken will play Capt. Hook in NBC’s upcoming live production of Peter Pan

Brian Williams reported that his daughter Allison Williams will play Peter Pan in NBC’s upcoming live production. He showed a picture of her in a Peter Pan costume and said that “Family sources reveal this is a role she has been preparing for since age 6”.

Deborah Ann Woll our favorite redheaded vampire from True Blood will play Karen Page in Marvels upcoming Daredevil series on Netflix. Boardwalk Empire’s Charlie Cox has already been cast as Daredevil

Sons of Anarchy season premiere will be September 9 and will last one hour 45 minutes. It takes place a few days after the end of last season and finds Jax in jail on a parole violation.

TNT has renewed Major Crimes, The Last Ship and announced that next season will be the final for Falling Skies

Prison Break alumni Wentworth Miller will appear on The Arrow as the villain Capt. Cold

RIP actor and auto racing enthusiast James Garner age 86

Producers of Fox series Gracepoint say that the story “diverges in significant ways” from BBC’s Broadchurch upon which is based

FX has renewed Louis for a season 5 of 7 episodes rather than usual 13 or 14

Lucy Lawless a.k.a. Xena will guest star on Agents of SHIELD. No word on her role

FX has renewed Fargo for season 2 however it will have an entirely new cast and storyline

Anthony Hopkins has been cast in the upcoming HBO pilot Westworld based on the famous sci-fi movie

BBC America’s Orphan Black is getting its own comic book to expand the story

MTV has renewed Teen Wolf for season 5 but nobody knows why đŸ™‚

Game of Thrones is adding Jonathan Pryce and Alexander Siddig to the cast next season

Agents of Shield has cast British actor Nick Blood as Lance Hunter which hints that S.T.R.I.K.E. may be in the series future

Mary Louise Parker has joined the cast of The Blacklist. Perhaps she is Red’s pot dealer đŸ™‚

This week’s winner of Chris Young’s Sure Sign of the Coming Apocalypse Award goes to Sons of Anarchy for casting Glee star Lea Michele in an upcoming episode.

Australian singer-songwriter Michael Johns was a contestant on season 7 of American Idol has died at age 35 reportedly from a blood clot

Penny, Sheldon, and Leonard sign $90 million contracts for three more years of Big Bang Theory

RIP Oscar nominated screenwriter Paul Mazursky age 84

RIP Bob Hastings most famously. Who Framed Roger Rabbit and other character roles

Producers of “24” admit they did consider killing off Jack Bauer in final episode but decided against it.

RIP Broadway star Elaine Stritch

Disney announced Pirates of the Caribbean 5 will premiere July 2017

CBS confirmed that when Stephen Colbert takes over for David Letterman he will remain in the and Sullivan theater in New York

Marvel revealed that there will be a Guardians of the Galaxy animated TV series on Disney XD. No start date announced.

TV land has canceled Kirstie after one season.

TNT has renewed reality cop show Cold Justice for a third season

RIP Emmy-winning TV producer Robert Harmi,Sr. has died at age 90

Chris Hardwick will host talk shows before and after the season premiere of Dr. who on August 23. Some theaters will also have events showing that first episode and bonus footage.

Former Numbers start Peter McNichol will be a cast regular in CSI: Cyber




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