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This installment of my entertainment blog probably would’ve been posted much sooner but the entire cyborg5.com was off-line for over a week because it got hacked and it was sending out massive amounts of spam. Took me a while to get it cleaned up and get everything in shipshape.


A number of movies to talk about. First of all “Logan” was a very satisfying end to the X-Men Wolverine saga. I’ve warned a number of parents that it most definitely earns its R rating for extreme violence some of which perpetrated by a young girl. Would be very disturbing to children and even some adults. Still it was an excellent film with a great story and a lot of heart. Basically it’s a remake of the classic Western “Shane” and doesn’t make any bones about it as some of the characters watch the film during the movie and later quote dialogue from it. Everyone who says it’s not your typical comic book hero movie is absolutely correct. We will have to wait and see if it starts a new trend. I guess is we will continue to see the typical heavy action blockbuster comic book movies that we’ve been seeing for quite some time.


Speaking of which we also saw Wonder Woman. I don’t really care about the politics of having a female superhero lead or the fact that it was the first film ever directed by a woman to reach $100 million the first week. The real test is wasn’t a fun movie and the answer is most definitely yes. I especially liked when the fight sequences which shift into slow-motion. So many fight sequences or action scenes these days happens so fast you can’t tell what is really going on (cough Transformers). One interesting thing is that the story is completely self-contained. You don’t have to have seen Wonder Woman’s appearance in Batman versus Superman and you don’t really get any clue as to what her role will be in future DC comic films. Some people think that’s a negative but I think it’s a plus.


Case in point I pretty much decided I don’t need to see the next Thor movie in the Marvel universe or at least I will wait for cable. With upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming and the Infinity Wars series coming soon there is a risk were getting a little bit of Marvel overload.


That doesn’t mean I’m mad at Marvel in any way. I absolutely loved Guardians of the Galaxy 2. Not only did it have all of the silly comedy and all of the over-the-top action that we expect from a Guardians movie, it also had a tremendous amount of heart. The 80s music soundtrack is that just something thrown in as an afterthought. The playing of Cat Stevens’”Father And Son” often can bring me to tears for no good reason. Put it over the sad ending of a movie and I spent lots of time blinking hard to keep my face dry. It actually moves the story forward. Michael Rooker gives the wonderful performance as StarLord’s adoptive father Yandu and really steals the show in many ways. Kurt Russell was fun as is biological father.


Most of the items below are about renewals and cancellations. As always we refer you to TV Line’s renewal scorecards to look up the fate of your favorite shows. Also a calendar of season finale’s and summer premieres. And a sneak peek at the fall TV schedule.

TV Line Broadcast Series Renewal Scorecard

TV Line Streaming and Cable Series Renewal Scorecard

TV Line Summer Finale and Premiere Dates

TV Line Fall 2017 schedule (subject to change)



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Not linked below but also of interest…

The Handmaid’s Tale has been renewed for season 2 by Hulu

Marvel’s Runaways will be a new series on Hulu. Their first venture into the Marvel universe

Hulu has also ordered a series tentatively titled “The First” about the first mission to Mars

Alanis Morrissette’s manager sentenced to six years in prison after stealing $7 million from her and other clients.

HBO has hired 4 writers to develop spinoff series for Game of Thrones

PBS and Masterpiece are developing a miniseries Little Women based on the book by Louisa May Alcott

NBC has canceled its remade Wizard of Oz series “Emerald City” after one season

Netflix has ordered season 2 for its controversy of series about suicide “13 Reasons Why”

RIP Robert Wilson pioneer of public television and Father of Luke and Owen Wilson age 75

Jennifer Morrison a.k.a. Emma Swan is not returning to Once Upon A Time next season but may return as a guest star

NBC announced Will & Grace will return this fall

CW network has canceled Frequency and No Tomorrow after one season

USA Network is announced a holiday reunion movie for Psych with original cast returning

Cliff Curtis recently exited from Fear the Walking Dead will have a lead role in all four Avatar sequels

ABC announced it is bringing back American Idol after outbidding Fox to revive the show. No word on judges yet but Ryan Seacrest is widely expected to return as host. Even at its lowest rated season at Fox that would make it the number 2 show at ABC in ratings so they are excited to bring it back. Probably on Sunday nights. Late update Katy Perry will be a judge. Simon Cowell is definitely out. He was asked to return and refused.

Fox has canceled its crime drama Rosewood after 2 see nuns

FX announced The Strain quote will return for its fourth and final season on Sunday, July 16

DIY network announced Dale Earnhardt Jr. and his wife Amy will host the home improvement series. Earnhardt has announced he is leaving NASCAR at the end of the season. The show will premiere in 2018.

NBC has renewed Taken for season 2 despite mediocre ratings.

Fox has ordered to series Marvel mutant story “The Gifted”

Fox has finally canceled Sleepy Hollow. After 4 seasons. Some say that was 2 seasons overdue 🙂

After a Netflix film competed for the Cannes Film Festival awards, rules have been changed that only films with theatrical release will be considered

There will be an animated Marvel Deadpool series coming to FXX in 2018 for 10 episodes.

NBC has announced it will produce a live version of Jesus Christ superstar next Easter. No casting announced yet. We can’t wait.

RIP character actor Michael Parks who appeared in Kill Bill and Argo age 77

NBC canceled time travel series Timeless and then changed its mind and renewed it. Rumors are time travel because the reversal.

ABC has renewed Modern Family for seasons 9 and 10

ABC cancels Tim Allen comedy Last Man Standing. After six seasons despite decent ratings. Rumors are Allen’s support of Trump was the reason.

NBC has renewed Chicago Fire and Chicago Med but has canceled Chicago Justice

CW network as renewed The Originals for season 5 and iZombie season 4

Fox has renewed Gotham and The Last Man on Earth

Fantasy drama The Shannara Chronicles season 2 is moving from MTV to Spike TV

NBC has renewed The Blacklist for season 5

Syfy Channel analysis Superman prequel titled “Krypton” and adaptation of George RR Martin novel “Night Flyers”

Starz has renewed “American Gods” for season 2

ABC has renewed sitcom The Goldbergs for season 5 and 6

NBC has renewed Tina Fey produced sitcom “Great News” for season 2

Jennifer Hudson is joining The Voice as season 13 coach

Kelly Clarkson is joining The Voice as season 14 coach

ABC has canceled American Crimes after 3 seasons

ABC has canceled Secrets and Lies and Dr. Ken

Agents of SHIELD and Designated Survivor and American Housewife have been renewed by ABC

ABC has canceled The Real O’Neill’s and The Catch. I really liked The Catch. Sort of a cross between the old USA Network “White Collar” and a romantic comedy.

ABC has renewed black-ish for season 4. I really like it.

NBC has canceled superhero spoof comedy Powerless without airing the final three episodes

ABC renews Shark Tank, Dancing With The Stars and The Bachelor

Rebecca Mader a.k.a. Zelena The Wicked Witch will not return to Once Upon A Time next season

NBC has canceled The Blacklist Redemption spinoff from The Blacklist after 1 season

ABC has renewed Speechless for season 2. About a family with a teenage son in a wheelchair. Excellent show.

Fox is announced it’s next live musical will be “Rent”

Fox has renewed its series version of “the Exorcist” for season 2

NBC has renewed Law & Order SVU for season 19

CBS has canceled “2 Broke Girls”. It was ridiculous but it was a guilty pleasure of mine. I will miss it.

Emiliea De Ravin a.k.a. Belle will not return to Once Upon A Time

CBS has canceled comedy The Great Indoors after 1 season

CBS has renewed Elementary and there will be a season 30 for The Amazing Race

Fox has renewed New Girl for seventh final season

CBS has renewed Code Black for season 3

RIP actor Powers Boothe best known as Cy Tolliver on Deadwood aged 68 natural causes

CBS has canceled Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders

Fox has canceled Scream Queens

CBS has canceled The Odd Couple after 3 seasons

ABC has renewed Quantico for season 3

Jimmy Kimmel will host the 2018 Oscars

David Letterman will get the Mark Twain prize for American comedy

ABC has ordered a spinoff series from Grey’s Anatomy about Seattle firefighters

ABC is joining the live musical phenomenon with a live-action Little Mermaid

Conan O’Brien has renewed his deal with TBS for 4 years

CBS has canceled Training Day and Ransom

Dennis Quaid will play George W. Bush in FX series “Katrina: American Crime Story”

James Cordon will again host the Grammys in 2018

Sasheer Zamata, Bobby Moynahan and Vanessa Bayer are leaving the cast of Saturday Night Live

RIP former chairman and CEO of Fox news Roger Ailes age 77

CW network will have a new low for series DC superhero crossover in December

Netflix has ordered 10 episodes of a prequel to the 1982 Jim Henson film The Dark Crystal

The spinoff series from Black-ish about the teenage daughter going to college have been picked up for 13 episodes on Free-form network

NBC has renewed comedy Trial and Error but it will likely have a different cast

Zach Snyder and producer wife Deborah Snyder have stepped down from the “Justice League” film after the death of their 20-year-old daughter. Josh Whedon will take over postproduction and oversee a few reshoot scenes. Since he will not change Snyder’s original vision for the film.

RIP former James Bond Roger Moore at age 89

NBC was the top-rated network for 2016-2017 in the 18 to 49 age group despite not having a Super Bowl or an Olympics year. However CBS had most viewers overall.

Tom Cruise confirms a Top Gun sequel is definitely happening. We’ll begin filming “in the next year”

TNT has announced The Last Ship will premiere August 20. Production was delayed when star Eric Dane needed time off to battle depression.

BBC America announced David Tennant crime drama “Broadchurch” third and final season will debut June 28. Very good show.

NBC has canceled its plans for live musical “Bye-Bye Birdie”

RIP former Dallas actor Jared Martin age 75

WGN America has canceled all of its scripted series including Underground and The Outsiders

Cinemax has canceled Quarry about a returning Vietnam veteran turned hitman. Creators unable to find new network.

RIP former Bond Girl Molly Peters who appeared in Thunderball  age 75

Netflix has canceled sci-fi drama Sense8 after 2 seasons

Syfy Channel announced Sharknado 5 will air August 6

National Geographic channel is dropping its plans to adapt Bill O’Reilly’s book “Killing Patton”

Kevin James reunites with his former TV wife as Leah Remini becomes a series regular for season 2 of Kevin Can Wait. Meanwhile his current TV wife Erinn Hayes is leaving the show.

Al Pacino will play coach Joe Paterno in HBO film about the Penn State scandal, Barry Levinson will direct

Cher has confirmed there will be a musical about her life to premiere on Broadway and 2018

Fox has canceled 24: Legacy but keeps open the possibility of yet another 24 like series

Jennifer Esposito is leaving NCIS

RIP Adam West who played Batman on TV. He was 88



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