Commentary on the List of Cancellations and Renewals of TV Shows

It’s been over six months since I did an entertainment news blog. I’ve done a number of reviews of various shows but no general news blog since the first of the year. My apologies to people who look forward to my collection of tidbits.

With the new fall season rapidly approaching I thought it was a good time to get caught up the best I can in preparation for of the new shows about to come. To get you ready for the new season here are some links you will want to check out from

First of all a renewal scorecard for the broadcast networks showing what’s been renewed or canceled.

We have a similar scorecard for cable shows.

And a new page… A scorecard for streaming network shows.

Here is a calendar of the premier dates for all of the new and returning TV shows. I will be using it and other sources to post daily messages on Facebook when shows premier.

Before doing my usual tidbits I’m going to do just this blog where I go through the above lists of renewed and canceled shows and comment on the ones that are of interest to me. Use the links to see the full list. These are just the ones I care about or cared to comment about. In the next day or two I will try to go through all of my websites and online sources to do one of my usual blogs but most of it’s going to be way out of date and I missed a lot of news along the way. I think my RSS feeds are only good for about two or three months so we missed a lot.


American Idol: Returning for the second season of its move to ABC. It didn’t quite have the same appeal as the original version but it was still pretty good. It felt like the season was kind of short. It also ate into the time for Dancing With The Stars which I did not like. DWTS had a short four episode season that wasn’t worth the effort.

The Crossing: this sci-fi series about people who are refugees from a future war who time back to the present day wasn’t the greatest but it was good enough to keep my interest. I’m sorry it got canceled but I wasn’t too surprised.

Deception: I thought this show had a lot of potential. It was about a famous illusionist and his twin brother who were working with the FBI to catch criminals by pulling off stunts to trap them into giving themselves up. I thought the main characters had a lot of chemistry. It sort of reminded me of Castle. Unfortunately a got canceled after just one season.

Designated Survivor: Kiefer Sutherland got to be president after a terrorist attack wiped out the entire government. He survived assassination attempts and other terrorist attacks but cannot survive low ratings. It’s gone after just 2 seasons. It was watchable but I’m not really going to miss it.

The Good Doctor: Renewed. I still don’t really buy the premise of this series that someone with that severe case of autism could survive as a surgical resident. No matter how sympathetic I am to equal opportunity for people with disabilities I just don’t buy the premise. But I really like the show because it’s just a good basic medical drama with compelling stories and interesting characters even if I don’t particularly like the main character. Overall I’m glad to see its back and I know lots of people really like it.

For the People: Renewed. I’m so far behind watching TV that I haven’t even started this series but it looks pretty good. I’m hoping I can get caught up before the second season starts.

How to Get Away with Murder: This is a show I love to hate. Their time jumping storytelling technique makes it so confusing to watch sometimes that by the time the big secrets get revealed we don’t care anymore. But the acting is excellent and despite the confusing structure the writing is pretty good as well. I continue to watch it but I keep hoping it will get better. It will be back.

Kevin Probably Saves the World: But he couldn’t save his own show. It was kind of cute with a lot of heart but I won’t miss it that much.

Agents of SHIELD: I continue to be surprised that that show gets renewed each year. I really like it and I enjoy the way it ties into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It looks like one of those shows that a niche group of fans would enjoy but would not have popular appeal and would get canceled. But for some reason it keeps hanging in there. I’m looking forward to seeing what they do next year.

Marvel’s Inhumans: I really was disappointed by this show. Considering how much I am a fan of Marvel shows I expected to like but it just didn’t work for me. I will not be missing it now that it is gone.

Once Upon A Time: the series went through a bit of a reboot this past season and I never did get into very well. It pretty much has run its course and so although I really enjoyed it, I think they had run out of ideas and it was a good time to cancel it. I will have fond memories but it was time to quit.

Quantico: This was another show that I wanted to like more than I did. Sometimes it was good but most of the time it just dragged. I’ve not even started on this season and I may not bother with it. I will not miss it now that it is canceled.

Roseanne: I enjoyed the reboot and was sorry that Roseanne herself went and ruined things. Fortunately it’s being replaced by a spinoff series called “The Connors” which will feature most of the same characters without Roseanne herself. I even wrote on Facebook that would be a good idea. Not that they took my advice but that’s what we are getting and I’m looking forward to it.

Scandal: I really, really enjoyed this show. On the other hand it had pretty much run its course and it was time to quit. I was a little bit disappointed in some of the final plot turns. Too many of the bad guys got off easy. I will really miss it however even though they had about run out of ideas.

Speechless: Show about a family with the disabled teenager continues to hit the spot perfectly. Although it gets a little bit silly at times I still enjoy it and I’m glad to see it coming back.

Station 19: This spinoff from Grey’s Anatomy about firefighter/paramedics looks promising. I’ve not yet started on this season but definitely intend to binge it soon. It’s been renewed.


9JKL: This new sitcom should have been a lot better than it was given its cast but I only watched a couple of episodes and was not surprised it was canceled.

The Amazing Race: Glad to see it’s back again.

The Big Bang Theory: Continues to be my favorite sitcom. Glad to see it’s still going strong.

Blue Bloods: one of my favorites will return.

Bull: It’s not really great but it’s good enough to watch and I’m glad it’s coming back.

Code Black: I watched a few episodes of the first season and it just didn’t work for me. I know people who really liked it and will miss it now that it’s gone.

Criminal Minds: used to be a favorite of mine but it got so dark and depressing. I just couldn’t deal with a new and more terrifying psychopath week after week. I gave up on it two seasons ago but it’s still going strong and will be back.

Elementary: Pleased to see it will be back.

Hawaii 50: glad to see its back.

Instinct: Really enjoyed this new series and I’m happy it’s coming back.

Kevin Can Wait: I only got through a couple of episodes the first season. Killing off his wife for the second season didn’t help that show or so I’ve heard. It’s gone.

Living Biblically: I really liked this show. The premise was fraught with difficulties but I thought they pulled it off pretty well. Not surprised that it did not get renewed however. It was fun for one season.

MacGyver: I only watched a couple of episodes the first season and it just didn’t have the appeal of the original but apparently some people like it so it’s coming back.

Madam Secretary: One of my favorites and I’m glad it’s back.

Me, Myself & I: I really liked that show. Thought it was cute, smart, and had a lot of heart. I’m going to miss it.

Mom: One of my favorites will be back.

NCIS: another favorite back for season 16.

NCIS: New Orleans: another favorite back again.

NCIS: LA: can’t explain why I never liked it considering how much I like the other two. It’s back again but I won’t be watching.

Scorpion: A totally ridiculous and unbelievable show that was a guilty pleasure. It jumped the shark at least a season ago. I’d had enough and won’t miss it. I hope that Katharine McPhee finds another show that makes better use of her talent.

SEAL Team: Of the three new military dramas that premiered this year, this is the only one that survived and I think it’s a good one. I’m looking forward to next season.

Young Sheldon: I expected to like this a lot better. At first I was very disappointed. I stuck with it and it eventually grew on me. It’s coming back and I hope I continue to like it.

Zoo: a kind of guilty pleasure that I enjoyed but not surprised it got canceled. Still have a half of season to catch up on. I will catch it on Netflix.


911: Really enjoyed the first season. Looking forward to the next one.

Brooklyn Nine- Nine: Never did acquire a taste for this. It was canceled by Fox but will be renewed by NBC.

Empire: I liked the first season but didn’t stick with it after that. It’s coming back along with the similar series “Star” which will be returning. I never watched it but they are both pretty popular.

The Four: This reality singing show isn’t as good as American Idol or The Voice but I kind of like it. You can skip through the boring parts and just watch the performances themselves. You can get through a 2 hour episode in one hour so I watch it.

Gotham: Despite terrible ratings they are it bringing back for a final season in which we will finally get to see Bruce Wayne officially become Batman. I will miss it when it’s gone. I’m glad they are at least going to wrap up the story with a final season.

LA to Vegas: Probably the worst new show of the season. Not surprised it got canceled.

The Last Man on Earth: This totally ridiculous but very funny guilty pleasure will not be coming back. It had probably run its course a season ago but I will still miss it.

Lethal Weapon: When Riggs was shot in the chest in the final episode it looked like a fatal heart shot but I figured they would come up with a way to save him. As it turns out he’s really dead. Apparently the actor who portrayed him was such a pain to work with that they fired him. He’s being replaced for next season by a character who will probably be his brother.

Lucifer: TV line listed this show as “A Safe Bet” for renewal and then changed it to “Could go either way” and then finally “Officially Canceled”. I was very disappointed because I really like it. Fortunately it has been picked up by Netflix so I’m very happy it will continue.

New Girl: very popular RomCom that I watched for the first half of the first season but it really didn’t do that much for me. It will not be returning.

The Orville: Extremely glad to see it coming back. Will have to wait for the midseason however.

Prison Break: TV line list it as “could go either way”. I would like to see another season but I would imagine it’s really a long shot.

The X-Files: Listed as “a long shot” I don’t know why but I never watched the original. When it rebooted last year it was just okay but I wished it was better. I’ve liked the current season better. I won’t miss it if it’s gone but I probably will watch if it comes back.


AP Bio: Absolutely terrible sitcom I could barely make through one episode. Somebody must like it because it got renewed.

Better Late Than Never: A guilty pleasure reality show featuring William Shatner, Henry Winkler, George Foreman traveling through Europe and Asia. Not surprised it won’t come back but it was fun while it lasted.

The Blacklist: Another favorite returning.

The Brave: I watched it but it wasn’t as good as SEAL Team and it will not be coming back.

Champions: An awful sitcom that deserves to be canceled and was.

Chicago Fire, Med, and PD: I never got into any of these just because I already watched too much TV. I know they are popular and all three are coming back.

Good Girls: This show about housewives who become criminals looks like it has some potential even though I only saw a couple of episodes. It will be back

The Good Place: another silly guilty pleasure will be returning.

Law & Order:SVU: don’t watch it much but it will be back again.

Rise: Watched a few of them and it had potential but it won’t be back.

Shades of Blue: The first season was pretty good, second season just so so. Did not watch the third final season. Will not miss it.

Taken: I watched it but won’t miss it now that it’s gone.

This Is Us: lives up to all the hype. Must-see TV. Of course it’s coming back.

Timeless: was canceled last year but got a last-minute reprieve. I don’t expect it to get a reprieve again. It ran out of time.

The Wall: This primetime game show is coming back but no word on whether or not troubled host Chris Hardwick will return after abuse allegations from ex-girlfriend. Did not watch it but I will be seriously disappointed if Hardwick does not return to “Talking Dead”. Yvette Nicole Brown is a “temporary” replacement on Talking Dead which is a great choice but we will see what happens long-term.

Will & Grace: really enjoyed the return. Renewed for 2 more seasons already.

World of Dance: pretty good show. Coming back for season 3.

The CW network:

The 100: I’ve not yet started on the most recent season which started late this year. I’ve enjoyed the previous ones and glad to see it is returning.

Arrow, Black Lightning, Legends of Tomorrow, The Flash, Supergirl, Supernatural: All of my heroes are returning and I am well pleased.

iZombie: I like this cute quirky zombie show but have not been able to keep up with it. Renewed for one more season.

Valor: The worst of the three new military dramas that premiered the season is not coming back. I barely got through one episode.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: I really like this show because it has very funny musical production numbers but I just haven’t had time to keep up with it. It has been renewed for a final season.

Moving along to cable we have…


Better Call Saul: A favorite. Season 4 premiers August 6. Renewed for season 5

Dietland: have not yet had a chance to check it out. No word on renewal.

Fear The Walking Dead: the second half of season 4 premiers August 12. Renewed for season 5. This has been their best so far.

Humans: Just barely watchable. Have not yet started on the current season. No word on renewal.

Into the Badlands: A guilty pleasure martial arts fantasy show. No word on renewal.

McMafia: Barely got through one episode and gave up. Surprised it’s renewed for season 2.

Preacher: season three premiered in June. No word on renewal. I really hope it continues.

The Son: Season 2 premieres later this year. No word on renewal. Pretty good drama series starring Pierce Brosnan.

The Terror: Horror story about a doomed expedition in 1800s to try to find the Northwest passage through the Arctic ice. Haven’t finished the last couple of episodes this season. Surprised it was renewed because I figured the story would wrap up.

The Walking Dead, season 9 premiers October 7. Probably a sure bet for another season. Can’t wait.

BBC America

Doctor Who: The next season with a new female doctor premiers in the fall.

Killing Eve: Absolutely excellent show glad to see it renewed for season 2. Check it out on demand if you’ve not seen it.

Luther: another quality show coming back for season 5.

Cartoon Network

Rick and Morty: Very popular. Never watched it. Renewed for 70 additional episodes.

Comedy Central:

Inside Amy Schumer: After a long hiatus will return for season 5. I can’t wait.

South Park: I only watch occasionally. Season 22 premieres September 26. Renewed for season 23


Berlin Station: absolutely wonderful spy drama very happy to see it coming back for season 3. This recent season stared two of my favorite actresses Ashley Judd and Michelle Forbes. Hard to watch without drooling constantly 🙂

Deep State: have not yet started but looking forward to it. No word on renewal.

Get Shorty: kind of funny but not a big must-see. Coming back for season 2 on August 12. And I will probably watch.


Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger: have not yet seen it but will be checking it out. Season 1 ends August 2. Already renewed for season 2.

FX network

American Crime Story: Have not yet watched season 2 about the murder of Verchai but I intend to. Season 3 will be about Katrina.

American Horror Story: Last season was definitely the best ever. It was amazing in that it contained absolutely no supernatural elements but was just as terrifying as the previous seasons. Season 8 titled “Apocalypse” premieres September 12. Already renewed for season 9.

The Americans: Excellent show. Still have a couple of episodes to watch. I will miss it but it had probably run its course was ready to leave.

Fargo: TV line lists it as “unofficially renewed for season 4” I like this series which reboots every season but it has been a bit inconsistent. Some of the seasons were good others not so much.

Legion: bizarre comic book adaptation that is a bit strange but I like it. Coming back for season 3. I just started watching season 2 and haven’t got a feel for it yet.

Mayans MC: This spinoff of Sons of Anarchy premieres September 4 and I can’t wait.

FXX Network:

Archer: adult animated series renewed for season 10 and I really like it even though it’s pretty stupid.


Ballers: Could barely watch one episode but it’s coming back without me.

Barry: On my list of things to watch someday. Renewed for season 2.

Big Little Lies: ditto… On my list and renewed.

Curb Your Enthusiasm: I like Larry David but I just never got into this. Coming back for season 10.

Deadwood: A follow-up movie begins filming this fall and I can’t wait!

Game of Thrones: The final season 8 premiers sometime in 2019. A spinoff prequel series is in development.

Silicon Valley: I would probably like this show but have never had the chance to watch it. Coming back for season 6.

Succession: on my check it out list. Renewed for season 2.

True Detective: never watched despite its critical acclaim. Renewed for season 3.

Veep: Final season was delayed because of Julia Louis Dreyfus breast cancer. Will premiere in spring of 2019. Still funny.

Westworld: one of my favorites coming back for season 3.

History Channel

SIX: Military drama I watched the first season and it was okay. Don’t have time for the second season and it’s been canceled after that.

Vikings: second half of season 5 premiers November 28. Renewed for season 6. Still a very big favorites.

Paramount Network:

Yellowstone: New Kevin Costner drama about a modern-day rancher. I could not finish one episode it was so boring. For some reason renewed for season 2.


The Affair: Critically acclaimed show I want to watch but have never seen. Renewed for final season 5.

Billions: I love this show about a crooked high finance guy and a federal agent who tries to catch him. Have not yet started watching the current season but will definitely be watching soon. Renewed for season 4 and I’m very happy.

Homeland: Just started the current season. Renewed for season 8. Really enjoy.

I’m Dying up Here: couldn’t finish one episode. Season 2 finale aired July 8.

Ray Donovan: I like the first couple of seasons but did not stick with it. Renewed for season 6.

Shameless: Continues to be a favorite. Season 9 premiers September 9. No word beyond that.


American Gods: Amazing quirky weird fantasy series happy to see it renewed for season 2.

Counterpart: Sci-Fi spy drama about parallel worlds starring JK Simmons. First season was absolutely amazing and I am well pleased to see it coming back. Check it out if on demand you’ve not seen it.

Outlander: Romance, time travel series. Season 4 premiers in November. Renewed for season 5 and 6 and I’m very happy.

Syfy Channel

12 Monkeys: series finale aired July 6. Kind of hard to follow but I enjoyed it. Have not yet started current season.

Channel Zero: First season was terrible. Did not watch any of the rest. Renewed for season 4.

Happy: Bizarre funny fantasy series unlike anything you’ve seen. I’m “Happy” it’s been renewed for season 2.

Killjoys: Pretty good sci-fi show season 4 currently airing. Renewed for final season 5.

Krypton: The story of Superman’s grandparents took a while to get going but by the end of the first it was excellent. Happy to see it coming back for season 2.

The Magicians: Really like this and glad to see it’s coming back for season 4. It’s sort of an adult version of Harry Potter with a little bit of Narnia thrown in.

Night flyers: George RR Martin new series coming this fall.

Van Helsing: Struggled through 2 seasons. Probably will not bother with the third season.

Wynonna Earp: I really liked the two or three episodes I saw but had not had time to finish it or get into seasons 2 or 3. Renewed for season 4. Maybe someday I will binge it.

Z Nation: continues to amuse and happy to see season 5 coming


Good Behavior: One of my favorites. No word on renewal for season 3.

The last ship: Gave up on the fourth season. The first three were barely watchable. Renewed for final season 5.

The Librarians: They wrapped this up nicely for the series finale in February. I will kind of miss it.

Major Crimes: Really enjoyed it but probably won’t miss it.

USA Network

Colony: have not yet started season 3 so I can’t say how much I will miss it not coming back. I like what I’ve seen so far but it may be that it has run its course.

Mr. Robot: still bizarre but still intriguing. Coming back for season 4 and I will watch.

The Sinner: I like the first season okay. Season 2 premieres tomorrow (August 1). Not sure if it will fit into my schedule.

Suits: Watching current season 8. Not quite the same with missing Mike. Adding Katherine Heigl doesn’t seem to add much to the show. Too soon to tell for sure. Still watching.

Suits: Second City: former Suits star Gina Torres reprises her role as Jessica Pearson in this spinoff series set in Chicago that I am anxious to see. This one is about politics rather than law.

Now moving onto streaming services…

Amazon Prime

Bosch: always wanted to watch this but never got around to it. Renewed for season 5.

The Expanse: previously on Syfy Channel it’s now moving to Amazon for season 4. Very happy is continuing. Excellent series.

The Man in the High Castle: really wanted to watch this but haven’t had time. Season 3 premiers October 5. Renewed for season 4. Alternate timeline story where Germany won World War II. Based on Stephen King stories. Looks excellent.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel: another critically acclaimed show that I just haven’t had time to watch. Renewed for seasons 2 and 3. Maybe will binge watch someday.

The Tick: based on a comic book. Never had time to check it out. Renewed for season 2.

Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan: looking forward to premiere August 31 already renewed for season 2.

Transparent: critically acclaimed but I never got around to watching it. The star Jeffrey Tambor was fired so I’m not sure what season 5 will be about. The final season.

CBS All Access

The Good Fight: This spinoff from “The Good Wife” is one of the best shows on television. Almost but not quite worth subscribing to the service just for this show. Renewed for season 3.

Star Trek Discovery: Fans claim it’s not really worthy of the “Star Trek” name. I won’t argue that. I really like it and I’m happy to see it coming back.

The Twilight Zone: reboot coming soon.

Disney streaming service not yet officially named

Star Wars The Clone Wars: this animated series previously on Disney XD/Netflix has been renewed for a final season 7 and I can’t wait.


Castle Rock: series premiered July 25 based on Stephen King stories. Looks like it’s worth checking out.

The Handmaid’s Tale: one of the best shows on TV will come back for season 3. Can’t wait.

Marvel’s Runaways: Teens with superpowers and parents who are part of an evil cult. Excellent show that I very much enjoyed. I’m happy to see it coming back for season 2.


13 Reasons Why: critically acclaimed but I’ve not had time for it. Coming back for season 3.

Altered Carbon: Excellent sci-fi series I’ve only seen a couple of episodes but intend to binge soon. Coming back for season 2.

Black Mirror: bizarre anthology series I’ve only seen a couple of episodes but will binge it eventually. Coming back for season 5.

The Crown: critically acclaimed and on my binge list but have not yet started. Renewed for seasons 3 and 4.

Grace and Frankie: enjoyed the first season but haven’t had time for the others. Renewed for season 5.

House of Cards: Probably the biggest casualty of the sex scandal #MeToo era. Will return for a final season 6 without Kevin Spacey. Still should be pretty good and I’m looking forward to it. I’m going to miss it when it’s gone.

Lost in Space: Absolutely loved this reboot. Very happy to hear it was renewed for season 2.

Lucifer: Formally on Fox network. Happy to see it got picked up by Netflix after cancellation from Fox. Really like it.

Daredevil, Iron Fist, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage: all renewed and very happy to hear it.

Marvel’s the Defenders: Crossover series featuring all of the above superheroes. No plans yet for season 2. It was just okay. I like the standalone series better.

One Day at a Time: Was a big fan of the original series but never caught the reboot on Netflix. Renewed for season 3. Probably won’t ever watch.

Orange Is the New Black: I continue to hear great things but just never got around to checking it out. Season 6 just released on July 27. Renewed for season 7.

Sense8: Sci-fi series that looked pretty intriguing but I haven’t started. Series finale was released June 7.

Stranger Things: another one I’ve not watched but I should. Season 3 will not premiere until 2019.

That’s all for now. I will try to put out a more traditional news blog in the next couple of days./p>

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