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I’m not going to comment on all of the Oscar winners and losers. But I did take time out to watch “The Power of the Dog”. While it’s a well-made, well-acted, and well-directed film that probably deserved the best director win for Jane Campion, personally it didn’t do much for me. In many ways I was happy it did not win best picture. I did very much enjoy CODA when I watched it many months ago. I also took the time to watch “King Richard” and enjoy it. Having not seen all the other best actor nominated films, I can’t judge.

I’ve started watching the new Paramount+ series “Halo” based on the videogame by the same name. Lots of action, blood and gore in the first episode. Mystery and intrigue ramps up in the second episode. I’ve never played the videogame or seen it played so I’m coming into it cold. It’s not bad, but it’s watchable.

Star Trek: Picard season 2 continues to deliver. And I’m anxiously awaiting this week’s season finale of Apple TV+ Severance.

Renewals, Coming Soon, and Casting News

  • Great Scott! Christopher Lloyd is joining the cast of “The Mandalorian” season 3.
  • HBO is working on season 4 of “True Detective”.
  • NBC Universal announced “Maury Povich” syndicated talk show will end after 31 years.
  • HBO Max has renewed “And Just like That…” The sequel to “Sex and the City” for season 2.
  • CW has renewed “The Flash”, “Kung Fu”, “All-American”, “Nancy Drew”, “Superman and Lois”, “Walker”, and “Riverdale” for additional seasons.
  • Al Michaels is leaving Sunday night football on NBC to host Thursday night football on Amazon prime. He will be replaced by Mike Tirico.
  • Clark Gregg is joining season 4 of Snowpiercer season 4 and the show will have a new showrunner.
  • ABC announced “The Good Doctor” and “The Rookie” have both been renewed for additional seasons.
  • Carrie Preston will reprise her role as attorney Elsbeth Tascioni on “The Good Fight” and will direct one episode. One of my favorite quirky characters on TV.
  • Drew Barrymore’s syndicated talk show has been renewed through 2022-23 season
  • Star Trek: Picard season 3 will see LeVar Burton, Michael Dorn, and Gates McFadden reunite the Enterprise D crew for the series final season. Word is these will be more than just a cameo.
  • Apple TV+ has renewed “Severance” for season 2. I’m really enjoying this offbeat series. Although it means we will be getting more, it also spoils the fact that there’s going to be lots of unanswered questions at the end of the current season.
  • AMC has greenlighted a “Orphan Black” spinoff series for 2023. We can’t wait.
  • Netflix announced the upcoming third season of “Locke & Key” will be its last.
  • Fox has renewed “Cleaning Lady” for season 2

Miscellaneous News

  • Iconic action star Bruce Willis is stepping away from acting for a medical condition called aphasia which affects speech centers of the brain.

In Memoriam

  • Taylor Hawkins drummer for Foo Fighters. Age 50. Apparent overdose. They have canceled the remainder of their tour including a sold-out Indianapolis show scheduled for Deer Creek Music Center August 1.
  • Steve Wilhite inventor of Graphics Interchange Format (GIF). Age 74. Covid 19.
  • John Roach marketing executive led the team that introduced the RadioShack TRS 80 computer. Marvin J Chomsky Emmy-winning director of “Roots”, “Star Trek: TOS” episodes and others. Age 92
  • CW McCall country singer songwriter of “Convoy” age 93 cancer.
  • Estelle Harris character actress who played George Costanza’s mother on Seinfeld. Age 93.
  • Bobby Riddell teen idol from the 1960s. Age 79

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