Nimoy did LLAP; AHS Goes Gaga; more Shameless, Librarians Arrow, Supernatural, 100, Flash, Gotham, Empire; Reunions: Will & Grace, Al & Trixie; HG:M Part 1 is most gross

Well over a month since my last entertainment update so like always some of my “spoilers” are ancient history and the word “news” definitely needs quote marks around it.


Will start off with the biggest loss namely the passing of Leonard Nimoy. I thought it was interesting that he always signed his tweets and other correspondence with LLAP which of course means live long and prosper. All I can really say about his passing is that he fulfilled that particular saying. He did live long and prospered and we all benefited from that inspiring character that he brought to life as well as the life of the man himself.


I also have to briefly mourn the loss of the NBC series Parenthood. It was one of the best written and acted dramas ever made for television. The quality held up to the very end. The storylines wrapped up in a very satisfying manner that honored the characters well. The montage sequence in the final episode gave us some amazing flashforwards into the future of the characters that made us wish we could’ve spent more time with them even more than we wish that before. I’m really going to miss it.


It’s time for renewals and cancellations of existing series. Although provided before, here is another link to the ongoing TVLine renewal scorecards

Broadcast Renewal Scorecard

Cable Renewal Scorecard


I haven’t had time to review most of the midseason new shows except for Empire which I previously reviewed. I continue to enjoy it four or five episodes into the season.


The Breaking Bad prequel series “Better Call Saul” is good quirky fun that I can highly recommend. It scored the highest premier rating of any cable TV series in history. I still haven’t seen any original Breaking Bad but I intend to catch up on the series one of these days. Perhaps after I get through seasons two and three of House of Cards.


SyFy Channel’s new series 12 Monkeys is much better than the Bruce Willis movie upon which it is loosely based. Really intriguing post-apocalyptic time travel conspiracy theory all in one series. Suggest you check it out.


I watched about 15 minutes of ABCs new Secrets and Lies and decided to skip it. It’s their version of Gracepoint/Broadchurch about the murder of a young boy. Having sat through 10 episodes each of those dramas I wasn’t in the mood for another retelling. ABC promises “Ours Is Better (than Gracepoint)” but I will just have to leave that claim untested. I’d rather watch season 2 of Broadchurch coming to BBC America in the spring.


Speaking of ripoff shows, NBC’s Allegiance which is a blatant ripoff of The Americans does appear to be sufficiently different and interesting that you should check it out especially if you like The Americans.


I’ve not had the opportunity to check out The Returned which is A&E’s ripoff of Resurrection. I’m getting a little tired of Resurrection and I’m not sure I will watch another season when/if it returns.


The jury is still out on Fox illustrious new detective series Backstrom. He’s a grumpy quirky super sleuth. Mix equal parts of Dr. House, Sherlock Holmes, and Colombo.


Speaking of midseason shows, here are links to PDF files showing premier dates and revised schedules for broadcast and cable channels. Schedules courtesy

Printable Spring 2015 TV Schedule v1.01 (PDF)

Printable Spring 2015 Cable TV Schedule v1.00 (PDF)


By the way it’s pilot season. There’s lots of news about networks ordering pilots and casting information on these shows but I gave up reporting on them because so many of these pilots never get picked up that it isn’t worth keeping track of them. So while there’s a lot of news about various actors getting various roles, I just want keep up with them until they actually get picked up to series. I will note however that a potential Criminal Minds spinoff series is getting an embedded pilot. That means an episode of Criminal Minds will introduce a whole new set of characters that may appear in a spinoff series the same way NCIS New Orleans did with the original NCIS.


In the links below read…

Preview of season 3 of Orphan Black

CBS executive discusses Supergirl, CSI’s future, Criminal Minds etc.

Cote de Pablo interview about her exit from NCIS and a possible return

Spoilers from Michael Ausiello dated January 13

Fox executives discuss Sleepy Hollow, Bones, Possible Jack-Less 24, X-Files revival and other topics

Spoilers from Inside Line dated January 23 and January 30 and February 11 and February 16

Postmortem interview with creator of The Mentalist about series finale.

Explanation of rule changes for the Emmys. Comedy, miniseries, variety shows redefined.

Spoilers from Inside Line dated February 24


Not links below but also of interest

Lady Gaga is joining American Horror Story season 5! I cannot wait, I cannot wait, I cannot wait!

Fox has ordered a pilot for a series Minority Report set 10 years after the events of the Tom Cruise movie of the same name

CW network announced its new series “iZombie” will premiere March 17. Supernatural returns March 18 and moves to Wednesday

CW network apocalyptic drama “The Messenger” debuts April 10

CW has renewed 8 series for another season. Arrow, Jane the Virgin, Reign, Supernatural, The 100, The Flash, The Originals, and The Vampire Diaries.

CW network has hinted possible additional DC comic spinoff series perhaps Atom and a possible Supernatural spinoff series.

Showtime has renewed Shameless for season 6

Kyle MacLachian has been confirmed to be in the Twin Peaks revival. More original cast are expected

Will and Grace together again Eric McCormack will guest star on Mysteries of Laura

Woody Allen has agreed to create write and direct a new TV series for Amazon streaming

Derek Hough will be sending out the upcoming season of Dancing With The Stars to Broadway. Theoretically he’ll return.

ABC Family has renewed The Fosters for season 3

Charlotte Ross will return to Arrow to play Felicity’s mom again.

USA network has canceled Benched. I never watched it

The new teaser trailer for SyFy Channel series “The Expanse” features a zero gravity sex scene. Can’t wait 🙂

Beth lives Forever in a Flash. Emily Kinney a.k.a. Beth Greene recently deceased on The Walking Dead will guest star in upcoming episodes of Forever and The Flash.

Fox has renewed Gotham, Empire and Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Fox is jumping on the live stage production bandwagon to produce a live version of Greece starring Julianne Hough

The only thing that could ever make me want to watch Justin Bieber on TV would be a Comedy Central Roast. Amazingly he agreed to one that has been taped. No air date yet announced.

Ian McShane has joined the season 3 cast of Ray Donovan. Al and Trixie (of Deadwood) together again!

Zachary Quinto has confirmed he will not be on the upcoming NBC 13 episode miniseries Heroes Reborn.

David Tennant will star in the Jessica Jones series as Marvel villain Kilgrave

HBO has renewed Togetherness for season 2. I’ve not watched it.

HBO has green lit a miniseries about Lewis and Clark starring Casey Affleck

CBS has pulled The McCarthys from his schedule sooner than planned.

Bravo has renewed Girlfriends Guide to Divorce for season 2. Never saw it.

Mira Serino is joining CBS’ Stalker as a recurring character

Netflix has ordered a 70s musical drama from Baz Luhromann

NBC is renewing The Blacklist, Grimm, Chicago fire, Chicago PD, and Law and Order:SVU

Rosie O’Donnell is leaving The Vew, yet again.

NBC is considering a revival of the original Law and Order with the original stars.

Walton Goggins a.k.a. Justified’s Boyd has joined the cast of HBO’s Vice Principals comedy

The governor lives! David Morrissey a.k.a. the governor of The Walking Dead has joined the cast of Extant season 2

Jeffrey Dean Morgan will also join the cast of Extant

IFC announced Portlandia has been renewed for season 6 & 7

Margo Martindale will return to the Americans during season 3 and we are very pleased.

TNT has renewed The Librarians for season 2 and we are very pleased

Cinemax has renewed Banshee for season 4.

Cinemax has agreement exorcism drama Outcast written by Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman

Hulu Streaming will produce a series based on Stephen King’s 11/22/63 Nine episode series to be produced by JJ Abrams and to start James Franco. That might be worth itself.

CW network announced Beauty and the Beast season 3 premieres May 21 and has already received season 4 renewal.

Christina Aguilera will guest star on multiple episodes of Nashville

Laugh-In announcer Gary Owens has died at age 80.

Linda Park, former communications officer for Star Trek Enterprise will guest star on Castle

Missing spoilers from Michael Ausiello are because his husband passed away February 5. Deepest condolences to my favorite TV critic.

The least real reality show on television a.k.a. The Donald Trump Show a.k.a. The Apprentice has been renewed for season 15

HBO announced Last Week Tonight has been renewed for 2 more seasons. With the retirement of John Stuart I recommend this show for those going through Daily Show withdrawals.

Marvel Dreadstar is being adapted into a TV series. No details yet.

Michelle Gomez will return to Dr. Who season 9 as Missy

Lena Dunham, creator of Girls, will guest star on Scandal

Breaking the “no pilot news” rule: Walking Dead alumna Laurie Holden is joining the cast of Chicago Medical pilot

AMC announced TURN: Washington Spies season 2 premieres April 13

Ben Wloolf who played Meep in American Horror Story: Freak Show has died at age 34 from injuries sustained in a car accident.

Marisa Tomei will star as Gloria Steinem in upcoming HBO miniseries produced by George Clooney

Stephen Moyer a.k.a. Vampire Bill in True Blood will start in Kurt Sutter’s new FX drama The Bastard Executioner. Katie Sagal confirmed as female lead.

Aretha Franklin will mentor the top 16 American Idol contestants

Mark Cuban and Ann Coulter cast as leaders of the United States in Sharknado3

Showtime announced Inside Comedy has been renewed for season 4

Bob’s Burgers has been renewed for season 6

HBO has renewed Bill Maher for season 14 and 15

Game of Thrones premieres April 12

Although Letterman is leaving The Late Show on May 20, Stephen Colbert will not take over until September 8. CBS will air reruns of its scripted dramas in its place leaving Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel to do it out between themselves.

NBC sitcom Community will premiere on its new home Yahoo Streaming March 17

MasterChef Junior has been renewed for season 4

James Cameron has pushed premier dates of the three Avatar sequels from 2016-2018 a year later to 2017-2019.

We mourn the loss of Tony Verna the TV director who invented instant replay has died at age 81.

We mourn the loss of Tony Verna the TV director who invented instant replay has died at age 81.

  1. Michael Sstraczynski Creator of Babylon 5 is writing Red Mars a sci-fi drama series for Spike TV

Simon Pegg who plays Engineer Montgomery Scott in the latest Star Trek films will co-author the script for Star Trek 3 with Doug Jung who created TNT series Dark Blue

Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 was the highest grossing film of 2014 with $333.18 million just edging out Guardians of the Galaxy with $333.17 million gross.

Bradley Cooper and the cast of the Broadway play The Elephant Man moving to London for a 12 week run

Warner Bros. is planning an animated feature film The Jetsons.

Emma Watson a.k.a. Harry Potter’s BFF Hermione Granger has been cast as Belle in a Disney live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast similar to the currently showing Cinderella.

Mission Impossible 5 has been moved six months earlier to premier July 31 instead of Christmas

USA Network has ordered a 10 episode sci-fi series titled Colony about an alien occupation

Ed Sabol founder of NFL films has died at age 98

HBO has renewed “Getting On” for third and final season

Allison Janney has confirmed she will appear in season 3 of Showtime’s Masters of Sex

Adrienne Palicki has been upgraded to series regular on agents of SHIELD. Portrays Hydra bad girl Bobbi Morse

Richard Dreyfus will play Ponzi scheme banker Bernie Madoff in upcoming ABC miniseries

Ridley Scott will produce a new “Aliens” film to be set after “Prometheus 2” however at this point neither film has a script.

Eddie Murphy did not appear in any sketches on the SNL 40th anniversary special because he refused to play Bill Cosby in the “Celebrity Jeopardy” sketch. Cosby applauded him for turning it down.

The Season 3 premiere of Orphan Black will premiere simultaneously on AMC, BBC America, IFC, Sundance and WE TV April 18 at 10 PM.

Rumors say Steven Spielberg will direct Chris Pratt in a reboot of the Indiana Jones films

Chris Hemsworth will host SNL March 7

Judge Judy extends her deal with CBS distribution through 2020

Ken Burns has produced a six-hour documentary for PBS on Cancer. Narrated by Edward Herman who died of brain cancer shortly afterwards. Series begins March 30.

CSI: Cyber will simultaneously premier in 150 countries around the world on March 4 in an attempt to break the Guinness Book of Records largest simultaneous simulcast. The record is currently held by the 50th anniversary special of Dr. Who.




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Matt’s Inside Line: Scoop on Good Wife, Once, Supernatural, Grey’s, Bones, Reign, Constantine, Mentalist and More

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Emmy Shake-Up: Major Rule Changes Expand Number of Nominees, Redefine Comedy and Drama Eligibility

Matt’s Inside Line: Scoop on Arrow, Once, Bones, Teen Wolf, Castle, Five-0, Chicago P.D., Jane and More


Longmire, Hell on Wheels, SYTYD, Girls, Missing, Dad, Rizzoli and Isles extended; Selfie, Perception, and others die

I got so far behind on writing entertainment news that some of these “spoilers” are no longer spoilers because the episode is already aired weeks ago. I’m going to go ahead and post spoiler links as if they were timely. It could be you still got old episodes cluttering up your DVR that would make these actual news. Got all tied up designing Christmas cards and playing with robot dinosaurs.


Meanwhile I did a recap of all of my reviews of new service this season. In case you missed it here is the link. It includes some information about canceled shows and shows which have had extended episode orders. Also contains a link to Ausiello’s series renewal scorecard that tells you the odds of shows being canceled. I will not be reporting cancellations with any of these shows since they’ve already been reported in this story.


We are very sad to report the passing of Carol Ann Sucri. You’ve probably never seen her but she is a important part of one of your favorite shows. She did the voice of the unseen Mrs. Wolowitz, Howard mother on Big Bang Theory. She passed of cancer at age 62. They have not yet revealed what will happen to the character but they don’t intend to replace the with a different actress and they resisted ever having her actually appear in the show.

Also RIP Mike Nichols director of The Graduate and numerous other great films as well as pioneering improv comedian with wife Elaine May.

Also RIP Glen A. Larson age 77 created the original Battle Star Galactica, Magnum PI, Knight Rider and other shows.

Also RIP Christine Cavanaugh who was the voice of Rugrats’ Chucky

Also RIP Edward Herman age 71 of brain cancer. He was a veteran character actor that I most remember for his amazing portrayal of a guest doctor on MASH who cannot deal with the rigors of meatball surgery and ended up needing help from psychiatrists Dr. Sidney.

Also RIP veteran ESPN Stuart Scott.

Also RIP Donna Douglas who played Ellie Mae on the Beverly hillbillies. Pres. Since the last installment we had season finales of Sons of Anarchy, The Newsroom, and White Collar all of which went out with one of their best seasons ever. We will try to get caught up for the second half of the season for remaining shows and prepare for midseason replacements shows.


Normally when we say “postmortem interview” we just mean an interview with a producer or actor at the end of a series or season. As you might guess with Sons Of Anarchy and The Walking Dead, “postmortem” is a literal term regarding characters 🙂


You might want to bookmark the first of these links below which gives the midseason premiere dates for many shows. In the links below read


Midseason premiere dates calendar

Postmortem interview with Mark Boone Junior a.k.a. Bobby from Sons of Anarchy

Spoilers from Michael Ausiello dated November 5 (holy cow I really am behind)

Spoilers from Inside Line dated November 7

Spoilers from Michael Ausiello dated November 11

Interview with Big Bang producer about Sheldon and Amy’s relationship

Spoilers from Inside Line dated November 17

Spoilers from Michael Ausiello dated November 18

Interview with Producer of Gotham about midseason finale

Spoilers from Michael Ausiello dated November 25

Postmortem interview with actress and producer about The Walking Dead midseason finale

Postmortem interview with Juice from Sons of Anarchy

Postmortem interview with Gemma from Sons of Anarchy

Spoilers from Inside Line dated December 3

Interview with Morena Baccarin about a variety of her roles

Postmortem interview with producers of Revenge about killing off major character

Interview with Castle user about midseason finale plot twists

Postmortem interview with Sons of Anarchy producer Paris Barclay about the grand finale

Interview with cast of White-Collar about series finale

Spoilers from Inside Line dated December 17

Spoilers from Michael Ausiello dated December 24

Spoilers from Inside Line dated today!


Not in the links below but also of interest…

History Channel will have a three part miniseries Sons of Liberty about the Revolutionary war January 25 -27

Showtime is developing a drama about a presidential election that starts a second US Civil War

CBS announced that the current season of The Mentalist will be its last

Downton Abbey has been renewed for season six. I’ve never seen it.

HBO series Girls returns for its fourth season Sunday, January 11

Fox is bringing back “Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader” to prime time. No dates that. Format tweaks promised.

AMC announced Hell on Wheels will return for a fifth and final season

Showtime has renewed Homeland for season 5 and The Affair for season 2

USA Network has renewed Graceland for season 3. I quit watching after about four episodes of season 1

TNT has canceled Franklin & Bash. Cited inability to know which was which 🙂 just kidding

Randy Jackson will be completely gone from American Idol this season Contestants admitted he really didn’t give them any usable advice. Scott Borchetta who is famous for discovering Taylor Swift will be the mentor this year.

TNT announced there will be no third season of Perception. Second half of season two premieres in February and will be the end.

Longmire Lives! Will return for season 4 on Netflix

VH1 is bringing back a new season of The Osbournes. Show originally ran from 2002-2005

Tommy Flanagan a.k.a.Chibs from Sons of Anarchy is the new bad guy Malcolm Black on Revenge

CBS has canceled The Millers. I watched a few episodes of the first season but it just wasn’t that good

Gemma lives! Katey Sagal and husband Kurt Sutter will work again on his new FX drama The Bastrop Executioner. The show is set in the time of King Richard III. No word on how big her part will be.

Former SAMCRO president Ron Perlman will be a bad guy in upcoming episodes of Blacklist

CW network has renewed Penn & Teller: Fool Us, Masters of Illusion, and America’s Next Top Model

Hot in Cleveland will end in 2015 it in the sixth season

HBO has ordered two series and adaption of 1973 film Westworld

So You Think You Can Dance has been renewed for season 12

Fox is considering an American remake of British cop show Luther however Idris Elba will not play the title character.

BBC America announced it will show season 4 of Luther sometime in 2015 emanates

American Dad! Has been renewed by TBS

Michael Ealy recently played an android cop on canceled series Almost Human will be the new bad guy opposite Kevin Bacon on the next season of The Following.

NBC has canceled his plans for a new Bill Cosby comedy given his recent scandals

Hugh Laurie is joining the cast of Julia Louis Dreyfus’s HBO comedy Veep

William Shatner will guest on four episodes of Haven on SyFy Channel

Queen Latifah daytime talk show has been canceled

ABC has canceled “Members Only” a drama starring John Stamos before it even airs. Must’ve been a real stinker.

George Eads a.k.a. Nick Stokes is leaving CSI

Unaired episodes of canceled ABCs sitcom Selfie are going to Hulu streaming

Walking Dead creator confirms Daryl really is straight but will introduce soon

Netflix announces House of Cards season 3 will premiere February 27

Lauren Graham fresh off her stint in Parenthood will star in and cowrite NBC comedy about late-night TV She will also play Matthew Perry’s ex-wife in the reboot of The Odd Couple on CBS starting in February

Kathy Griffin has replaced Joan Rivers on Fashion Police.

HBO rewrites drama about 70s rock produced by Scorsese and Jagger

AMC has ordered a pilot for a series based on the comic book Preacher

TNT has renewed Legends for season 2. I gave up after about four episodes

Former NCIS Cote de Pablo a.k.a. Ziva will appear in a CBS Miniseries The Dovekeepers set in ancient Israel. Starts March 31.

CBS midseason shows CSI: Cyber will premiere March 4 10 PM, Battle Creek March 1 10 PM

Two and a Half Men series finale will be February 19. Reboot of Odd Couple the same night

Emily Deschanel a.k.a. Dr. Temperance Brennan on Bones is pregnant and so is Bones. Producer confirms as they will become part of the show.

Mark Hamill will guest star on The Flash as The Trickster reprising his role from Arrow

Judge Len Goodman says he’s leaving Dancing With The Stars after the spring season. Show has not officially been renewed.

The Librarians was the highest rated premier on cable in 2014

Torchwood’s Burn Gorman is the new bad guy on ABCs Forever

SyFy Channel is developing a Superman prequel about Kal–el’s grandfather titled “Krypton”

SyFy Channel will air the fourth and final season of Continuum that is only six episodes

  1. Night Shyamalan’s thriller 10 episode series Wayward Pines premiers on Fox May 14

USA Network has renewed Playing House for season 2. I never heard of it

Rizzoli and Isles has been renewed for season 6 of 18 episodes

Dave Letterman’s final broadcast will be May 20, 2015

Kirsten Dunst has joined the cast of Fargo season 2

Criminal Minds 19th episode will be a pilot for a spinoff series about a globetrotting group of profilers

American Idol is dropping its results show similar to what Dancing with the Stars already did last year

The spinoff series of The Walking Dead will be set in Los Angeles

Vikings season 3 premieres on History Channel for 10 episodes starting February 19

Starz series The Missing has been renewed for season 2

Former JAG star David James Elliott will guest star on the upcoming Scorpion

Former Ghostbuster Ernie Hudson will play Poseidon in upcoming episode of Once upon a Time. No word yet on if you will cross a stream to get to the ocean 🙂

John Travolta will play Robert Shapiro and David Schwimmer will play Robert Kardashian in OJ themed American Crime Story. Cuba Gooding Jr. will play O.J. Simpson. Sarah Paulson is Marsha Clark.

Comedian Kevin Hart will host the first SNL of the year January 17

HBO has renewed Girls for season 5 before season 4 has even aired

Blake Shelton will host and be musical guest for upcoming Saturday night live January 24

USA Network has canceled Covert Affairs. It was a favorite of mine but it had pretty much run its course.

Netflix premiere dates bloodline March 20, Marvel comics Daredevil April 10, Grace and Frankie May 8

NBC is cutting sitcom About a Boy by two episodes down to 20

Netflix series Marco Polo has been renewed for 10 episode season 2

Gladys Knight will guest on upcoming Hot in Cleveland

Christian Bale will not be playing Steve Jobs in upcoming biopic written by Aaron Sorkin. Also the project has switched studios. Michael Fassbender will take the Jobs job instead.

Royal Pains has been renewed for 16 episodes over 2 season

Netflix is adapting Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events is a new series

Oliver Stone will direct a film about Edward Snowden

Mark Wahlberg is developing a reboot of the Steve Austin story to be titled Six Billion Dollars Man. Yes that’s Billion with a “B”. You know… Inflation

Animated feature “Animal Crackers” will feature the voices of Ian McKelln, Danny DeVito, and Sylvester Stallone

John Lassiter, founder of Pixar, will direct to Toy Story 4 to debut in 2017

Godkiller post-apocalyptic comic will become animated trilogy

NBC is considering doing a live stage production “A Few Good Men”. Aaron Sorkin will adapt his screenplay

DreamWorks animation is undergoing merger talks with Hasbro

There will be a computer animated 3-D Peanuts movie November 2015

Netflix is expanding to Australia and New Zealand

Breaking Bad spin off Better Call Saul premieres on AMC February 8

Financial consultant Suze Orman is leaving CNBC to start a syndicated show of her own

CNN to political correspondent Candy Crowley is leaving the network

Lifetime Network will show its Whitney Houston biopic January 17

Star Trek 3 will premiere July 2016 to be directed by Justin Lin who directed Fast and Furious 6



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Matt’s Inside Line: Scoop on Once, Castle, Glee, Grey’s, NCIS, Chicago P.D., Criminal Minds, Librarians and More


Review: Midseason re-review of all programs

We’ve already started seeing some midseason shows premier so I thought I would take a second look at all of the new fall shows that I’ve reviewed and see how they have held up to the first half of their freshman seasons. The link on each title below links to my original review. The shows are given in the order I reviewed them.

Madam Secretary: Originally I gave it an “I’m Watching” and said I could upgrade it to “I really like it”. It’s a definitive yes on that upgrade. The plots have remained mostly believable. The writing is smart. The acting is good. The running plot of the conspiracy theory hasn’t jumped the shark yet. Comes in a very close second to “Gotham” as best new series of the season. Has been picked up for full season and season 2 is a likely renewal.

GothamI’m highly likely to watch any comic book based TV series even if it’s only marginal. However this one greatly exceeded my expectations. So far no one wears comic book costumes which gives it a strong feeling of reality. The crime noir style system interesting. The characters are very multidimensional. The plot twists are phenomenal. Any insights we get into these epic characters at a different point in their life is just amazing beyond words. The most pleasant surprise is the relationship between Catwoman as a young girl and the young Bruce Wayne. My favorite new series of the season hands down. Has been picked up for a full season but no word yet on season 2.

Scorpion: All of the things that I liked and disliked about the show remain intact. The plots are still highly unbelievably contrived. The action scenes are still lots of fun. The interaction of the misfit characters gives that some redeeming value. I’ve kept watching it just because I like to show where the nerds are the heroes but it is in no way a quality show. Picked up for full season and highly likely to get a season 2.

Forever: This show was a very pleasant surprise in my original review. I didn’t think I would like it and I did initially. My opinion has not changed. It is one of my favorites new shows. They’ve taken the premise that this guy is immortal and comes back to life each time he is killed and made it believable and grounded in reality. They haven’t gone off on some supernatural or alien twists. The running plot of a bad guy who is similarly afflicted with immortality reached a peak at the midseason break and I can’t wait to see what happens next. Meanwhile it is a reasonably well written and very well acted police procedural whose individual stories are pretty good. Picked up for a full season but Michael Ausiello’s Scorecard list it as a longshot. (See links at the end of this post.)

How to Get Away with Murder: Although I was very skeptical about this show in my initial reviews, I stuck with it and in the end it’s paid off. The stories were strong enough that I could overlook the flaws with the show. The continuing Ministry of a murder being covered up by the law students did indeed hook me in. I still did not like in any way shape or form the flash-forwards that revealed the murder mystery. I especially dislike the fact that unlike “Damages” which used a similar storytelling device, these foreshadowing’s were not given in order which made it even more difficult to follow that part of the plot. I also had a lot of difficulty figuring out exactly who was the murder victim. Those scenes were all extremely dark and when they would show the victim’s face I was unfamiliar enough with the characters that I couldn’t figure out who it was. It’s no spoiler to tell you now that it was Annalise’s husband. In the end is up to Shonda Rhimes excellent standard. I can’t wait to see what happens in the second half of the season. It has been picked up for a full season and season 2 is a sure thing.

black-ish: I said I wasn’t like me watching many more of this show after the first one but I gave it a second and third chance. It turns out that Black-ish isn’t such a bad show after all especially when it stops trying to be so blackish. It may be because I’m an old white guy that I don’t relate to the more ethnic aspects of the show. I’m no racist I don’t mind that it’s about what it means to be black but I just don’t think those parts of the are especially funny. When it just tries to be an ordinary family comedy this show succeeds pretty well. The only really “blackish” themed episode that really made me laugh was one episode where Andre tries to teach is teenage son how to give “The Nod” and he passes another black man. I may do a separate blog post about “The Nod” of which I’ve experienced my own little version. The funniest part of that episode was when the father and grandfather taught the son how to scrunch up his face when he sees a woman walked by with a big black butt. Very funny stuff. So I continue with it even though it is somewhat inconsistent. With the exception of perhaps “Mulaney”, this is probably the best new comedy on. That’s not saying much because most of the rest of the new comedies really stink. Picked up for full season and likely to get 2.

Selfie: My low expectations for this show were confirmed. The Henry Higgins character tried to cure Eliza of her nerdy Internet addictive ways. The only episode that worked was about the second or third one in which she tried to get him hooked on the Internet and social media. That one was genuinely funny but it went downhill after that. ABC did not order additional episodes beyond the original order. It did show those that had been filmed but dump several of them during the holiday doldrums. Will not be back ever and it is no loss.

Manhattan Love Story: I called this one “Could be watchable” and had some hope that it would turn out okay. In the end it didn’t and the network canceled it after just 4 episodes.

Gracepoint: This is the Fox network remake of the British series Broadchurch: I absolutely loved the British version and could not understand why they would make an American version of it since the British one had already been shown here on BBC America channel. It’s a murder mystery that plays out over 10 episodes after seeing the first episode the plot points or 100% identical with the original British version. I mostly watched because I wanted to see how far they would go to keep the plot identical. Spoiler alert: I’m going to tell you who-done-it. In the original British version it was the female detective’s husband. He was never remotely a suspect until just minutes before they figured out it was him. The plot went down numerous blind alleys and eliminated other suspects before discovering the shocking twist. In the American version it went identical all the way through the confession of the husband. I was so pissed off that they didn’t change the show even one tiny bit. And then they changed it. It turns out that it was the 12-year-old son of the detective and that the father was confessing in order to save the boy. It turns out in both versions the father was a pedophile who was trying to have a relationship with the murdered boy. So the father was the bad guy either case. But the actual murderer was different. I love the original story a lot. The plot twist at the end that changed it wasn’t worth sitting through 10 hours of the same stuff. The American show Gracepoint will not be back next season as it had low ratings. The British show Broadchurch as just started showing second season in the UK and it will be on BBC America here starting in February. I highly recommend the British version.

Mulaney: I described the show as a ripoff of Seinfeld and the show itself recognize that when one character said to Mulaney “I defended you saying you’re not a ripoff of Seinfeld.” The second episode of this series was one of the funniest half hours I’ve seen on TV since Seinfeld. While they all were not that brilliant, overall I really liked this series. Unfortunately I got moved out of prime time into a 7:30 PM Sunday time slot has aired only intermittently. Ausiello lists it as “A long shot” for renewal. I’m disappointed. I’m going to miss it.

Bad Judge: I continued to watch this and it occasionally made me laugh. I admit much of it was just to see Kate Walsh run around in her underwear most of the time. The network did not order additional episodes beyond the first 12 but they did let all of those show. It will not be back next season. No big loss even though I kinda liked it.

A to Z: Initially only really liked this show but in the end the quality went downhill. The network did not order any episodes beyond the original 12 although it is showing all that were shot. It will not be back.

Jane the Virgin: I didn’t care for this show and only watched one episode. Actually I didn’t even finish all of it. It did get a full season pickup and is a likely return in season 2. It’s just not my cup of tea.

Cristela: The second episode of this series wasn’t as good as the first one and only ended up not watching it beyond that. It wasn’t a bad show. It just wasn’t good enough to keep me watching when a watching way too much TV to begin with. Was picked up for a full season and Ausiello says season 2 is a safe bet. I might try checking it out again at some point.

Marry Me: Although I thought the one big joke of the opening scene was pretty good, the rest of the show didn’t hold up and I gave up after 2 episodes. NBC on the other hand ordered an additional five shows beyond the original 13 however Ausiello says season 2 is too soon to tell.

Constantine: I have lukewarm feelings about this show and preferred the long-running CW network show Supernatural. I’ve only seen about three of these. The remaining episodes are filling up my DVR. NBC decided not to order additional episodes beyond the initial 13 however that doesn’t necessarily mean it has been canceled officially yet. They could still pick it up for season 2.

Utopia: I did not review this reality series that was sort of a cloud of CBS’ Big Brother. I kind of liked Utopia even though I fast-forwarded through the boring parts. Fox pulled the plug after just a few weeks. We didn’t even get to see the reaction of the contestants hearing that the show was killed. I think the outside world knew about the cancellation before the utopians did.

The McCarthys: I did not review this CBS sitcom except to say in a Facebook post that I would not be reviewing it because it was so bad it wasn’t with writing a bad review. Ausiello does not report any additional episodes pickups for the season and says that season 2 is too soon to tell.

The Flash: I’m not sure why I never got around to writing a review of this CW network comic book hero show. I really like it. Is a worthy companion to Arrow which follows it on CW. Both are set in the same universe of DC comics and they had a really good crossover episode on Flash 108 and Arrow 308. Highly recommended if you like costumed comic book hero shows.

State of Affairs: I only recently reviewed this show so read it. I quit watching after three episodes but the TV ads for it imply that it is becoming more action and less politics so I may give it another chance at some point. Ausiello listed as “too soon to tell” about renewal.

Here is a link to TV Line Renewal Scorecard Prime time Networks.

Similarly here is a link to TV Line Renewal Scorecard Cable Networks.

CW Network moving to WISH-TV channel 8. CBS to WTTV channel 4.

As previously reported in this blog, starting January 1, 2015 WISH-TV channel 8 is losing its CBS affiliation contract to channel 4 WTTV. Local stations have to pay networks to our network programs. It was time for WISH-TV to renew its contract with CBS but CBS wanted better terms. WISH withholding out so CBS just told them to go take a hike. Several articles I read on the topic said that there were a number of stations holding out and that CBS wanted to make an example of us to get the other stations to sign for the new terms.

Original report said that WTTV would retain CW Network programming on a side digital channel. Over the air their regular CBS programming would be channel 4.1 and CW Network would be on 4.2. About a week or so ago Bright House Cable had already established a new channel titled “WTTV-CW” that was sending out a signal that was standard definition (480i) and not HD however it was 16×9 size so it looked like it filled an HD screen.

Two days ago it was reported in Variety that WISH-TV had bought out WTTV’s contract with CW Network. The WISH is now airing advertisements for various CW Network shows such as “The Flash” and “Vampire Diaries” coming to channel 8 January 1. The special WTTV-CW channel no longer appears on Bright House Cable.

Early reports after the loss of the CBS affiliation speculated that WISH-TV might discontinue its local news reporting because it’s expensive to do and without the ad revenue they get from network programming it’s hard to maintain such a newsroom. But as it turns out the opposite is true.

WISH-TV as a new tagline in their advertisements “WISH-TV Today, Tomorrow, Forever” basically throwing down the gauntlet saying to its viewers “Don’t count us out yet, we’re not going anywhere.” They recently aired a one hour special featuring their major on-air personalities for news, weather, sports reminiscing about the history of the station. They also recounted various stories they had covered in the past. Gave you a behind-the-scenes look at what their day was like. They also talked about how great it was going to be to have all this extra time to report the news without worrying about breaking in on network programs. They must all be great actors because they sounded like they really meant it. Basically they were admitting “We haven’t got anything else to show you except news so that’s what were going to do.”

The new schedule starts with a local news program at 4:30 AM that will run all the way until 9 AM. That’s not significantly different from what WTHR 13 does however much of that timeslot is filled with The Today Show from NBC. WISH will be local programming the entire time. In addition to that large block, they will do one hour at noon, two hours at dinner time from 5 PM to 7 PM. Again you get the same thing on other stations except that a half hour of that block is national network news. WISH will fill the entire thing with local. Finally at 10 PM through 11:30 PM you will get more local news. A total of 13 hours per day. WISH was already doing a 10 PM half hour news for its sister station WNDY 23. I’ve been unable to determine if this 10 PM broadcast will appear on both stations or if it’s moving from 23 to 8 completely.

Back in the 70s WTHR and WRTV swapped ABC and NBC affiliations but that was pretty much an even trade of two major networks. It was going to be a huge loss for WISH to lose any network affiliation whatsoever. The purchase of the contract for CW Network helps a little bit but it’s still a big loss for WISH. Of course CW Network is thrilled to be at a bigger more well-established local affiliate.

Here is a link to the “Variety” website reporting acquisition of the CW Network contract.

Here’s an article from the Indianapolis Star in August reporting the original loss of CBS.

Another article from Indianapolis Star from past August on the topic. Be sure to check out the slideshow on this Indy Star article.

It’s going to be strange but at least we still get to see all of our relations from both CBS and CW.

Utopia Fails; Bridge Closed; Judge Impeached; A to M not Z; Bye-Bye Boo-Boo; AC Clark Dual Pickups; Multiple Shows Extended;

Except for a couple of November premieres, we’ve seen all of the new series this year. You can find reviews of almost all of them in earlier posts in my blog. In a week or so I will post a recap to see if any of my opinions have changed. So far we’ve had our first casualty of the new season. ABC has pulled the plug on “Manhattan Love Story”. It was just a so-so romantic comedy. Also officially canceled are Bad Judge and A to Z but they will be allowed to finish out their 13 episodes. Check out the renewal scorecard in our first link below and save the link for future reference as it is updated. So far I’ve pulled the plug on three series that I’m no longer watching. Selfie lasted two episodes for me. Stalker made it to three episodes before I quit watching although it has been picked up for a full season. And Jane that Virgin I was unable to watch an entire episode before giving up on it. Everything else is either on a “I’m watching” or the jury is still out.


In the links below read


TVLine Renewal Scorecard save this link for future reference.

Spoilers from Michael Ausiello dated October 14

Spoilers from Inside Line dated October 16

Spoilers from Inside Line dated October 24

Spoilers from Michael Ausiello dated October 29

Overview of Marvel Studios pipeline of upcoming films.


Not in the links below but also of interest

Look for British actor Jamie Bamber a.k.a. Apollo Adama from Battle Star Galactica to appear on NCIS as Bishop’s husband

SyFy Channel has acquired the rights to “Dark Matter” graphic novel series to be developed into a weekly series by the producers of Stargate

HBO has announced in 2015 it programming will be available as a subscription streaming service for those who do not have cable.

Archie Panjabi a.k.a. Kalinda is leaving The Good Wife at the end of the season. I’m hoping they kill her off considering what an interesting character she is. She deserves a good exit.

Neil Patrick Harris will host the Oscars in 2015.

Colette lives! Recently deceased madam from Sons of Anarchy will appear in season 3 of House of Cards

CBS is also launching a standalone online streaming video service

Victor Garber will guest star on Blue Bloods and The Flash the season

Dean Stockwell will take a quantum leap to NCIS: New Orleans in an upcoming episode to reunite with Scott Bakula

DirecTV has ordered a new season of it series Kingdom about MMA fighters

Opie Lives. Ryan Hurst a.k.a. Opie from SOA will guest star on Bates Motel

There will be a Sharknado 3 next summer on SyFy Channel

Bones 200 episode will have an homage Alfred Hitchcock style thriller

We are very sorry to report The Bridge is closed. Canceled by FX Network.

Chad Coleman a.k.a. Tyreese from Walking Dead will guest star on L&O:SVU in an NFL domestic violence episode

Morena Baccarin will guest star on upcoming episodes of Gotham as Dr. Leslie Thompkins

Supernatural may introduce a spinoff series to be titled Supernatural: Bloodlines

Once upon a Time will get a double sized episode in November

ABC has increased orders for Modern Family, The Middle, The Goldbergs, and Black-ish to 24 episodes. Castle, Once upon a Time will get 23 total this season. Resurrection sticks with 13.

TLC has canceled “Here Comes Honey Boo-Boo” after Mama June started dating a convicted child molester. Duh.

Lauren Graham from Parenthood will guest star on the reboot of The Odd Couple as Oscar (Matthew Perry) ex-wife.

Nikita alum Lindsy Fonseca will guest star on Marvel’s Agent Colson although not as an agent. Wish it was more of a kick as role.

Our favorite Cylon Tricia Helfer will guest star in upcoming episodes of Suits

Marcia Strassman from Welcome Back Kotter has died of breast cancer at age 66

Charles Dance a.k.a. GOT’s Tywin Lannister will star in upcoming SyFy Channel miniseries Childhood’s End based on Arthur C Clarke’s novel.

Neil Patrick Harris will host a 10 episode variety show on NBC

CBS has picked up a full season order for Scorpion, NCIS: New Orleans, Stalker, and Madam Secretary

NBC has ordered a full season pickup for Mysteries of Laura

Neil Patrick Harris will guest star on American Horror Story with his husband David Burtka

Kira Sedgwick will star in and produce an upcoming HBO comedy about a former nun who tries to get her life together after leaving the church.

AMC will have Hugh Laurie in the John le Carre “The Night Manager”

HBO has signed all the major actors for season 7 of Game of Thrones which will probably be its final season.

Comedy Central has announced December 18 as the final date for The Colbert Report and Stephen moves to replace the Letterman

Starz canceled series Magic City will return as a theatrical film with Bruce Willis joining the original TV cast

Sharon Stone will play a female vice president in upcoming 10 episode Agent X. For TNT in 2015

Woody Harrelson will host SNL November 15

SyFy Channel is developing a miniseries for 2015 based on Arthur C Clarke’s 3001: The Final Odyssey

William Hurt has been cast the lead role in AMC sci-fi drama Humans for 2015

Warner Bros. has announced there will be three more Lego movies and a Harry Potter spinoff films based on Fantastic Beasts And Where to Find Them.

NBC has scrapped plans for a comedy called Mission Control about astronauts wife.

Elizabeth Pena who played several episodes of Modern Family as Sophia Vergara’s mother has died at age 55 after a long illness

Frank Langella will guest star in multiple episodes of The Americans on FX. Can’t wait.

Al Pacino is returning to Broadway in David Mamet’s “China Doll”

McMillan will publish a book “The Secret Lives of Twin Peaks” to fill in the 25 year gap between the original series in the upcoming return on Showtime.

Fox has trimmed its order for it new sitcom Mullaney from 16 to 13 episodes

Tony Mendez, cue card man for David Letterman for 21 years, has been fired after disagreement and physical altercation with one of the shows writers. He will be paid his salary to the end of Letterman’s run.

Barbara Walters un-retires to bring back “10 Most Fascinating People” to ABC

ABC has ordered a spinoff of Shark Tank titled Beyond the Tank

Christian Bale will play Steve Jobs in the upcoming film written by Aaron Sorkin

AMC networks has paid $200 million for a 49.9% stake of BBC America

Insurgent, a sequel to the film Divergent, will be released in 3-D.

Avengers: Infinity War, the third avengers story, will be split into two films.

Elizabeth Norment who played Kevin Spacey’s secretary in House of Cards has died of cancer at age 61

Metallica will appear on Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson for an entire week in November

The cast of Sons of Anarchy will visit Conan O’Brien November 11

Jay Leno will be a guest on the Tonight Show this Friday

CW network has given full season orders to The Flash and Jane the Virgin

Craig Ferguson’s last day will be December 19. James Corden takes over March 9 at Late Late Show

Fox’s canceled its reality series Utopia. Media found out before the participants did.




2015 Renewal Scorecard: What’s Coming Back? What’s Getting Cancelled? What’s on the Bubble?

Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Glee, Grey’s, Revenge, Blacklist, Arrow, New Girl, Once, House of Lies and More

Matt’s Inside Line: Scoop on Nashville, Once, Five-0, Castle, Covert Affairs, Grimm, Arrow, Flash, Beast and More

Matt’s Inside Line: Scoop on Castle, White Collar, Once, Haven, Supernatural, Arrow, Beast and More

Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Castle, Bones, The Leftovers, Vampire Diaries, Once, Newsroom, Good Wife and More

Marvel Unveils ‘Captain America 3: Civil War’, Chadwick Boseman As ‘Black Panther’, ‘Captain Marvel’ & More



No more Rush, Dallas; Twin Peaks returns; More Shameless, Lies, Episodes, Mistresses, Dead, Defiance, Dominion; RIP Hooks and Un-Cola Man

Haven’t had much time to catch up on entertainment news because I’ve been busy watching and reviewing new series. Even the series which I didn’t particularly like, I’m going to give them a couple more episodes and after every new series that I’ve reviewed has had at least three episodes I will do a recap and see if any of the shows have gotten better or worse.
Probably the biggest entertainment news is that the David Lynch surreal crime drama Twin Peaks is returning as a limited series on Showtime. Check out the first link
Also any fans of Pixar movies absolutely must see this video linked here. It theorizes a strange connection between all of their movies. Very very cleverly done.
Meanwhile in the links below read
Interview with producer of Twin Peaks about shows return
Spoilers from Michael Ausiello dated September 23
Interview with “Fitz” about what his character is going through on Agents of Shield
Spoilers from Inside Line dated September 23
Interview with Bones producer about major character they killed off in opening episode and why.
Postmortem interview with producers of Masters of Sex after season 2 finale and looking forward to season 3
Spoilers from Michael Ausiello dated September 30
Interview with Sweets about his departure from Bones
Spoilers from Inside Line dated October 3
Spoilers from Michael Ausiello dated October 7
Also of interest but not in the links below
HBO series True Detective will star Vince Vaughn and Colin Farrell a new storyline
SyFy Channel has ordered a new series called Hunter based on the Alien Hunter books. Produced by Walking Dead Producer Gail Anne Hurd
CBS has renewed reality show Big Brother for two more seasons
SyFy Channel has renewed Defiance and Dominion for another season. We are well pleased.
Starz series Outlander will return for its second half of the season April 4
John Ratzenberger from Cheers will have a recurring role on CBS sitcom The McCarthys
ABC has renewed summer series Mistresses for season 3
Yvette Nicole Brown is not returning to Community when the show moves to Yahoo streaming next season. She will be a regular in the CBS reboot of The Odd Couple.
Showtime series Shameless, House of Lies, and Episodes will all return January 11
Tim DeKay a.k.a. The Suit from White-Collar will guest star on Agents of Shield
Fox has cut its reality series Utopia to one episode per week earlier than expected
Michael Rosenbaum a.k.a. Lex Luther from Smallville has a new sitcom on TV land titled Imposter where he plays a gay preacher
USA Network has canceled “Rush” and I’m disappointed. Kind of liked it. It was sort of Ray Donovan meets Hank-Med.
Sally Kellerman who played Hot Lips in the movie version of MASH will appear on Young and the Restless CBS soap
TV land has canceled its Jamie Presley sitcom Jennifer Falls after one season
Elizabeth Perkins from Weeds will guest star on How to Get Away with Murder as a defendant
Starz pirate series Black Sails season 2 begins January 24. Already renewed for season 3
Hollywood Game Night has been renewed for season 3. One of my guiltiest guilty pleasures
TNT has canceled Dallas after 3 seasons. Couldn’t care less
Showtime has ordered a limited series return of David Lynch classic Twin Peaks!
Sarah Wayne Callies a.k.a. Lori from The Walking Dead will star in a USA Network pilot Colony. Set in modern-day LA during an alien invasion.
Atlantis returns to BBC America November 15
Nat Geo is producing Killing Jesus based on the Bill O’Reilly book. Kelsey grammar will play King Herod. True Blood’s Stephen Moyer will play Pontius Pilate and Haaz Sleiman who was a bad guy on Covert Affairs will play Jesus
The Walking Dead has been renewed for season 6.
The Walking Dead spinoff will be a bit of a prequel covering the earlier days of the apocalypse but with new characters in a different location.
From the creator of American Horror Stories, FX has ordered a new series American Crime Story. The first 10 episode season will cover the O.J. Simpson trial. Like we need that.
Peter Fonda will guest star in an upcoming episode of The Blacklist
MTV is canceling its series Awkward after season 5
Amazon has renewed its new series Transparent starring Jeffrey Tambor for season 2
CBS has renewed Under the Dome and Extant and we are very well pleased on both accounts.
CBS has canceled summer legal drama Reckless after 1 season
RIP SNL veteran Jan Hooks at age 57
Jason Ritter will return for an episode or two in the final season of Parenthood
ABC has given full season orders for black-ish and How to Get Away with Murder.
Starz basketball theme series Survivor’s Remorse has been renewed for season 2
Animated Guardians of the Galaxy series coming to Disney XD in 2015
I almost forgot to mention CBS has canceled Unforgettable
Katie Holmes returns as Jackie Kennedy in a Reelz four part miniseries sequel of The Kennedys
Fox has ordered a full season pickup for Gotham
American Horror Story has been renewed for season 5
WGN America series Manhattan about the building of the atomic bomb has been renewed for season 2.
Game of Thrones after hints that Tywin Lannister might not have died on the throne after all. May return.
AMC is picking up a British channel 4 series titled “Humans”. An adaptation of a Swedish sci-fi show will run eight episodes.
Broadway version of The Lion King has grossed a record $6.2 billion beating out previous Phantom of the Opera
JJ Abrams will produce a streaming series for Hulu titled 11/22/63 based on the Stephen King novel
Brian Singer will direct X-Men: Apocalypse for Fox
Michelle Yeoh is joining the cast of Cinemax’s Strike Back final season
The “Real Genius” movie franchise is getting a reboot as an NBC comedy series
Sasha Alexander a.k.a. Isles from Rizzoli and will guest star as one of Lip’s professors on Showtime’s Shameless
The FAA has approved the use of unmanned drones for Hollywood production.
Penn and Teller magic competition show Wizard Wars will get six more episodes on SyFy Channel
Rutger Hauer will have a recurring role on the ABC fairytale comedy Galavant
Amazon prime will premiere season 2 of Alpha House October 24
The FCC has canceled its NFL blackout rules. You can now see non-sold-out games locally
The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon will move to Phoenix for a post-Super Bowl broadcast just like he did when the Super Bowl was in Indy.
Yvonne Strahovski former girlfriend to Chuck and Dexter will appear in the ABC 10 part series Astronaut Wives Club coming midseason
Jason Sudeikis, Bill Hader, Josh Gad, and Maya Rudolph are among the voice cast for the upcoming Angry Birds feature film
Star Wars Rebels animated series has been renewed for season 2 on Disney XD
USA Network has renewed relationship drama Satisfaction
Nicholas D’Agosto will play Harvey Dent/Two-Face in upcoming episodes of Gotham
Nik Wallenda will be blindfolded as he walks between skyscrapers in Chicago on Discovery Channel November 2
Steve Martin will receive AFI Lifetime Achievement Award
The Farrelly brothers are joining the reboot of HBO’s Project Greenlight
RIP actor/artists Geoffrey Holder also known as the Un-Cola man from 7-Up commercials. Died of pneumonia age 84
There will be a “The Purge 3” film coming soon. Why don’t they just day indoors?
Legendary TV is developing a series based on the computer game Myst
TNT will begin airing older episodes of NBC’s monster hunter series Grimm
Craig Robinson, brother-in-law of Pres. Obama, joined ESPN college basketball commentator ranks
NBC has ordered additional strips of Mysteries of Laura and Constantine
Tom Welling a.k.a. young Clark Kent from Smallville will star in a film The Choice based on the Nicholas Sparks novel
Victor Garber will recur on The Flash as Doctor Martin Stein
Legendary TV is developing a reboot of Lost in Space for a TV series.
AMC has abandoned all unscripted TV shows except for Talking Dead and Comic Book Men
Animated comedy Archer will no longer call it’s nemesis spy agency ISIS after terrorist group co-ops the name.
Marvel comics has canceled Fantastic Four comics just before new movie is released by rival studio
Fox will make a TV version of the classic Tom Hanks film Big
Classic videogame Tetris is being made into a live-action movie. How? Why? Who cares?
Chris Rock will host SNL November 1
Twin Peaks on Showtime: Exec Producer Mark Frost Talks Returning Cast, Storyline and (Much) More
Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Castle, Outlander, Bones, Grey’s, Walking Dead, Chicago PD, Arrow and More
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Star Weighs In on Heartbreaking Twist, ‘Darker’ Season 2
Matt’s Inside Line: Scoop on Scandal, Once, Mentalist, Vampire Diaries, Reign, The Flash, Homeland and More
Bones Premiere Shocker: Find Out Why [Spoiler] Had to Die
Masters of Sex Finale Post Mortem: EP Talks Surprise Returns, Bill’s Secret and More [Spoiler] in Season 3
Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Vampire Diaries, Walking Dead, Bones, Bates, Dixie, Chi Fire, Witches and More
John Francis Daley Opens Up About Sweets’ Shocking Bones Exit: ‘I Feel Like I Lost a Part of Me’
Matt’s Inside Line: Scoop on Arrow, Supernatural, Once, Fosters, Chi Fire, Reign, Shameless, Gotham and More
Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Castle, Bones, Flash, Good Wife, Hannibal, Horror Story, Homeland, Gotham and More

Hank Med Visits Nurse Jackie; DC comics film goes to hell; Jaws dies; More Tyrant; More Arms; Dig delayed.

It’s time for all of the new fall shows to premiere as well as returning series. There was a link to a calendar in my previous installment of entertainment news and I’m posting daily updates on Facebook as well as writing reviews for some of the new shows.


In the links below read

Spoilers from Michael Ausiello dated September 11

Spoilers from Inside Line dated September 15

Interview with American Idol judges about what was right and wrong last season and looking forward to this season

TV critic Michael Slezak reviews Red Band Society.


Not in the links below but also of interest.

Discovery Channel is going to strand 2 rival US senators on a desert island for a reality show. It’s a shame they can’t find 25 more islands.

Although Longmire was just canceled by A&E it may not be dead. Producers are shopping it to Netflix and other streaming services.

USA announced the final six episode season of White-Collar will premiere November 6. Producers promise a “shocking” series finale.

TNT has renewed Murder in the First for a 10 episode second season.

Luke Perry is joining CSI: Cyber in a recurring role that might become permanent

Former Community star Gillian Jacobs will star in “Love” a half-hour sitcom produced by Judd Apatow for Netflix.

Former cast member Bill Hader will return to SNL but this time as host on October 8.

Darrell Hammond will replace the late Don Pardo as announcer for SNL. It was revealed that he has been doing a Don Pardo impersonation with the real guy was unavailable due to age and/or illness.

Able Teller son of Jax on SOA is one lucky dude. His preschool principle will be Alicia Coppola and his teacher will be Courtney Love.

FX has renewed “Tyrant” for season 2. I never watched it

CBS has given series commitment to an hour long drama Supergirl. No casting news yet.

RIP 7 foot 2 inch actor Richard Kiel best known for playing “Jaws” in James Bond films and tall aliens in a variety of shows. One week short of his 75th birthday.

AMC has renewed arm wrestling reality series “Game of Arms” for Season 2.

ABC has acquired the rights to da Vinci code author Dan Brown’s “Digital Fortress” with a put pilot commitment. I thought it was the least believable of Brown’s books.

AMC will coproduce a sci-fi series Humans with UK broadcaster channel 4 based on a Swedish series.

George Clooney will receive Golden Globes’ Cecil B DeMille award.

Universal is making another Jason Bourne film starring Matt Damon.

USA network has pushed action-adventure series “Dig” back to 2015 rather than this fall because it could not be filmed in Jerusalem with all of the Gaza conflict going on. It has been moved to Croatia and Mexico for filming. An FBI agent investigates the death of an archaeologist and uncovers a 2000 year old conspiracy.

Discovery Channel will air Nik Wallenda attempt to walk a tight rope between skyscrapers in downtown Chicago November 2

Mark Feuerstein a.k.a. Hank Lawson on Royal Pains will recur in the season of Nurse Jackie

Fox has purchased the right to DC comics Lucifer

ABC is developing “LA Crime” a true crime series set throughout the history of LA

TNT has nabbed cable broadcast rights to five upcoming Marvel studios films including Avengers: Age of Ultron

Artist Roger Dean whose artwork as appeared on the album covers for Yes, Asia, and Uriah Heap has lost his suit against James Cameron in which he claimed Cameron stole his artwork as inspiration for floating mountains in Avatar. This is the fourth suit against Avatar that Cameron has won.

Bus side posters promoting Red Band Society have been pulled because of complaints. It wasn’t so much that they labeled “Coma Boy” as did I in my review but Octavia Spencer’s nurse character was labeled “Scary Bitch”. Prove you can make fun of the handicapped but not call a woman a bitch. Oh well.

E! Network will continue “Fashion Police” without Joan Rivers

TNT is making a four hour miniseries about Neil Armstrong titled “One Giant Leap”

Joan Rivers will appear in two episodes of the new season of Celebrity Apprentice premiere date unknown.

Cheryl Burke announced this will be her last season as a dance pro on Dancing with the Stars. She’s my favorite.

Matt Smith a.k.a. the 11th Doctor has joined the cast of “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies” in theaters in 2015

Sony pictures animation is making a CGI animated Popeye movie for 2016 release

X-Men character Deadpool will get his own movie in 2016




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Idol Judges on Season 14: J.Lo Wants Less Cruelty, Adam Lambert Seeks Artistry, Harry Flinches at ‘Geek’ Label

Red Band Society Premiere Recap: Are These Kids All Right?


WISH TV loses its Eye; No More Hodor (for now); Longmire no longer; Wil Won’t (be back)

As with the loss of Robin Williams, we will not attempt here to measure the significance of losing Joan Rivers. Both were singular talents that had no peers.


The biggest entertainment news is probably a story you have not heard. The local CBS affiliate WISH TV channel 8 is losing its affiliation with CBS. The change will take place January 1, 2015 Local TV stations used to be subsidized by their networks however over the years that has evolved to reverse itself so that local stations have to pay the networks for the network shows. WISH TV was in the middle of negotiating a new contract with CBS and didn’t want to pay as much as CBS was asking. CBS says that’s okay. We will take our programming somewhere else. Namely to WTTV channel 4. Channel 4 has always been an independent station which in recent years has shown programming from CW network such as Supernatural, Vampire Diaries, and Arrow as well as its young Superman series Smallville which ended a couple of years ago. WTTV is owned by Tribune Broadcasting which also owns WXIN Channel 59 which is a Fox affiliate. Tribune says that they will operate completely independently and they even plan to open the local newsroom for WTTV that will be separate from the WXIN newsgathering organization. From the articles I’ve read, WISH TV was taken quite by surprise. All requests for comment have returned with the response “We don’t know”. For example local news people sign multi-your contracts presuming that the TV station is still going to have a news program. But without income from the network programs it’s questionable whether channel 8 can continue to produce a local new show. In the 1970s channel 6 and Channel 13 swapped affiliations between ABC and NBC. I thought perhaps channel 8 would pick up CW network but the articles linked below from the Indianapolis Star WTTV will continue to air CW network programs on its subcarrier channel 4.2 while caring CBS on 4.1 over the air. Bright House cable currently does not show any sub channels from channel 4 but they do air sub channels from other local stations such as MyTV and Cozi so my guess is they will eventually add the additional channel 4.2 as well other cable and satellite providers. That’s just speculation on my part. Here are the links to the articles from the Indianapolis Star a few weeks ago with more details. Article from Indianapolis Star website and another article from Indianapolis Star website.


A couple of new shows for you to check out on Starz network. Outlander is the story of a World War II Army nurse who goes on a late honeymoon with her husband after the war and while touring some Scottish ruins gets magically transported back to the 1700s. Based on a series of novels by Diana Gabaldon. Except for the initial time jump it’s not very sci-fi/fantasy but is more of a historical drama. But it’s really well done and produced by former producers of Battle Star Galactica. It’s holding my interest after three or four episodes. The other new Starz series is called “The Chair”. It’s a reality series produced by former Project Greenlight producer Chris Moore. It pits two different first-time movie directors against each other to create a feature film (at least 83 minutes) based on the same screenplay. In the first episode that aired last Friday each director has done major rewrites of the screenplay but the basic setting and characters have to remain the same. If you are a fan of moviemaking and especially if you are a fan of Project Greenlight which had previously aired on HBO, then you definitely want to check this out.


It’s time for the new fall TV shows to start. Sons of Anarchy premiered last night on FX. Haven is returning to SyFy Channel this week. Boardwalk Empire premiered its final season on HBO Sunday. Just to name a few. I used to make my own Fall TV schedule that showed which shows were new, and which ones were changing time slots. But I finally found the website that makes a pretty good table of its own. You can download a PDF printable version of the broadcast and cable schedules here. Not much on the cable schedule.


Printable Fall 2014 TV Schedule v1.01 (PDF)

Printable Fall 2014 Cable TV Schedule v1.00 (PDF)


Additionally I used to make a list of which shows were returning and which ones were canceled however TV Line as already produced such list for broadcast and cable. We have provided those links before but here they are again to refresh your memory.

2014 Renewal Scorecard: What’s Cancelled? What’s Coming Back? What’s on the Bubble?

Cable Renewal Scorecard: What’s Returning? What’s Cancelled? What’s on the Bubble?


And organized slightly differently here is a calendar of premiere dates courtesy of TV line

TV line calendar of premiere dates


Specifically we want to mention the passing of two of our favorite shows. HBO’s True Blood aired its final episode a couple of weeks ago. It made use of this final season to do some flashbacks to show some interesting back story that was very satisfying. And it wrapped up tying up all of the loose ends of other storylines. Altogether it was a really great show and a satisfying but somewhat bittersweet ending. Bittersweet is the same word that I would use for this series finale of The Killing. The show was about a male/female pair of Seattle detectives who spent the first season half on AMC network trying to solve one case. Viewers were a bit upset that they didn’t solve it by the season finale of the first season but it was still a quality show throughout. It was thought to be canceled after the second season but got a reprieve of a third season on AMC that ended with Detective Sarah Linden killing a fellow detective (who happened to be a serial killer). That was supposed to be really really the final season. And then it got picked up by Netflix for an additional six episode many season which gave us a very juicy case as well as showing us the aftermath of what happened at the end of season 3 the ending of this fourth and allegedly final season also had a satisfying ending although they did kind of wrap it up quickly. I think I believe them when they say it will not be back but with this show you never know. Anyway I liked them both and will miss them greatly.


Since our last installment we had the Emmy Awards. Here is a link to the winners. I’m getting a little bit disgruntled that the same shows and actors win year after year and that some really outstanding performances get overlooked. While the Oscars are too much of a snobbish movie buff kind of thing, The Emmys are in my opinion becoming just a popularity contest. Emmy Winners 2014 — Full List


In the links below read…


Postmortem interview with producers of True Blood about the show’s finale.

Postmortem interview about season finale of Covert Affairs

Inside Line spoilers dated August 28

Spoilers from Michael Ausiello dated September 2

Inside Line spoilers dated September 5

Interview with Producer of Sons of Anarchy about season opener


Not in the links below but also of interest…


NBC has decided not to go forward with “Emerald City” an hour-long drama modern reimagining of Wizard of Oz. It had already been ordered to series but NBC gave up. Universal Studio could shop it to another network.

Big Bang producers say that Penny and Leonard will probably not get married this season despite being engaged.

SyFy Channel series Lost Girl will be ending after it’s upcoming 5th season of 16 episodes which will air in two segments of 8.

Kim Kardashian will guest star on an upcoming 2 Broke Girls

Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkland dropped the hint that Daryl might be gay. That was just a rumor. But they have confirmed we can look forward to a gay character in the series eventually.

Netflix announced that its upcoming Marco Polo series will premiere December 12

In addition to Rosie O’Donnell joining the cast of The View they have also added Rosie Perez. I wonder if actor/former football star Rosey Grier is available as well 🙂

David Hyde Pierce a.k.a. Dr. Niles Crane from Fraser will have a recurring role on The Good Wife

A&E has canceled Longmire

SyFy Channel has announced it is not renewing the Wil Wheaton Project. I kind of liked it.

The rumors are back that Jack Bauer may be headed for the big screen. Rumors of a “24” movie abound.

Prison Break reunion: Dominic Purcell will join Wentworth Miller as a guest in the upcoming season of The Flash

No more Hordor for now. Neither the vocabulary impaired giant nor his master Bran will appear in season 5 of Game of Thrones. There storyline will pick up presumably the following season but don’t look for them at all this season.

NBC is considering producing a sitcom that would air live every week including live commercials.

Former US X factor contestant Simone Battle has committed suicide at age 25. She was a hot looking African-American pop singer.

British comedian James Corden (never heard of him) will be replacing Craig Ferguson on the CBS Late Late Show

HBO has announced that the final season of Newsroom will premiere November 9

Showtime announced that upcoming season 7 in 2015 will be the last for Nurse Jackie

RIP Oscar winning actor director producer Lord Richard Attenborough age 90

BBC edited episode 3 of the current season of Dr. Who which depicted the beheading of a monster robot. Did so in out of sensitivity over recent terrorist beheadings.

Keith Olbermann’s ESPN 2 program is moving from 11 PM to 5 PM and he will be anchoring some installments of Sports Center when big news items are breaking

Discovery Channel has canceled reality show “Sons of Guns” after one of the main was arrested for aggravated rape.

Netflix is paying $2 million per episode for the streaming rights to reruns of NBC’s “The Blacklist”.

Netflix is paying reported $1.75 million per episode for streaming rights to upcoming Fox series “Gotham”. This is the first time such a deal has been made before the show has even aired on a network.

Fox’s considering a remake of the classic series “The Greatest American Hero”

Netflix has renewed its Gothic thriller Hemlock Grove for a third and final 10 episode season

CeeLo Green’s reality series “the Good Life” has been canceled by TBS after the musician made controversial twitter statements about rape.

Apple Computers claims that none of the leaked nude celebrity photos were result of a hacking of iCloud directly. It says the celebrities simply had their passwords hacked but it was not a security breach of the cloud itself.

Fox has canceled “Gain Related” after one summer season.

SyFy Channel has greenlit a miniseries “Childhood’s End” based on the novel by Arthur C Clarke.

George Clooney will direct a film about the British tabloid phone hacking scandal

Tom Hanks and Lily Tomlin are among the 2014 Kennedy Ctr. Honorees

CBS is considering offering the Showtime premium cable channel as a streaming service to those who have broadband but not cable. Time Warner is also considering the same move with HBO.

AMC has officially ordered into production a pilot for a spinoff series from The Walking Dead. Will not yet guarantee series pickup but it is highly likely.

The NFL has hinted that verbal halftime performers will have to pay to appear rather than the NFL paying them.

Maggie Lawson of Psych is joining the cast of Two and a Half Men.

Chris Pratt a.k.a. Star Lord from Guardians of the Galaxy will host the season premiere of Saturday Night Live September 27

Kari Byron, Tory Belleci and Grant Imahara will not be returning to MythBusters next season. It will just have the stars 2 original hosts.

Zach Galifianakis will star in a new comedy series on FX titled Baskets to be produced by Louis CK

Dancing with the Stars cast includes comedian Tommy Chong, MMA star Randy Couture, NASCAR driver Michael Waltrip, Lea Thompson a.k.a. Marty McFly’s mother. Among others.

Filming has begun on the third Robert Langdon film (sequel to Da Vinci Code) titled Inferno.

Harry Belafonte and Maureen O’Hara will receive honorary Oscars

Dwayne Johnson a.k.a. The Rock will play the villain Black Adam In the Upcoming DC Comics Movie Shazam



True Blood Post Mortem: EP Defends Finale Death, Explains Sookie’s Future

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Halt Doesn’t; More Strain, Sex, Ray; Dr. Monk Coming; Bullet Screams; Mork meets Orson; Bogie and Bacall together again.

Billy Crystal tweeted “There just aren’t words” to describe the passing of Robin Williams. But somewhere along the way he will find the words because he is scheduled to do a tribute to him in Monday nights Emmy awards ceremony. I’m with his original assessment. There just aren’t words.


Rather than make up my own custom TV schedule for the new fall shows I found the following PDF file on TVcoholic that should get you caught up on premiere dates etc.


Here’s the latest entertainment news. In the links below read


Spoilers from Michael Ausiello dated August 5

Postmortem interview with producers of The Killing after series finale. Contain spoilers

Spoilers from Inside Line dated August 7

Spoilers from Michael Ausiello dated August 12

Producers and casts of Dr. who preview new season

Spoilers from Inside Line dated August 14

Timing of Frozen versus Once upon a Time explained

Spoilers from Michael Ausiello dated August 19

Explanation of Golden Globes rule changes regarding miniseries versus limited series. Interesting reading

Timeline of Marvel and DC Comics films scheduled for now through 2020



Also of interest but not in the links below…

RIP actress Lauren Bacall aged 89

RIP Don Pardo at age 96. Announcer for SNL and many 60s and 70s game shows

NBC summer replacement sitcom “Welcome to Sweden” has been renewed for season 2

James Cordon (never heard of him) is replacing Craig Ferguson on his late-night talkshow

Morena Baccarin will guest star again on The Mentalist as sociopath Erica Flynn

Kyle McLaughlin will return guest star on The Good Wife has a strange attorney

Kyle McLaughlin will guest star on Agents of Shield has Skye’s father

Robert Knepper will cross over from Arrow to Flash as bad guy William Tockman a.k.a. The Clock King. It’s a shame he will not be in the same episodes with Wentworth Miller or we could have another Prison Break reunion.

SyFy Channel announced Haven will premiere September 11 with the first of 13 of its 26 episodes for the season

ABC announced it will not renew Black Box about a manic-depressive brain doctor. I kind of liked it.

Clancy Brown who has recently appeared in Sleepy Hollow will have a recurring role in The Flash

USA Network has renewed Suits for season 5 and we are pleased

Homeland season 4 will kickoff with a two-hour premiere October 4

Much to my surprise HBO has renewed The Leftovers for season 2. I like it but it is a very strange show.

Switched at Birth has been renewed for season 4

Twisted has been canceled by ABC Family Channel

Starz series Outlander has been renewed for season 1 after airing just one episode. I’ve seen one episode and it’s worth watching so far.

MTV is producing a pilot for a series based on the Scream movies. Bex Taylor-Klauss a.k.a. “Bullet” from The Killing and Arrow will have a lead role. I might have to watch it just for her.

The Strain has been renewed for season 2 by FX. I kind of like it.

Former desperate housewife Eva Longoria joined the cast of Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Much to my joy and surprise “Halt and Catch Fire” has been renewed for season 2. It’s ratings declined especially the disappointing finale so I didn’t think it would make it. I’m very glad it did.

Showtime renews Ray Donovan and Masters of Sex for season 3. Gave up on Donovan after last year but I love sex (no pun intended)

Sons of Anarchy final episode will be Tuesday, December 2

Tony Shalhoub joins the cast of Nurse Jackie in a recurring role for season 7

Derek Storm the character that Richard Castle writes about as himself in the Nikki Heat novels is being spun off into its own TV series. Why don’t they just show reruns of Castle?

Julianne Hough will be the fourth judge on Dancing with the Stars

Derek Hough (Julian’s brother) will guest star with her on Nashville

Premiere of the film Batman V. Superman has been moved up from May 2016 to March 2016

NatGeo will air “Killing Jesus” based on the Bill O’Reilly book just like they did for Lincoln and Kennedy

Stephen Weber has joined the cast of SyFy Channel Helix

Godzilla 2 will hit theaters in the summer of 2018

SyFy Channel has agreement a four hour miniseries “Childhood’s End” based on the Arthur C Clarke’s novel

Initial auditions on American Idol will now allow piano accompaniment as well as guitar

More people subscribe to Netflix than HBO



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Studios Take Marvel V. DC Fight Into 2020: Is It Stretching The Spandex Too Thin?


More bucks for the bang; More Crimes, Ship, And Skies; Walken and Williams to sing live

Blame my addiction to online poker for the long delay in this episode of entertainment news.


A couple of new shows to talk about. HBO has a strange drama series from one of the creators of “Lost” titled “The Leftovers”. The premise is that 2% of the Earth’s population vanishes into thin air at the same time. It’s not the biblical Rapture because some of the people who disappeared were obviously not very nice people. The show picks up three years later as people are trying to deal with the personal and metaphysical consequences of such a strange event. Strange cults have popped up all over the place. One guy named Holy Wayne seems to be able to cheer people up there mourning with a hug. Another cult called the GR (Guilty Remnant) go around starting people, wearing white clothes, and chain-smoking cigarettes while taking a vow of silence. And then to top it all off, something strange is going on with the dogs. Underneath all this bizarre goings-on is some of the best dramatic writing and acting you will find anywhere. So if you can get by the really bizarre and ridiculous plot (or lack thereof) and just see it as a series of character studies, it’s worth checking out. Not for everyone mind you but I’m enjoying it as much as you can enjoy such a depressing story.


The other bizarre new show you might want to check out his FX’s “The Strain”. It’s a sort of vampire like story where you get bitten, die, come back to life bizarre alien creature growing inside of you that shoots a giant snake out of your mouth that bites other people who die etc. etc. The hero of the story is a doctor from the CDC is trying to track down the cause of this “infection”. Of course we got a creepy old guy from Romania or somewhere who knows all about these creatures in sort of a Van Helsing kind of way. And there’s a big secret Corporation is trying to exploit these creatures for its own wicked reasons. And their client some old guy who is dying of liver failure and wants to live forever. Not your typical modern-day vampire you fall in love with kind of story but more of an old-school stop the vampires before they take over the world.


Check both of the above out at your own peril you might like them. Or you might wish you had an hour of your life back laid wasted 🙂


I do not have a new fall schedule link ready to go yet but if you want a preview of all of the new upcoming TV series note that most of my sources for entertainment news come from and they have written individual articles on each new upcoming show. Browse around their site you want more information. I’m not going to link all of those articles. They also have a series of articles that are video interviews of producers and casts of various shows at San Diego comic con. I’ve only linked the one about Walking Dead.



In the links below check out…

Spoilers from Michael Ausiello dated July 1

Spoilers from Michael Ausiello dated July 8

Spoilers from Inside Line dated July 10

Spoilers from Michael Ausiello dated July 16

Spoilers from Inside Line dated July 16

Spoilers from Michael Ausiello dated July 22

YouTube interview between Michael Ausiello and producer/cast of Walking Dead

Spoilers from Inside Line dated July 28



Not in the links below but possibly also of interest…

Fox’s canceled its midseason show “Hieroglyph” without hearing a single episode.

ABC’s Once upon a Time has cast characters from the Disney film Frozen for next season

CBS has ordered a 13 episode series titled “Zoo” based on the novels by James Patterson

Jamie Bamber a.k.a. Apollo Adamo from Battle Star Galactica will guest star in multiple episodes of Rizzoli and Isles

Jennifer Love Hewitt is joining Criminal Minds as a series regular

BBC’s Sherlock will have a special plus a season 4 of three episodes

Walter Goggins will reprise his cross-dressing hooker role Venus on the final season of Sons of anarchy

Gotham has cast Carol Kane as the mother of the future Penguin

With season 4 of The Killing moving to Netflix Wii will get longer episodes (but only four of them) and no more expletives restrictions. Lots of F bombs coming our way.

Brandon Routh who played Superman in Superman Returns will appear in the upcoming season of Arrow as “The Atom”

Courtney Love will guest star for multiple episodes on Sons of Anarchy

Sean Hayes will join CBS sitcom The Millers as a series regular

Lucy Liu returns to the director’s chair for another episode of Elementary

Rosie O’Donnell is returning to The View

Glee final season will consist of 13 uninterrupted episodes

Cinemax has delayed the final season of Strike Back until 2015.

Cinemax has renewed The Knick before the first episode has even aired

Josh Charles got killed off of The Good Wife last season but will return to direct an episode

AMC has ordered a martial arts drama titled Badlands for six episodes

NBC has renewed America’s Got Talent, Last Comic Standing, and American Ninja Warrior for additional seasons. No word on The Apprentice which isn’t officially canceled but hasn’t been scheduled to return either.

Christopher Walken will play Capt. Hook in NBC’s upcoming live production of Peter Pan

Brian Williams reported that his daughter Allison Williams will play Peter Pan in NBC’s upcoming live production. He showed a picture of her in a Peter Pan costume and said that “Family sources reveal this is a role she has been preparing for since age 6”.

Deborah Ann Woll our favorite redheaded vampire from True Blood will play Karen Page in Marvels upcoming Daredevil series on Netflix. Boardwalk Empire’s Charlie Cox has already been cast as Daredevil

Sons of Anarchy season premiere will be September 9 and will last one hour 45 minutes. It takes place a few days after the end of last season and finds Jax in jail on a parole violation.

TNT has renewed Major Crimes, The Last Ship and announced that next season will be the final for Falling Skies

Prison Break alumni Wentworth Miller will appear on The Arrow as the villain Capt. Cold

RIP actor and auto racing enthusiast James Garner age 86

Producers of Fox series Gracepoint say that the story “diverges in significant ways” from BBC’s Broadchurch upon which is based

FX has renewed Louis for a season 5 of 7 episodes rather than usual 13 or 14

Lucy Lawless a.k.a. Xena will guest star on Agents of SHIELD. No word on her role

FX has renewed Fargo for season 2 however it will have an entirely new cast and storyline

Anthony Hopkins has been cast in the upcoming HBO pilot Westworld based on the famous sci-fi movie

BBC America’s Orphan Black is getting its own comic book to expand the story

MTV has renewed Teen Wolf for season 5 but nobody knows why 🙂

Game of Thrones is adding Jonathan Pryce and Alexander Siddig to the cast next season

Agents of Shield has cast British actor Nick Blood as Lance Hunter which hints that S.T.R.I.K.E. may be in the series future

Mary Louise Parker has joined the cast of The Blacklist. Perhaps she is Red’s pot dealer 🙂

This week’s winner of Chris Young’s Sure Sign of the Coming Apocalypse Award goes to Sons of Anarchy for casting Glee star Lea Michele in an upcoming episode.

Australian singer-songwriter Michael Johns was a contestant on season 7 of American Idol has died at age 35 reportedly from a blood clot

Penny, Sheldon, and Leonard sign $90 million contracts for three more years of Big Bang Theory

RIP Oscar nominated screenwriter Paul Mazursky age 84

RIP Bob Hastings most famously. Who Framed Roger Rabbit and other character roles

Producers of “24” admit they did consider killing off Jack Bauer in final episode but decided against it.

RIP Broadway star Elaine Stritch

Disney announced Pirates of the Caribbean 5 will premiere July 2017

CBS confirmed that when Stephen Colbert takes over for David Letterman he will remain in the and Sullivan theater in New York

Marvel revealed that there will be a Guardians of the Galaxy animated TV series on Disney XD. No start date announced.

TV land has canceled Kirstie after one season.

TNT has renewed reality cop show Cold Justice for a third season

RIP Emmy-winning TV producer Robert Harmi,Sr. has died at age 90

Chris Hardwick will host talk shows before and after the season premiere of Dr. who on August 23. Some theaters will also have events showing that first episode and bonus footage.

Former Numbers start Peter McNichol will be a cast regular in CSI: Cyber




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