Nimoy did LLAP; AHS Goes Gaga; more Shameless, Librarians Arrow, Supernatural, 100, Flash, Gotham, Empire; Reunions: Will & Grace, Al & Trixie; HG:M Part 1 is most gross

Well over a month since my last entertainment update so like always some of my “spoilers” are ancient history and the word “news” definitely needs quote marks around it.


Will start off with the biggest loss namely the passing of Leonard Nimoy. I thought it was interesting that he always signed his tweets and other correspondence with LLAP which of course means live long and prosper. All I can really say about his passing is that he fulfilled that particular saying. He did live long and prospered and we all benefited from that inspiring character that he brought to life as well as the life of the man himself.


I also have to briefly mourn the loss of the NBC series Parenthood. It was one of the best written and acted dramas ever made for television. The quality held up to the very end. The storylines wrapped up in a very satisfying manner that honored the characters well. The montage sequence in the final episode gave us some amazing flashforwards into the future of the characters that made us wish we could’ve spent more time with them even more than we wish that before. I’m really going to miss it.


It’s time for renewals and cancellations of existing series. Although provided before, here is another link to the ongoing TVLine renewal scorecards

Broadcast Renewal Scorecard

Cable Renewal Scorecard


I haven’t had time to review most of the midseason new shows except for Empire which I previously reviewed. I continue to enjoy it four or five episodes into the season.


The Breaking Bad prequel series “Better Call Saul” is good quirky fun that I can highly recommend. It scored the highest premier rating of any cable TV series in history. I still haven’t seen any original Breaking Bad but I intend to catch up on the series one of these days. Perhaps after I get through seasons two and three of House of Cards.


SyFy Channel’s new series 12 Monkeys is much better than the Bruce Willis movie upon which it is loosely based. Really intriguing post-apocalyptic time travel conspiracy theory all in one series. Suggest you check it out.


I watched about 15 minutes of ABCs new Secrets and Lies and decided to skip it. It’s their version of Gracepoint/Broadchurch about the murder of a young boy. Having sat through 10 episodes each of those dramas I wasn’t in the mood for another retelling. ABC promises “Ours Is Better (than Gracepoint)” but I will just have to leave that claim untested. I’d rather watch season 2 of Broadchurch coming to BBC America in the spring.


Speaking of ripoff shows, NBC’s Allegiance which is a blatant ripoff of The Americans does appear to be sufficiently different and interesting that you should check it out especially if you like The Americans.


I’ve not had the opportunity to check out The Returned which is A&E’s ripoff of Resurrection. I’m getting a little tired of Resurrection and I’m not sure I will watch another season when/if it returns.


The jury is still out on Fox illustrious new detective series Backstrom. He’s a grumpy quirky super sleuth. Mix equal parts of Dr. House, Sherlock Holmes, and Colombo.


Speaking of midseason shows, here are links to PDF files showing premier dates and revised schedules for broadcast and cable channels. Schedules courtesy

Printable Spring 2015 TV Schedule v1.01 (PDF)

Printable Spring 2015 Cable TV Schedule v1.00 (PDF)


By the way it’s pilot season. There’s lots of news about networks ordering pilots and casting information on these shows but I gave up reporting on them because so many of these pilots never get picked up that it isn’t worth keeping track of them. So while there’s a lot of news about various actors getting various roles, I just want keep up with them until they actually get picked up to series. I will note however that a potential Criminal Minds spinoff series is getting an embedded pilot. That means an episode of Criminal Minds will introduce a whole new set of characters that may appear in a spinoff series the same way NCIS New Orleans did with the original NCIS.


In the links below read…

Preview of season 3 of Orphan Black

CBS executive discusses Supergirl, CSI’s future, Criminal Minds etc.

Cote de Pablo interview about her exit from NCIS and a possible return

Spoilers from Michael Ausiello dated January 13

Fox executives discuss Sleepy Hollow, Bones, Possible Jack-Less 24, X-Files revival and other topics

Spoilers from Inside Line dated January 23 and January 30 and February 11 and February 16

Postmortem interview with creator of The Mentalist about series finale.

Explanation of rule changes for the Emmys. Comedy, miniseries, variety shows redefined.

Spoilers from Inside Line dated February 24


Not links below but also of interest

Lady Gaga is joining American Horror Story season 5! I cannot wait, I cannot wait, I cannot wait!

Fox has ordered a pilot for a series Minority Report set 10 years after the events of the Tom Cruise movie of the same name

CW network announced its new series “iZombie” will premiere March 17. Supernatural returns March 18 and moves to Wednesday

CW network apocalyptic drama “The Messenger” debuts April 10

CW has renewed 8 series for another season. Arrow, Jane the Virgin, Reign, Supernatural, The 100, The Flash, The Originals, and The Vampire Diaries.

CW network has hinted possible additional DC comic spinoff series perhaps Atom and a possible Supernatural spinoff series.

Showtime has renewed Shameless for season 6

Kyle MacLachian has been confirmed to be in the Twin Peaks revival. More original cast are expected

Will and Grace together again Eric McCormack will guest star on Mysteries of Laura

Woody Allen has agreed to create write and direct a new TV series for Amazon streaming

Derek Hough will be sending out the upcoming season of Dancing With The Stars to Broadway. Theoretically he’ll return.

ABC Family has renewed The Fosters for season 3

Charlotte Ross will return to Arrow to play Felicity’s mom again.

USA network has canceled Benched. I never watched it

The new teaser trailer for SyFy Channel series “The Expanse” features a zero gravity sex scene. Can’t wait 🙂

Beth lives Forever in a Flash. Emily Kinney a.k.a. Beth Greene recently deceased on The Walking Dead will guest star in upcoming episodes of Forever and The Flash.

Fox has renewed Gotham, Empire and Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Fox is jumping on the live stage production bandwagon to produce a live version of Greece starring Julianne Hough

The only thing that could ever make me want to watch Justin Bieber on TV would be a Comedy Central Roast. Amazingly he agreed to one that has been taped. No air date yet announced.

Ian McShane has joined the season 3 cast of Ray Donovan. Al and Trixie (of Deadwood) together again!

Zachary Quinto has confirmed he will not be on the upcoming NBC 13 episode miniseries Heroes Reborn.

David Tennant will star in the Jessica Jones series as Marvel villain Kilgrave

HBO has renewed Togetherness for season 2. I’ve not watched it.

HBO has green lit a miniseries about Lewis and Clark starring Casey Affleck

CBS has pulled The McCarthys from his schedule sooner than planned.

Bravo has renewed Girlfriends Guide to Divorce for season 2. Never saw it.

Mira Serino is joining CBS’ Stalker as a recurring character

Netflix has ordered a 70s musical drama from Baz Luhromann

NBC is renewing The Blacklist, Grimm, Chicago fire, Chicago PD, and Law and Order:SVU

Rosie O’Donnell is leaving The Vew, yet again.

NBC is considering a revival of the original Law and Order with the original stars.

Walton Goggins a.k.a. Justified’s Boyd has joined the cast of HBO’s Vice Principals comedy

The governor lives! David Morrissey a.k.a. the governor of The Walking Dead has joined the cast of Extant season 2

Jeffrey Dean Morgan will also join the cast of Extant

IFC announced Portlandia has been renewed for season 6 & 7

Margo Martindale will return to the Americans during season 3 and we are very pleased.

TNT has renewed The Librarians for season 2 and we are very pleased

Cinemax has renewed Banshee for season 4.

Cinemax has agreement exorcism drama Outcast written by Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman

Hulu Streaming will produce a series based on Stephen King’s 11/22/63 Nine episode series to be produced by JJ Abrams and to start James Franco. That might be worth itself.

CW network announced Beauty and the Beast season 3 premieres May 21 and has already received season 4 renewal.

Christina Aguilera will guest star on multiple episodes of Nashville

Laugh-In announcer Gary Owens has died at age 80.

Linda Park, former communications officer for Star Trek Enterprise will guest star on Castle

Missing spoilers from Michael Ausiello are because his husband passed away February 5. Deepest condolences to my favorite TV critic.

The least real reality show on television a.k.a. The Donald Trump Show a.k.a. The Apprentice has been renewed for season 15

HBO announced Last Week Tonight has been renewed for 2 more seasons. With the retirement of John Stuart I recommend this show for those going through Daily Show withdrawals.

Marvel Dreadstar is being adapted into a TV series. No details yet.

Michelle Gomez will return to Dr. Who season 9 as Missy

Lena Dunham, creator of Girls, will guest star on Scandal

Breaking the “no pilot news” rule: Walking Dead alumna Laurie Holden is joining the cast of Chicago Medical pilot

AMC announced TURN: Washington Spies season 2 premieres April 13

Ben Wloolf who played Meep in American Horror Story: Freak Show has died at age 34 from injuries sustained in a car accident.

Marisa Tomei will star as Gloria Steinem in upcoming HBO miniseries produced by George Clooney

Stephen Moyer a.k.a. Vampire Bill in True Blood will start in Kurt Sutter’s new FX drama The Bastard Executioner. Katie Sagal confirmed as female lead.

Aretha Franklin will mentor the top 16 American Idol contestants

Mark Cuban and Ann Coulter cast as leaders of the United States in Sharknado3

Showtime announced Inside Comedy has been renewed for season 4

Bob’s Burgers has been renewed for season 6

HBO has renewed Bill Maher for season 14 and 15

Game of Thrones premieres April 12

Although Letterman is leaving The Late Show on May 20, Stephen Colbert will not take over until September 8. CBS will air reruns of its scripted dramas in its place leaving Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel to do it out between themselves.

NBC sitcom Community will premiere on its new home Yahoo Streaming March 17

MasterChef Junior has been renewed for season 4

James Cameron has pushed premier dates of the three Avatar sequels from 2016-2018 a year later to 2017-2019.

We mourn the loss of Tony Verna the TV director who invented instant replay has died at age 81.

We mourn the loss of Tony Verna the TV director who invented instant replay has died at age 81.

  1. Michael Sstraczynski Creator of Babylon 5 is writing Red Mars a sci-fi drama series for Spike TV

Simon Pegg who plays Engineer Montgomery Scott in the latest Star Trek films will co-author the script for Star Trek 3 with Doug Jung who created TNT series Dark Blue

Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 was the highest grossing film of 2014 with $333.18 million just edging out Guardians of the Galaxy with $333.17 million gross.

Bradley Cooper and the cast of the Broadway play The Elephant Man moving to London for a 12 week run

Warner Bros. is planning an animated feature film The Jetsons.

Emma Watson a.k.a. Harry Potter’s BFF Hermione Granger has been cast as Belle in a Disney live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast similar to the currently showing Cinderella.

Mission Impossible 5 has been moved six months earlier to premier July 31 instead of Christmas

USA Network has ordered a 10 episode sci-fi series titled Colony about an alien occupation

Ed Sabol founder of NFL films has died at age 98

HBO has renewed “Getting On” for third and final season

Allison Janney has confirmed she will appear in season 3 of Showtime’s Masters of Sex

Adrienne Palicki has been upgraded to series regular on agents of SHIELD. Portrays Hydra bad girl Bobbi Morse

Richard Dreyfus will play Ponzi scheme banker Bernie Madoff in upcoming ABC miniseries

Ridley Scott will produce a new “Aliens” film to be set after “Prometheus 2” however at this point neither film has a script.

Eddie Murphy did not appear in any sketches on the SNL 40th anniversary special because he refused to play Bill Cosby in the “Celebrity Jeopardy” sketch. Cosby applauded him for turning it down.

The Season 3 premiere of Orphan Black will premiere simultaneously on AMC, BBC America, IFC, Sundance and WE TV April 18 at 10 PM.

Rumors say Steven Spielberg will direct Chris Pratt in a reboot of the Indiana Jones films

Chris Hemsworth will host SNL March 7

Judge Judy extends her deal with CBS distribution through 2020

Ken Burns has produced a six-hour documentary for PBS on Cancer. Narrated by Edward Herman who died of brain cancer shortly afterwards. Series begins March 30.

CSI: Cyber will simultaneously premier in 150 countries around the world on March 4 in an attempt to break the Guinness Book of Records largest simultaneous simulcast. The record is currently held by the 50th anniversary special of Dr. Who.




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