Survey Says… Good Night Mrs. Landingham, Lots of Postmortems and Summer Premieres

“Survey says…” It’s time for more entertainment news. First off recipes to “Family Feud” game show host Richard Dawson who died just at age 79 one week after the airing of a docudrama about the most famous family feud in history. I’m talking about the Kevin Costner version of “Hatfield and McCoy’s” which aired on History Channel last week. I watched all six hours and it was pretty good. Also a fond rest in peace to Kathryn Joosten who passed away this week at age 72. Probably most famous for being Karen McCloskey on Desperate Housewives but for me she will always be Mrs. Landingham who was the secretary to Martin Sheen’s President Bartlett on The West Wing. Interestingly enough her character in both of these iconic shows left the series by dying.


HBO series Game of Thrones wrapped up its second season last night and delivered on its tradition of iconic closing images at the end of the season. Already counting down the days to season 3. The only thing that mitigates loss is that the next season of True Blood premieres next week. Other upcoming premieres include The Glades and Longmire (A&E) June 3, Pretty Little Liars (ABC family), Rizzoli and Isles (TNT), Franklin and Bash (TNT) June 5, Royal Pains (USA), Necessary Roughness (USA) June 6, Saving Hope (NBC), The Choice (Fox) June 7, Dallas (TNT) June 13, Burn Notice (USA), Suits (USA) June 14, Falling Skies (TNT) June 17, The Newsroom (HBO) June 24, Anger Management starring Charlie Sheen (FX) June 28 other premieres are in the fourth link below.


In the links below read about…

Descriptions of the first three episodes of the new season of True Blood premiering June 10

Postmortem interview with producers House about the series finale

Ask Ausiello spoilers for May 22nd

Premiere dates for summer series. Note this is a little weight because it starts with May premieres that have already started. Click the link at the bottom of the page for June

Postmortem interview with producers of Revenge about season finale and season 2

Postmortem interview with producers of Awake about series finale and what would’ve been in season 2 if it had been renewed

Postmortem interview with American Idol creator Nigel Lythgoe about this season and his views on other reality competition shows

Interview with producers of Game of Thrones about the filming of the Battle of Blackwater Bay. Note that the article runs 3 pages. Links at the bottom of the first page.



Not in the links below…

Ridley Scott confirms there will be a Blade Runner 2 and that the lead character will be female.

Showtime as renewed Nurse Jackie for season 5

AMC will run a marathon of the first two seasons of The Walking Dead starting July 8. Will include interviews and a special black-and-white version of the pilot

British comedian and former Doctor Who companion Catherine Tate will now be a series regular on the US version of The Office

Andy Samberg is leaving Saturday Night Live.

Starz has announced that season 3 of Spartacus will be its last. We are gravely disappointed.

Four characters will not be returning for season 2 of Smash… Debra Messing is losing her husband and her boyfriend. Katherine McPhee is losing her cheating fiancé. And sneaky assistant Ellis who got fired in the finale will not return

NBC has canceled a cappella singing competition The Sing Off and we are disappointed. Ordered a new singing competition called “The Winner Is…”

Tim Daly is leaving Private Practice. Also ABC has ordered only 13 episodes next season. Kate Walsh will leave after next season.

Starting in 2013 the Emmy awards are eliminating supporting actor/actress in a miniseries/made-for-TV movie. Will expand actor/actress in a miniseries/movie category to six nominees

Paramount Studios has decided to retitle the new Tom Cruise film “Jack Reacher” rather than “One-Shot” which was the title of the Lee Child novel upon which it is based

Interesting fact of the day… ESPN costs 26 percent of your cable bill but only gets five percent of the ratings.

Aaron Sorkin (author of West Wing, The Social Network) has signed on to write the movie about Steve Jobs based on the Walter Isaacson book

Titanic 3-D will be available on Blu-ray in September

Lionsgate rumored to be turning movies and TV shows such as The Expendables

Fox has announced the team that converted Titanic to 3-D is working on Independence Day set for release July 3, 2013

Vanessa Redgrave will play a lesbian Supreme Court justice in the upcoming USA network series Political Animals. I didn’t realize it was going to be sci-fi 🙂 Must be set in an alternate universe where that can happen. Shame we don’t live there.

May 25 marked the 35th anniversary of the original Star Wars. God I’m getting old!

MTV is going to make a TV version of the horror film series Scream

Green Bay Packer Donald Driver became the third football player to win Dancing with the Stars






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