Vampire Plays Von Trapp; Governor in Plane Crash; Orphan visits Parks; September Schedule and Controversy Commentary

Here’s your entertainment news/commentary for this week.


September is premiere month for most TV series. Here is a printable calendar of notable premiere dates. Note these are premiere dates and not necessarily the data show will regularly air.


September 2013 calendar of premiere dates


Here is an actual schedule of when shows will air on a regular basis.


Fall TV schedule from in PDF format


And if you want to know what has been renewed or canceled check out

TV Line primetime renewal scorecard Be sure to click other links at bottom of that page for the other networks. Each network has its own page.


TV Line Cable renewal scorecard Again this is a multipage link. Several networks per page.


The CBS/Time Warner battle continues into its fourth week. Time Warner is offering free TV antennas or vouchers for antennas at Best Buy etc. for customers who want to pick up blackout CBS stations. That doesn’t do anything for the nationwide blackout of CBS owned Showtime Networks. TWC customers in the New York area will miss coverage of this upcoming weekend’s U.S. Open tennis unless they have antennas or another source. NFL coverage starts the following week. If it isn’t resolved by then it’s going to be a very long wait. CBS recently reached a new deal with Verizon for their cable systems. CBS president says Time Warner turned down the exact same deal that they made with Verizon.


While I tend not to cover gossipy entertainment news or other overhyped entertainment stories I will offer a couple of comments on the two biggest entertainment stories of the week.


While I did not see all of Miley Cyrus’s performance on the VMA awards I will say that I did see her in her guest starring role on Two and a Half Men in which he appeared in a very skimpy bikini which seem to reveal more than her outfit did at the VMA. While she didn’t have the moves, it was a lot sexier I thought. I also agree with one entertainment reporter who said that the Parents Television Council and MTV’s Video Music awards both benefited from her performance. It’s like in the comic books where the villain cannot exist without the hero and vice versa. Also it’s not like the VMA awards in its 30 year history has been known as particularly family-friendly entertainment. Anybody who got offended when their young children watch the show, got what they deserved.


The other major controversy was the casting of Ben Affleck as Batman in the upcoming Superman versus Batman film. I go back to the interview with Michael Keaton when he first played Batman and got called to the set and said to the interviewer “It’s time to go work the suit”. What he was saying was that when you’re in the Batman suit, you don’t really perform. You’re more of a puppeteer than an actor. And considering that these days much of the “working the suit” is done via computer animation, it really doesn’t matter who plays Batman. However it does matter very much who plays Bruce Wayne. I had been unfamiliar with the Iron Man comics before I saw the first movie. I couldn’t imagine why they had hired someone like Robert Downey Jr. to play a superhero. Then when I got familiar with the character Tony Stark I completely understood why he was perfect for the part. I want all the people who have been bad mouthing Ben Affleck to ask not what kind of Batman he would be but ask what kind of Bruce Wayne he would be. I think it will be great as Bruce Wayne. And of course it all depends on what kind of Batman we’re going to see. Could Adam West have played in the Dark Knight series of films? Could Christian Bale have played the 60s TV Batman? David Letterman noted that people are petitioning to remove Ben Affleck as Batman but nobody seems to care about removing the president of Syria after using chemical weapons.


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Not in the links below but also of interest

Our favorite clown Tatiana Meslany from Orphan Black will guest star on upcoming Parks and Recreation

Joshua Gomez a.k.a. Morgan Grimes from Chuck will guest star in an upcoming episode of Castle playing a man who claims he traveled back in time to avert some disaster.

Rumors are Randy Jackson will stay with American Idol not as judge but replacing Jimmy Iovine as mentor

Keith Carradine will join season 2 cast of The Following

Navid Negahban played a terrorist on Homeland will be Oliver Queen’s new nemesis on the next season of Arrow

Office alumni Brian Baumgartner will guest star on upcoming Mike and Molly as a teacher union representatives

Stephen Moyer a.k.a. True Blood vampire Bill Compton will star as Capt. von Trapp opposite Carrie Underwood in a live production of the sound of music to air on NBC December 5

Amelia Rose Blaire a.k.a. the governor’s daughter Willa on True Blood has been upgraded to a series regular for next season

TV Land has canceled Fran Drescher sitcom Happily Divorced after two seasons

SyFy Channel has ordered a pilot for a series called “12 monkeys” loosely based on the 1995 film

American horror story season 3 will premiere October 9 on FX

David Morrissey (The Walking Dead’s Governor) has been cast in a new AMC pilot Line of Sight. He will play in NTSB investigator who survives a plane crash and tries to figure out its cause. The pilot will not keep him from doing season 4 of Walking Dead however if he gets picked up to series that might interfere later.

Olympian Michael Phelps will have a cameo on Suits

A Rambo TV series may be in the works

Demi Lovato will guest star on an upcoming Glee

This week’s winner of the “Chris Young’s Sure Sign of the Coming Apocalypse Award” go to CBS who plans to redevelop “Love American Style” can the love boat be far behind?

Former wonder woman Lynda Carter will guest star on 2 1/2 men

There will be a web-based after show for fans of Sons of Anarchy called “After Anarchy” will air after season premiere, episode 5, and season finale.

Jon Stuart returns to The Daily Show September 3

George Eads a.k.a. criminalist Nick Stokes has been written out of several upcoming episodes of CSI after he got into a shouting match with writers and producers

NBC is developing a TV series based on the 1995 film Outbreak

Daryl Hannah will guest star on Hawaii 50

My favorite Game of Thrones hottie Natalie Dormer has joined the cast of “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay parts 1 and 2”

Veteran sportscaster Vin Scully will return for his 65th season as announcer of Dodgers home games

in addition to all the other “Oz” themed shows in the works, NBC is considering its own Oz series titled Emerald City

Gilbert Taylor who was director of photography for the original Star Wars, Dr. Strangelove and The omen has died at age 99

Despite rumors, Peter Jackson is not directing an upcoming episode of Doctor Who

Veteran stage, TV and film actress Julie Harris died at age 87

Bill Murray will appear on David Letterman’s show on August 30 to celebrate the 20th anniversary on CBS

Amazon studio has ordered a pilot for a kids show titled Maker Shack Agency combining two of my favorite interests… Television and gadget makers

ER alumni Methi Phifer is joining the cast of Showtime’s House of Lies

Famous record producer Dr. Luke appears to be out of the running as an American Idol judge. Harry Connick Junior is the next room or judge. He has served as a single week mentor a couple of times and on a really good job with one exception. He badmouth Crystal Bowersox when he thought her beeper was going off during their mentoring session. It turns out it was an alarm on her insulin pump. The expression of horror on his face when he realized his mistake is one of my favorite non-performance moments all time on American Idol. He would make a great judge.



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Bullet Joins Arrow; Tennant Talks Who 50th; RIP Leonard and Young; Ariel cast… No word on Times New Roman

Time for another what I hope will be weekly entertainment news. If I can keep the schedule up you should be seeing one of these each Wednesday or Thursday depending on what else is going on in my life.


I went to see Elysium yesterday in IMAX. It was a fairly good sci-fi action movie with a somewhat predictable plot. The special effects were also. The fight scenes however (and many other scenes) suffered way too much from handheld camera. I know that directors who use shaky handhelds during fight scenes are trying to give you the impression that you’re in the middle of the fight. But for me it just looks like they are wiggling the camera around so you can’t really see what’s going on or how think the fight is. This film was directed by the same guy who did District 9 and it had a lot of the same look and feel of that film which I liked a lot. Matt Damon was as you might expect in an action movie. Jodie Foster was however very creepy playing the villain. We don’t see her play villains very often but she was awesome in this one. If you’ve got nothing better to do on a Saturday night I would recommend it. Otherwise it’s a must-see for cable.


We mourn the passing of Elmore Leonard who died at age 87. His crime novels with the basis of TV series Justified and Karen Cisco as well as many many other films including Get Shorty.


Time Warner Cable/BrightHouse and CBS/Showtime are still at odds with one another after over two weeks. Dave Letterman has been delivering scathing criticism of TWC/BH and his nightly monologue as well as making fun of strange cable shows such as Amish Mafia and the man with the 132 lb. scrotum. I still remain pissed over the whole thing.


A couple of shows I can recommend you check out. BBC America has started a new crime drama called Broadchurch starring David Tennant of Dr. Who fame. The Americanized version of the same series is in the works for Fox network. This is your chance to check out the original. Only two or three episodes have aired so far. You should be able to catch up on demand. Also if you get Sundance Channel check out “The Writers Room” which each week interviews the writers of your favorite TV shows. Next week’s episode interviews the writers of Game of Thrones. You might be able to catch previous episodes on demand or reruns. Worth checking out. Finally if you can’t get enough of quirky introverted female detectives check out FX networks “The Bridge” about a murder that occurred on the bridge between Juarez Mexico and the US. A strange woman detective on the US side teams up with a Mexican detective to solve a serial murder. Sort of a sunny version of “The Killing”. No Seattle rain 🙂 Also AMC network has started the second season of Hell on Wheels about the building of the transcontinental railroad. It looks like this season is going to be every bit as good as the first.



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Video interview with Clark Gregg about Agent Colson’s revival on SHIELD


Not in the links below but also of interest…


Lee Thompson Young a.k.a. Detective Barry Frost on Rizzoli & Isles was found dead of suicide. Tuesday night’s episode was dedicated to him. Production has shut down for a few days on the next season.

Gia Allemand who was a former contestant in The Bachelor committed suicide. She was 29.

Eva La Rue a.k.a. CSI Miami’s Natalla Boa Vista will be guest starring on upcoming episodes of Criminal Minds

Covert Affairs and White Collar return October 17

TNT has renewed Rizzoli & Isles, Major Crimes, and Perception for new seasons

Bullet joins Arrow… If you are mourning the loss of fascinating character “Bullet” from The Killing you can get more of actress Bex Taylor-Klaus when she guest stars on next season’s Arrow playing comic book character “Sin”

Lindsay Lohan will guest star on HBO’s Eastbound & Down.

Lisa Robin Kelly who starred in “That 70s Show” died in a rehab facility while seeking treatment for alcohol abuse

Dexter’s dad James Remar will guest star on multiple episodes of Gray’s anatomy

JoAnne Garcia Swisher a.k.a. Dr. Nina Green on Royal Pains will play Ariel in upcoming season of Once upon a Time (no casting news on Times New Roman) (sorry I couldn’t resist)

Tina Fey has sold a sitcom to Fox that will go straight to series without a pilot. It’s that place in a woman’s college who admits its first mail student. Tina Fey however will not appear in the series.

Republican National Committee again has changed his mind and decided it will not allow NBC or CNN to host any Republican primary debates because the networks are planning documentaries and miniseries on Hillary Clinton

NBC is reconsidering producing the miniseries about Clinton. Fox TV Studios has withdrawn from talks to produce the miniseries for NBC.

CBS is planning a drama about a female Secretary of State that isn’t particularly about Hillary Clinton

Elmore Leonard has died at age 87. TV series Justified and Karen Cisco as well as many films such as Get Shorty were based on his crime novels

‘NSync is reportedly reuniting for Sunday nights Video Music Awards

Marg Helgenberger will return to CSI to celebrate its 300th episode

Judd Nelson is joining the cast of Nikita for its final season

From the “Oh God I Feel Really Old” file… Melanie Griffith will play Danno’s mom on Hawaii 50

TBS has renewed Sullivan & Son and Men at Work. I’ve never seen either of them.

Duck Dynasty season premiere set a record as the most-watched nonfiction cable TV episode ever

Bebe Neuwirth will guest star on upcoming episodes of Blue Bloods as an inspector general who oversees the police department. Possible previous relationship between her and the Commissioner will heat things up.

Thor: The Dark World will be released in IMAX 3-D

Sony TV will produce a TV series “El Mariachi” based on the Robert Rodriguez film

NBC has renewed Hollywood Game Night for a second season of 10 episodes. I really really like this show.


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Tamblyn joins 2.5; Oh leaving Gray’s; Lee to 3-D Thrilla; Duck more expensive; Sharks Dominate

As promised last week, we’re doing these little more often now.


Let’s kick off this installment with my famous “Chris Young’s Sure Sign of the Coming Apocalypse” award which this week goes to CBS. They announced that they are developing a new series called “Dorothy”. It is a current day medical drama with characters based on The Wizard Of Oz. If this was April and not August I would’ve thought that was a big April fools joke but apparently it’s serious.


By the way CBS/Showtime is still absent from Time Warner/BrightHouse cable systems over a contract dispute. Statistics on the bootlegging of CBS series Under the Dome and Showtime’s Dexter are up 34% from normal according to one sites report. Meanwhile customers of Time Warner in Wisconsin filed a class-action suit against them for dropping an NBC station over a contract dispute. Late last week the chairman of the FCC threatened to intervene in the CBS/TWC battle if they didn’t come to terms quickly. However it’s not clear what the FCC could do to intervene.


Meanwhile this Saturday Fox networks is shutting down its Speed network and replacing it with “Fox Sports 1” however it has still not reached contract agreements with DirecTV, Dish Network and Time Warner Cable they used to charge 23 cents per subscriber for Speed. They now want between 80 cents and eventually $1.50 in a few years into the contract.


From the “Sorry I Missed This” department… I mentioned that I lost almost a month worth of entertainment news when Google shut down its Google reader. Among the items I missed was that both Van Pelt and Rigsby are going to be written out of the show “The Mentalist”.



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Not linked below but also of interest…

Singer Eydie Gorme was a Tonight Show regular with her husband Steve Lawrence has died at age 84

Karen Black starred in Five Easy Pieces, Easy Rider and Nashville has died of cancer at age 74. I remember her best in Hitchcock movie Family Plot.

Margaret Pellegrini one of the original Wizard of Oz munchkins has died at age 89. Only two of the original order 24 munchkins remain alive.

Sandra Oh announced this season will be her last on Grey’s Anatomy.

Amber Tamblyn has been cast as Charlie’s long-lost lesbian daughter on Two and a Half Men

Christian Camargo who played the Ice Truck Killer on Dexter has been cast as Dukes brother on Haven

Cheers reunion on CSI. John Ratzenberger will guest star opposite his old buddy Ted Danson

SyFy Channel has announced there will be a sequel to its cult hit Sharknado to be titled “Sharknado 2: The Second One”. So clever!

NBC has announced Jay Leno’s final night will be February 6, 2014 the day before Olympic coverage begins. Jimmy Fallon will presumably start immediately after the Olympics

Showtime has announced that since they are not making a wrapup movie for The Borgias they will instead release an e-book based on the script from the two-hour finale that never got produced. It will be titled “The Borgia Apocalypse”

NBC has ordered a pilot script for a futuristic show called Paradise where in the city of Las Vegas has been turned into a giant prison and a man falsely accused tries to escape.

Boy band heartthrob Nick Jonas will guest star on an episode of Hawaii 50

Alec Baldwin is in talks to host a show on MSNBC

Director Ang Lee’s next film will be a 3-D drama about the world of pro boxing in the 60s and 70s and will re-create the famous “Thrilla in Manila” Ali Frazier fight

A judge has ruled that descendents of Marvel Comic author Jack Kirby cannot revoke his rights to Marvel comics because it was work for hire. He worked on Avengers and X-Men

Game Show Network’s American Bible challenge has been renewed for third season. Jeff Foxworthy will continue as host.

Alcon Entertainment will make a TV movie based on the book “Chicken Soup for the Soul”

Mel Gibson and Antonio Banderas have been added to the cast of Expendables 3

The Republican National Committee has backed down on its threat to ban NBC over proposed Hillary Clinton docudrama

World War Z has earned over $500 million worldwide to become Brad Pitt’s biggest box office ever

Veteran TV actor Henry Polic, who played Jerry Silver on ABC’s Webster and voiced Dr. Jonathan Crane/The Scarecrow on Batman: The Animated Series, has died. He was 68.

The network formally known as Versus now known as “NBC Sports Network” is undergoing another minor identity overhaul. Would be known as NBCSN and will adopt a new logo.

Hunger Games 2 will premiere in the UK November 11, worldwide November 22

Frank Darabont the original show winner of The Walking Dead will premiere his new 1940s crime drama Mob City on TNT December 4 to run six episodes.

After importing Lost Girl and Continuum from Canada SyFy Channel now turns to New Zealand for “The Almighty Johnsons” The series covers 4 ordinary boys who acquire the power of Norse Gods. 23 episodes will premiere in 2014.

This year’s Discovery Channel Shark Week was the highest-rated in its 26 years of existence

The cast of Duck Dynasty gets a 900% salary boost to $200,000 per episode and a multiyear extension




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Viewers lose in CBS vs. TWC/BH; Original Oz goes IMAX 3-D; Seacrest takes quiz; X Factor changes; New Who; No more Magic; 132 lbs. scrotum gets reality show

I’m going to try to put out entertainment news on a almost weekly basis and try to aim for Wednesdays if I have the time. That’s because my favorite spoiler articles from Michael Ausiello always come out on Tuesday.


You recall in the past I have produced a fall TV schedule because I couldn’t find a good one online the combined all of the various networks together. I finally found one so I’m linking to it instead of creating my own. You can find a link on my entertainment blog here

Fall TV schedule


You can see what TV series have been renewed or canceled by clicking these links.

Prime time Renewal Scorecard

Cable Renewal Scorecard: What’s Coming Back? What’s Been Cancelled?


The biggest news and entertainment is the fight between CBS and Time Warner/Bright House cable. They are negotiating over the retransmission rights of a half-dozen or so local CBS owned affiliates. However the dispute turned nasty when TWC/BH also dropped Showtime and other pay cable channels and by CBS with the talks broke down. And not just in the affected markets but nationwide (including here on Cossell Drive). While I can still see WISH TV channel 8 including its CBS program, I can no longer get CBS on demand, Showtime, The Movie Channel or Smithsonian Network on my Bright House cable. I can always catch Dexter or Ray Donovan on demand once the dispute is settled (or from other sources nudge nudge wink wink say no more) but I had several movies queued up that I was hoping to watch that will now not get recorded. Hopefully they will still be showing once the dispute has settled. One unique counterattack, CBS is blocking online streaming of it shows through to people who have Internet with TWC/BH. So if you happen to have bright house Internet and don’t even have cable, you cannot watch CBS shows online. This is the nastiest fight I’ve seen in a long time. One analyst says CBS loses $400,000 per day because of the blackout. Some predict this will extend all the way to the opening of football season and I don’t mean preseason. I certainly hope it’s resolved before that.


Now onto our regular news…



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Postmortem season 3 interview with Falling Skies cast



Not in the links below but still of interest

The Doctor Who 50th anniversary special episode will air simultaneously around the world Saturday, November 23 7 PM in the UK 2 PM in the US East Coast

Peter Capaldi has been cast as the 12th Dr. in Doctor Who. He will take over from Matt Smith after the Christmas special

British actor James Murray who used to be in the original Primeval TV series will join the cast of next year’s Defiance

Defiance will have its 13 episode second season in June 2014

Rashida Jones and Rob Lowe are both leaving Parks And Recreation next season

SyFy Channel has picked up Continuum for season 3.

BBC America premieres a new drama series Broadchurch tonight.

Fox is working on a American adaptation of Broadchurch for the 2014-15 season

Mary Lynn Rajskub has signed on to reprise her role as Jack Bauer’s girl Friday Chloe in the upcoming “24: Live Another Day” 12 episode miniseries for spring 2014

Keith Urban is definitely returning as American Idol judge. Jennifer Lopez may return after a year off.

Ellen DeGeneres will host the Oscars this year

Dylan Bruce played one of the clones husbands Paul on Orphan Black will guest star on Arrow

Kathy Bates star in the upcoming season of American Horror Story as a very bad one. I can’t wait!

The new show runner of Revenge promises less conspiracy theory and simpler plot lines

Dancing with the Stars will no longer have a results show. They haven’t really said how they’re going to handle that.

Yvonne Strahovski will reprise her role as Hannah on next week’s episode of Dexter. Deborah doesn’t take it too well.

Starz channel announced Magic City will not return next season.

Leslie Hope a.k.a. Jack Bauer’s late wife will guest star on an upcoming NCIS in an important role

Tahmoh Peikett who played Lieut. Hilo and Battle Star Galactica will have a recurring role in this seasons Supernatural

Bones producers promise Bones and Booth will get married this season at a time you least expect it.

Sam Underwood who is currently starring in the seasons Dexter will move to “The Following” as a regular next season.

Dexter executive producer says fans will either love or hate the series finale intensely

Major mystery resolved. Although Cote de Pablo is leaving NCIS they are not killing off her character Ziva

This week’s winner of “Chris Young’s Sure Sign of the Coming Apocalypse” award goes to TLC network which is producing a reality show about a man with a 132 lbs. scrotum.

The opening scene of this seasons Sons of Anarchy has started a controversy over violence in TV shows. Apparently those who seem screeners of it say it’s pretty intense.

Anna Camp a.k.a. Sarah Newlen on True Blood says her weirdest scene yet is last Sunday’s fight with Tamblyn Tomita. It sent her to the ER with minor injuries. Took three days to film.

Ryan Seacrest has been announced as the host of NBC’s “Million Second Quiz”

Republican national committee once NBC and CNN to cancel documentaries about Hillary Clinton

Michael Ansara at age 91. A veteran character actor who played many roles but is most noted as Kang the Klingon from the original Star Trek series. He was the first ever Klingon on TV.

More Bourne coming. Universal Studios is working on a sequel for the latest Bourne Legacy film with Jeremy Renner

CBS has green lit a new sci-fi series for next summer and ordered 13 episodes without shooting a pilot. “Extant”. A similar process was used for “Under the Dome”. In the show a female astronaut returns to earth after a year in space and tries to reconnect to her family. She experiences “something that will change human history”. Show will be produced by Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment.

Veteran NBC news man John Palmer passed away this week after a brief illness.

The original Technicolor 1936 Wizard of Oz is being digitally remastered in IMAX 3-D! We could not be happier!!!! Will premiere in Hollywood’s historic Chinese theater on September 15 where it originally debuted 75 years ago. It will be the biggest IMAX theater in the world. Wide release on IMAX screens is September 20. DVD release of 75th anniversary collector’s edition will be October 1.

Downton Abbey returns to PBS January 5.

Sylvester Stallone tweeted about Expendables 3 “Bruce Willis out… Harrison Ford in. Great News”. Nobody knows what he had against Willis. Others in include Jackie Chan, Wesley Snipes, Nicholas Cage, Millia Jovoich.

Judy Woodruff and Gwen Ifill deny that there appearing on PBS news hour is the first ever female coanchor team. They remind us that Amy Poehler and Tina Fey did it first 🙂

James Cameron announced there will now be three new Avatar movies not two. First will open in December 2016. Then about one a year.

Dustin Hoffman is message to has been successfully treated for cancer.




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Fall TV schedule

In the past I’ve put together a fall TV schedule that shows you what TV shows are returning, which ones have moved to new timeslots, and which ones are new series. It was because I could never find a good source of the information all in one place. I always had to go to each networks website to conflict the information. Last year I found a really good source for such a chart and so I did not make one last year or this year. Here is a link to a PDF of this year’s chart from one of my favorite TV websites.

Fall TV schedule from in PDF format