Voice not Blind; Lucky 7 unlucky; Blacklist and Sleepy extended; Tenant Remakes Broadchurch; Dos Equis trademark disputed

I’ve been so busy watching new TV shows I haven’t had time to read or write about them. This week’s installment is almost a full week late. I’ve not watched all of this newly premiering series that I had hoped to catch but I already have my first nominees for series most likely to be the first canceled. My nominees are “We Are Men” which I was kind of looking forward to seeing Mr. Monk back on TV. But I could barely get through one episode it was so bad. Also flashback 80s sitcom The Goldbergs was exceptionally lame. Michael Ausiello predicts Lucky 7 or Betrayed will be the first cancellation. I did not watch Lucky 7 and although I’ve recorded Betrayed by me delete it before I watch it based on his opinion. I was concerned that Blacklist was going to be a bust because it was so heavily promoted by NBC. Sometimes when they overhype something it’s a bad sign. In this case I was very pleasantly surprised that it is an awesome show. I again recommend it and Hostages. Breaking news “Lucky 7” wins as for show to be canceled. Blacklist gets full season order of 22 episodes.


I recently posted a message on Facebook saying that I was not that big a fan of The Voice because I thought too much of it was fake. The idea that you get up there and really don’t know who you want to be your mentor until you’ve actually seen who turns around is just totally bogus for me. If I was a singer I would have my first second third choices already made up and unless my first choice just totally yawned at my performance there would be no decision be made. Shortly after that I did hear one contestant say “I’ve been thinking about this for a long time” which was the first on his thing I’ve heard out of the contestants mouth. But in our first linked article below we have a video blog between a TV line website funded and former American Idol Melinda Doolittle as they break down their favorites on the first week of The Voice. I direct your attention to a section of that video about three force of the way in in which they present evidence for the idea that the blind auditions are not really 100% blind. Ceelo asked the question about a guy who “sounded like a soldier” and guess what… The guy was a soldier! Later Blake as the guy about the guitar he’s playing and guess what? The guy had a story about his guitar. I agree with Melinda this is ample evidence that the judges have some foreknowledge of at least the back story of particular contestants. And if they’re getting coached about back story then they might also be getting coached by producers about the relative merits of particular contestants.


In other singing competition news… I absolutely love the new Four Chairs middle round of X Factor. It’s got to be torture for the contestants themselves because obviously the first four contestants to perform are going to take a chair even though they haven’t got a snowballs chance in hell of keeping it. It’s good dramatic TV. But what I like about it most is I think it’s fair. It really gives you a sense of which contestants were the best along the way. One of my other pet peeves about The Voice is I don’t like the battle rounds because you get the opportunity for a pair of bad singers to go against one another and a pair of good singers going against one another. In the end you don’t get the best singers. The ability to steal a contestant has mitigated that problem a little bit but I still like Four Chairs much better than battle rounds.


In the links below read…

The video blog about The Voice that I spoke about earlier

Interview with Lisa Edelstein about her upcoming guest starring on Castle and her exit from House

Interview with Stana Katic about upcoming season of Castle

Interview with producers of The Good Wife about season premiere and other episodes

Spoilers from Michael Ausiello dated October 1

Interview with NCIS producer about Ziva’s final episode

Matt’s Inside Line spoilers dated October 4


Also of interest but not linked below…

John Barrowman will return to Arrow this season

CBS has renewed Unforgettable for a third season

Michael Rappaport will guest star as the bad guy in the upcoming season of Justified

CNN Films has scrapped its plans for a Hillary Clinton documentary

NBC has backed out of its plans for a Hillary Clinton miniseries

IFC is producing a 10 episode half-hour series, Garfunkel & Oates. They are female comedy/folksinger duo was seen on Tonight Show and other places. They are very funny.

James Spader may have some scheduling conflicts if The Blacklist gets picked up for a full season. He’s the bad guy in the upcoming Avengers movie

Paget Brewster will return to Criminal Minds for their 200th episode

MythBusters will have a special zombie episode October 17 featuring characters from The Walking Dead

NBC will not renew its summer series Camp for a second season. I never watched it.

David Tennant will start in the American version of Broadchurch playing the same role he did in the British version only he will use an American accent. The British version will go into production of season 2 soon. American version starts shooting early 2014. I just finished watching BBC version and it was awesome.

Amber Tamlyn is now officially a series regular on 2 1/2 men

ABC has renewed summer replacement drama Motive for season 2. I liked it as a summer show that it would probably not make the cut in a regular-season. The premise is they show you the victim and the killer in the first few seconds and you have to figure out why.

Former ER doc Sherry Stringfield will guest star multiple episodes on CSI

Wilfred has been renewed for fourth and final season. Moves from FX to FXX. Never watched. Look too stupid to me.

Covert Affairs has been renewed for season 5 and we are very happy.

Fox renews Sleepy Hollow for second season. The first renewal of any new show on any network this season.

Dennis Haysbert will guest star on Trophy Wife. Jury still out on this show but it may become one of my guilty pleasures. Or it may just be too kooky.

Nathan Filion will guest star on an episode of Community

Kim Raver has signed on to appear in the new 24 series as well as William Devane who played her father

The six episode final season of Nikita will premiere November 22

And the loser is “Lucky 7”. ABC canceled it after just two episodes. Reruns of Scandals will fill the slot

Halley Berry will star in new CBS sci-fi drama “Extant” scheduled for summer 2014

Fox has renewed The Simpsons for season 26

Blacklist has earned a full season pickup of 22 episodes

Sting will appear in an episode of Michael J Fox show

David Letterman has renewed his contract through 2015

Bob Newhart will reprise his Emmy-winning guest starring role on Big Bang Theory along with recent DWTS contestant Bill Nye the Science Guy

Sadly Ironside debuted to the lowest rated follow drama ever for NBC

Mark Burnett is creating a reality show for NBC which will launch contestants into space on Virgin Galactic

AMC will have a mega marathon of Walking Dead leading up to the season premiere later this month

Colin Hanks is joining the cast of the FX series Fargo

Seth McFarland and Mark Wahlberg will star in Ted 2 to hit theaters June 2015

ExxonMobil is suing FXX network because the way the two X’s overlap in the logo resembles Exxon’s logo. Can Dos Equis be far behind?

Daytime show Rachel Ray has been renewed through 2016

As if being Capt. Kirk wasn’t enough, Chris Pine will play Tom Clancy hero Jack Ryan in an upcoming movie directed by Kenneth Branagh.

Rest in Peace Tom Clancy whose books The Hunt for Red October, Patriot Games and others have been made into blockbuster movies.

Gravity starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney said in October premiere record of $55 million. I plan to see it this week.



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