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Bless me readers for I have sinned. It has been seven weeks since my last blog. I’ve been busy writing electronic project tutorials for Adafruit Industries and one of my cable boxes went out. Fortunately I replaced it with a new improved model that has 1 TB hard drive space (more than double the previous box) and allows me to record or watch up to 6 channels at once in HD. The extra hard drive space is nice however my theory is that you could fill up any size drive eventually. The real thing we are celebrating is the 6 channels at once. Our former box only allowed 2 and it was hard to schedule some recordings without getting conflicts. Speaking of Bright House cable. It seems that their merger with Charter Communications we may be dead after the failure of the merger between Comcast and Time Warner.. There was significant proposition that would’ve led to long court cases and in the end they’ve decided it wasn’t worth it. I guess we go back to the bright house motto “yesterday’s technology tomorrow”. Other cable systems have had advanced capacity DVR’s for years. We are just now getting them. Oh well. On to the news such as it is. Many of the “spoilers” may have already happened but if you are as far behind watching as I am, they can still be spoilers.


Each year TV line puts out a list of major events to occur during the May sweeps. They include weddings, deaths, sex for the first time, resurrections, firings and more.

Click this link to see their extensive list and see if you can guess what’s going to happen.

Also be sure to check again at the Renewal Scorecard. Note there are multiple pages and it also contains a link to cable renewal scorecard.


In the links below read…

Spoilers from Michael Ausiello dated March 3

Spoilers from Inside Line dated March 12

Spoilers from Inside Line dated March 19

Spoilers from Michael Ausiello dated March 24

Spoilers from Inside Line dated April 10

Spoilers from Michael Ausiello dated April 14

Postmortem Interview with producers of Justified about series finale

Postmortem (literally) interview about big plot twist in Gray’s Anatomy

Spoilers from Inside Line dated April 24

Interview with Walking Dead EP Gail Anne Hurd about finale and other projects she works on



Also of interest but not linked…

“Fear The Walking Dead” the spinoff of “The Walking Dead” has been greenlit for a second season even though the first hasn’t even aired. Season 1 will premiere sometime in the summer with just six episodes.

Former vampire slayer Sarah Michelle Geller will lend her voice to season 2 of animated Star Wars Rebels

Zachary Quinto will guest star in season 3 of Hannibal. Season 3 premieres June 4 on NBC.

Alec Baldwin will play the mayor of New York City in the upcoming HBO series

NBC canceled “Allegiance” it’s present-day ripoff of “The Americans” remaining episodes available online

Season 5 of Homeland will be set in Germany and will take place two and half years after season 4 left off

Episodes of “Between”, a six part drama about a virus that kills everyone over age 21, will air on Netflix in weekly installments beginning May 21 rather than the binge watching format they usually use.

CBS has renewed Mike and Molly, Mom and 2 Broke Girls

SyFy Channel has renewed 12 Monkeys for season 2.

Jamie Presley will be promoted to series regular for season 3 of Mom

Despite rumors it might not make it, Sleepy Hollow has been renewed for season 3 with a new show runner

Andrew Dice Clay is getting a sitcom on Showtime

X-Files is officially returning to Fox for six episodes Duchovny and Anderson will return. Shooting starts the summer.

The best thing about Showtime announcing Masters of Sex and Ray Donovan premiering on July 12 is that the subject of this message can now contain the words “sex on my birthday”.

History Channel has renewed Vikings for season 4 and we are very pleased

AMC announced “Halt and Catch Fire” season 2 will premiere May 31

Maisie Williams a.k.a. Arya Stark of Game of Thrones will guest star in the upcoming season of Dr. Who

Fox has renewed New Girl for another season

FX has renewed “the Americans” for another season and we are well pleased

Showtime has renewed House of Lies season 5

Netflix series Bloodline has been renewed for season 2

TNT announced Maj. Crimes and Murder in the First return June 8; Rizzoli and Isles and a new series Proof premiere June 16; The Last Ship returns June 21 with a two hour premiere; Falling Skies final season premieres June 28; new series Public Morals August 17; Legends August 25.

House of Cards has been renewed for season 4.

ABC plans to reboot The Muppet Show

Director David Lynch has quit the reboot of Twin Peaks. Status of the show is in limbo.

The Last Man on Earth which is way better than I thought it would be has been renewed for season 2.

Netflix has renewed Oranges the New Black for season 4

The storyline of NBC’s canceled Revolution will be wrapped up in a four part digital comic book

The Astronaut Wives Club will premiere on ABC June 18

Season 3 of Inside Amy Schumer just premiered and is already renewed for season 4. Very funny dirty comediane

Netflix series Daredevil has already been renewed for season 2 just a few days after first season dropped.

JK Simmons will star in a sci-fi drama for Starsz about travel to parallel dimensions

USA Network has canceled ambulance comedy/drama Sirens

Reese Witherspoon and Louis CK will host the final two episodes of SNL the season

Dave Letterman will get a 90 minute special hosted by Ray Romano May 4 to send him off to retirement

Tom Selleck will star in the ninth Jesse Stone movie for TV

Bruce Willis will make his Broadway debut in production of Stephen King’s Misery

RIP TV producer Harve Bennett produce several Star Trek movies and TV shows such as the Mod Squad, $6 million man. He was 84.

RIP Robert Maysles documentary filmmaker who did Gimme Shelter, Grey Gardens, and others

RIP Sam Simon cocreator of The Simpsons from cancer at age 59

HBO film casts Elizabeth Banks as Billie Jean King and Paul Giamatti as Bobby Riggs

Fantasy author Terry Pratchett has died at age 66. Famous for Discworld novels

Andy Samberg will host the 2015 Emmy awards on Fox September 20

Emma Watson a.k.a. Hermione from Harry Potter, will play Belle in a live-action Beauty and the Beast film set for March 2017 release.

NBC sitcom and datable will have a live broadcast May 5

Steven Spielberg will produce Tom Hanks in a Cold War spy drama titled Bridge of Spies to be released in October

Greg Nicotero has signed a two-year deal with AMC network. Will continue to produce Walking Dead and spinoff Fear The Walking Dead but will also develop new projects for AMC.

RIP Alberto Watson of cancer at age 60. She is most famous for playing CTU director Erin Driscoll who fired Jack Bauer on 24. Also appeared in CW series Nikita

The NFL has officially eliminated the blackout rule. Non-sold-out games can now be broadcast in the hometown.

Showtime has ordered a series from Damien Lewis and Paul Giamatti called “Billions” about high finance

Downton Abbey sixth season will be its final

Former CSI William Peterson is joining the cast of Manhattan on WGN America Network

Craig T Nelson is coming back as Coach in a 13 episode NBC series

Hiro Nakamura lives! Masi Oki will guest star on “Heroes Reborn”. No word yet on if he will save the cheerleader and/or the world this time again.

Hugh Jackman says Wolverine 3 will be his last.

Arthur Darvill former husband to Amy Pond on Dr. who will play Rip Hunter in the new Arrow/Flash spinoff series.

From the “Why Was It There in the First Place” department WWE Smack Down is leaving SyFy Channel moving to USA Network.

Kathy Bates will return to American Horror Story for season 5

RIP Richard Dysart who played Leland McKenzie on LA Law in the 90s. He was 86

Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy have been renewed for two seasons

HBO is producing a miniseries about the Wright brothers


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